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The Life Changer Summary Chapter 1

Not very late in the evening, Ummi and her children waited for the father of the family, Mr. Esquire.

Ummi was outside. Omar, her first son was not at home, Teemah, Jamila and Bint, a 5 year old child were inside the room as they all listened to Bint’s story.

Bint and her two other sisters were seated inside the house as she narrated her experience in school for that day. She told a story of her experience in the class with Mallam Salihu, her social studies teacher, who claimed he knew a bit more about all subjects than other teachers.

Mallam Salihu showcases his “I Too Know” character by asking questions outside the topic of discussion.

Bint narrates a story of how she handled the same event in her class leaving Mallam Salihu in surprise and mockery of the class.

This is exactly what happened in Bint’s story:

Mallam Salihu, Bint’s social studies teacher, asked the class how to say Good Morning in French. None of the class members could answer that question as they all kept silent. Since Bint was better than her fellow pupils in French, she answered correctly by saying “good morning” in French is Bonjour. In turn, Bint asked his teacher how we say very good in French. The teacher could not answer.

Mallam Salihu leaves the class to call the French teacher to answer the question so that he would not mislead the pupils. The French answered correctly by saying that C’est tres bien means very good in French. Bint admires the French teacher.

Immediately, the class becomes noisy. The pupils surrounded Bint as they clapped, sang and went around her. They did this in praises to Bint for asking a question which a teacher could not answer.

Teemah and Jamila laughed as Bint told her story. The laughter drew the attention of Ummi as she tries to listen to what they were saying.

Ummi, the mother, joins the conversation feeling so proud of her daughter, Bint. Although, Ummi tries to prove Bint wrong by explaining that it was better he called another teacher to answer the question instead of deceiving the pupils with a wrong answer. Bint on her own part say “no” the teacher claims he know it all.

Ummi turns to ask Bint, what if the teacher had told you that au revoir means “very good”? When it actually means “goodbye until we meet again” in French?

While the conversation went on, Omar, Ummi’s first child (a son) comes in with a good news that he has been offered admission to study Law at the Kongo Campus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Ummi was very happy considering the fact that Mr Esquire, her husband wanted to study law but it didn’t work out. Finally, his son is going to study that law.

Omar begins to boast of his ability to overcome the examination challenges and other processes while seeking for admission. He also desired a smart phone as a gift for passing and gaining admission in to the University.

Ummi takes notice of his childish thoughts and tries to bring his notice to the life changing factors in the university.

Ummi tells her children that university is The Life Changer. That is where the name of the JAMB novel, The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli was gotten from. That is also how the whole story in the book started as Ummi begins to tell a story of how the University changed her.


The Life Changer Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

1.who is the author of the book “the life changer”
Answer: Khadija Abubakar Jalli

2. who is Omar in the book the “Life Changer
Answer: Omar is the first child and only son and Ummi.

3. Who is Ummi’s husband?

Answer: Mr. Esquire

4. What role does ummi play in de novel??

Answer: Ummi plays a role as the mother of four children, Bint, Omar, Teemah and jamilah and also the narrator in the novel.

5. what was omar interested in as a gift if he passed?

Answer: a smartphone to browse

6. Bint the daughter of Ummi was better off than her mate in which subject.

Answer: French

7. Good morning in French is said as?

Answer: Bonjour

8. What was the reaction of Bint’s classmate in class

Answer: hey are clapped and was happy for her because she got de question right

9. According to the novel, “Au_reviour” is a French word which means?

Answer: good bye

10. Which job does Ummi’s husband do as a profession??

Answer: She was a teacher

11. At which place was ummi and her children were while discussing?

Answer: There were sitting inside the room.

12. Who is Teemah?

Teemah is the second child of Ummi. She is also the first daughter.

13. According to the passage, how do you say “Good morning in French”?

Answer: Bonjour

14. How old was Bint?

Answer: Bint was 5 years old

15. Who is Bint in the Life Changer?

Answer: Bint is the last child of Ummi who was 5 years old.

16. How many children does Ummi have?

Answer: Ummi has 4 children

17. Who is Jamila?

Answer: Jamila is Ummi’s third child.

18. Who is Ummi?

Answer: Ummi is the mother of Omar, Teemah, Jamila and Bint and also the narrator in the Life Changer.

19. What prompted the story in the Life Changer?

Answer: Ummu wanted to enlighten Omar and all her children on the life changing factors in the university.

20. Where is the name of the JAMB new novel gotten from?

Answer: The name of the JAMB new novel is gotten from chapter of the book where Ummi told her children that university is The Life Changer.

21. At what time does Mr Esquire close from work?

Answer: Mr. Esquire closes from work by 5 o’clock in the evening.

22. Who is Jamila’s immediate elder sister?

Answer: Teemah

23. Which university did Omar gain admission?

Answer: Kongo Campus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

24. What was the reaction of the Bint’s classmates when Mallam Salihu failed to answer her question?

Answer: They sang, clapped and went around her

25. Why did Bint show so much disrespect for Mall am Salihu during her story?

Answer: Because Mallam always showcased himself as the all knowing.

26. Why did Mallam Salihu call the French teacher instead of answering the question thrown to him by Bint?

Because he doesn’t know the answer and he also doesn’t want to deceive the pupils by giving them a wrong answer.

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