Polytechnics That Offer Medical Laboratory Science In Nigeria

Polytechnics That Offer Medical Laboratory Science In Nigeria

Are you searching for the list of polytechnics that offer medical laboratory science in Nigeria to pursue your academic dream.

Then you’ve landed in your final bus stop.

In this article, we’ll talk about the polytechnics in Nigeria that offer Medical Laboratory Science as a single course for National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programs.

If you’re interested in learning about the polytechnics that offer Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria in 2024, along with their admission requirements and minimum cut-off scores, this guide is for you.

Before we dive in, let’s clarify that Medical Laboratory Science, often abbreviated as MLS, is a medical-related course in Nigeria. It’s a highly profitable field and is in great demand.

Getting into a Medical Laboratory Science program at a Nigerian polytechnic or university is quite competitive.

You’ll need a high score on the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam to be considered for admission.

Grab a chilled glass of water and keep reading….

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Cut-off Mark for Medical Laboratory Science in Polytechnics

To study Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) in a Nigerian polytechnic, the minimum cut-off mark for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam is generally 120.

However, some polytechnics might require a higher score, typically at least 150.

Important Note: Although 120 might be the official minimum, many top polytechnics set a higher standard and may not admit students with a score below 150.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, aim for at least 150 in your JAMB exam.

Do Polytechnics Offer Medical Laboratory Science?

Yes, polytechnics in Nigeria do offer medical laboratory science, but it’s not always presented as a standalone course.

Instead, they typically offer it as part of the broader Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) program.

What Is the Difference Between SLT and MLS?

Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) is a specialized field in biological sciences that focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases or injuries through laboratory tests.

It provides crucial information for healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat illnesses, and it plays a role in promoting healthy lifestyles.

Science Laboratory Technology (SLT), on the other hand, is broader and covers various scientific laboratory practices.

In polytechnics, SLT might include aspects of medical laboratory science but also encompasses other areas of scientific investigation, such as chemistry, physics, or environmental science.

Essentially, SLT prepares students to work in various laboratory settings, while MLS is specifically focused on medical diagnostics and healthcare.

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List of Polytechnics that Offer Medical Laboratory Science (Medlab)

Here’s a table listing Nigerian polytechnics where you can study Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) as part of Science Laboratory Technology (SLT):

1Yaba College of TechnologyYaba
2Federal Polytechnic, BaliBali
3Adamawa State Polytechnic, YolaYola
4Benue State Polytechnic, UgbokoloUgbokolo
5Binyaminu Usman Polytechnic, HadejiaHadejia
6Crown PolytechnicAdo Ekiti
7Akwa Ibom State PolytechnicIkot Osurua
8Abraham Adesanya PolytechnicIjebu Igbo
9Abia State PolytechnicAba
10Mai Idris Alooma PolytechnicGeidam
11Adegbenro ICT PolytechnicItori
12Dorben PolytechnicGaram
13Federal Polytechnic, NasarawaNasarawa
14Abubakar Tatari Ali PolytechnicBauchi
15Auchi PolytechnicAuchi
16Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe OgharaOghara
17Federal Polytechnic, NekedeNekede
18Delta State Polytechnic, OzoroOzoro
19Federal Polytechnic, Ado EkitiAdo Ekiti
20Akanu Ibiam Federal PolytechnicUwana
21Federal Polytechnic, OkoOko
22Fidei PolytechnicGboko
23Heritage Polytechnic
24Polytechnic IbadanIbadan
25Igbajo PolytechnicIgbajo
26Imo State Polytechnic
27Interlink PolytechnicIjebu Jesa
28Jigawa State PolytechnicDutse
29Federal Polytechnic, EkoweBayelsa State
30Kano State PolytechnicKano
31Kaduna PolytechnicKaduna
32Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic
33Kogi State Polytechnic
34Federal Polytechnic, OffaOffa
35Kwara State PolytechnicIlorin
36Lagos State PolytechnicLagos
37Federal Polytechnic, IdahIdah
38Nasarawa State PolytechnicNasarawa
39Nuhu Bamalli PolytechnicZaria
40Ogun State Institute of TechnologyOgun State
41Federal Polytechnic, IlaroIlaro
42Ogun State Polytechnic, IpokiaIpokia
43Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi UkuOgwashi Uku
44The Oke Ogun Polytechnic SakiSaki
45Federal Polytechnic, MubiMubi
46OSISATECH Polytechnic
47Ramat Polytechnic MaiduguriMaiduguri
48Federal Polytechnic, Kaura NamodaKaura Namoda
49Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, OwoOwo
50Gateway Polytechnic, SapadeSapade
51Ken Saro-Wiwa PolytechnicBori
52Taraba State Polytechnic, SuntaiSuntai
53Temple Gate Polytechnic
54Federal Polytechnic, EdeEde
55Niger State Polytechnic, ZungeruZungeru
56The Ibarapa Polytechnic, EruwaEruwa
57Trinity Polytechnic, EtoiEtoi
58Federal Polytechnic, DamaturuDamaturu
59Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic, SokotoSokoto
60Edo State Polytechnic, UsenUsen
61Wolex Polytechnic, Ikoyi LagosLagos
62Federal Polytechnic, BidaBida
63Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic
64Federal Polytechnic, BauchiBauchi

Each polytechnic listed above offers Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) as part of a broader Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) program, not as a dedicated course.

How many years can I study MLS in polytechnic?

Studying Medical Laboratory Science lasts about 5 years upon which you’re given a license as a Laboratory Scientist.

Which university is best for Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria?

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) is a leading institution for Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria. It has a robust curriculum, experienced faculty, and comprehensive lab facilities, ensuring students gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

UNILAG’s reputation for excellence makes it a top choice for aspiring medical laboratory scientists.


In Nigeria, polytechnics offering Medical Laboratory Science programs play a crucial role in providing hands-on training and practical skills.

They contribute to producing skilled professionals who meet healthcare demands.

Through these institutions, students gain the expertise needed to support medical diagnostics and patient care, fostering a well-rounded and competent healthcare workforce.

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