Welcome to chapter 7 summary, possible questions and answers for the 2024 JAMB novel, The Life Changer written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

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Things to look out for in JAMB Book chapter seven

  • Salma finally goes on expulsion
  • Salma seeks help from Habib
  • Habib requests payment in kind from Salma
  • Salma is scammed of the money given to her and she becomes frustrated.

The Life Changer Chapter 7 Summary (JAMB Novel)

Chapter seven of the Life Changer talks about Salma’s attempt to resolve her predicament (expulsion from school) and how it turns out against her.

Salma confides in Tomiwa, her roommate, expressing how she thinks talking to Labaran could help could help solve her problem by talking to Habib.

She felt helpless when she learned that Dr, Dabo whom she insulted in her 100L is the only one who could help her out. For this reason, she resorted to Habib to give her some money to give to offer to the Chairman of Examination and Ethics Committee (EMEC). Salma describes the EMEC Chairman as one who could sell his mother’s soul for money.

Habib agrees to give her the money but in turn requests that Salma pays back in kind which Salma reluctantly does. Habib, the rich politician gives Salma a hundred thousand naira to help sort herself out.

Salma gets ready to meed the Chairman of EMEC in a hotel. When she got to the hotel, she met one Dr. Kabir and gave the money. Unknowingly to her, Dr. Kabir is not the Chairman of EMEC instead, he is just a laboratory technologist employed by the University. Salma was pained to the core because she has missed an opportunity of sorting her problems.

The Life Changer Complete Summary, Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers from The Life Changer Chapter 7

1. Who did Salma first confide in for help?

Answer: Salma confided in her roommate, Tomiwa for help

2. What help does Salma want?

Answer: Salma wants an influential person to help her resolve her expulsion problem.

3. Who was in the best position to help Salma solve her problem

Answer: Dr. Dabo who Salma insulted in her 100L

4. What was Salma’s reaction when she learned that Dr. Dabo was the only one who could help her out?

Answer: She decline the idea of going to Dr. Dabo for help

5. What did Habib request from Salma before giving her some money for bribing?

Answer: He requested that Salma pay him in kind

6. How much did Habib give to Salma for the bribe?

Answer: Habib give Salma a hundred thousand naira for the bribe.

7. Where was Salma meant to meet the Chairman of EMEC?

Answer: Salma was meant to meet the EMEC chairman in a hotel.

8. According to the passage, what is the full meaning of EMEC?

Answer: EMEC means Examination and Ethics Committee

9. Who did Salma meet in the Hotel?

Answer: Salma met Dr. Kabir

10. What is the full name of Dr. Kabir

Answer: Dr. Mohammed Kabir

11. Why did Salma turn down the idea of meeting Dr. Dabo?

Answer: She remembered her experience with Dr. Dabo and how she insulted him in his office during her registration.


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