The Life Changer Chapter 8 Summary, Questions & Answers

the life changer chapter 8 summary

Welcome to chapter 8 summary, possible questions and answers for the new JAMB novel, The Life Changer written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

This summary will give you more understanding of the book.

You will also see the questions which are likely to come out in your JAMB.

In case you do not want to read the full JAMB book, this novel will give you the vital information you need. However, it is very important for you to read the main book.

Things to Look out for in chapter 8

  • Kabir’s identity revealed
  • Habib is revealed as the one who planned the abduction of Alhaji Musa’s son
  • Habib hires a thug to attack and recover some money from Dr. Kabir
  • Kabir wins big cash
  • Dr. Kabir is attacked and left bruises
  • Salma Changes for good after her father’s death


The Life Changer Chapter 8 Full Summary – JAMB Book

Chapter eight of this book reveals the true identity of Dr. Kabir. His full name is Dr. Mohammed Kabir, a laboratory technologist (L.T) employed by the university.

Doctor was Kabir’s nickname given to him since his secondary school days and he still retains the name. When he was finally employed in Salma’s university as a Laboratory Technologist he got closer to lecturers due to his friendliness and jovial lifestyle.

Salma shares her pains with Labaran, telling him how he was scammed by Dr. Kabir. Labaran suggests to Habib to involve Zaki in the matter so he can attack Kabir and recover the money. Habib remembers how Zaki messed up his last task when he was hired to kidnap Alhaji Adamu’s first son. This simply means that Habib had a hand in the abduction of Alhaji Adamu’s child as they were later exposed and sentenced to imprisonment.

Habib reluctantly calls Zaki and gives him the job, to attack and recover the money from Dr. Kabi.

Dr. Mohammed Kabir was seen in a bet center. He wins a ₦300,000 (three hundred thousand naira) with the same money which he got from Salma through impersonation and decides to leave immediately before he loses the money. Some thugs stops him on his way back and robs him of the money.

Zaki immediately appears in the scene and takes over the situation as he pursues the rest of the thugs. He robs Dr. Kabir of the ₦300,000 (three hundred thousand naira) and leaves him bruised.

This chapter also reveals a turning point in Salma’s life after she lost her father. Salma’s life changes for good and because of her level of seriousness, Ummi makes friend with Salma. In other words, Ummi uses this point in Salma’s life to buttress the name of the book, The Life Changer as she tells her children how Salma’s life changed from bad to good.

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JAMB Novel Chapter Eight Likely Questions and Answers

1. What position does Dr. Kabir hold in the university?

Answer: Dr. Kabir was the Laboratory Technologist

2. What is Kabir Mohammed’s nickname?

Answer: Doctor

3. Where did Kabir get his nickname?

Answer: Kabir got his nickname since secondary school

4. Why is Dr. Kabir close to other lecturers?

Answer: Because of his friendliness and jovial lifestyle

5. Who did Salma meet for help after she was robbed of a hundred thousand naira?

Answer: Salma met and shared his predicament with Labaran

6. Who did Labaran suggest as the perfect person who can attack and recover the money from Dr. Kabir

Answer: Zaki

7. Why was Habib so reluctant to involve Zaki in the matter?

Answer: Habib was reluctant to involve Zaki because he failed in his first mission when he was hired to abduct the son of Alhaji Musa.

8. Whose son was kidnapped in this book, The Life Changer?

Answer: The son of Alhaji Musa was kidnapped

9. Who planned the abduction of Alhaji Musa’s son?

Answer: Habib planned and championed the abduction of Alhaji’s son

10. Who was later called to attack and recover the money from Dr. Kabir?

Answer: Zaki

11. Where was Dr. Mohammed Kabir spotted that evening after he scammed Salma?

Answer: Dr. Mohammed Kabir was seen in a bet house

12. How much did Dr. Kabir win that evening with the money he scammed Salma?

Answer: ₦300,000 (three hundred thousand naira)

13. Why did Dr, Kabir choose to go home so early?

Answer: Kabir chose to go home early so that he would not lose the money he already won.

14. Where was Dr. Kabir attacked?

Answer: On his way back home from the bet house

15. Who first attacked Dr. Kabir on his way back home?

Answer: Some thugs who followed him from the bet house

16. Who finally robbed Dr. Kabir of the ₦300,000 he won?

Answer: Zaki took over the situation and robbed Dr. Kabir of the money

17. What was the condition of Dr. Kabir after he was robbed of the money?

Answer: Dr. Kabir was left in bruises.

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