What are the names of the characters and their roles in The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli (JAMB novel 2024)?

In this article, I will be showing you the full list of the characters in The Life Changer and the roles they played the novel including their names.

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Names and roles of characters in the JAMB novel

1. Ummi

Who is Ummi in The Life Changer?

Ummi is the narrator of the story in the book and one of the major characters. Her full name is Ummi Ahmed. She is the mother of four children who are Omar, Teemah, Jamila and Bint. She is also the wife of Mr. Esquire, a banker.

The author of the book uses Ummi as the voice of the novel. She uses Ummi to showcase an omnipotent narrator who is capable of telling everything about different characters.

Ummi was the first person to mention Life Changer in the book and the title of the book was gotten from her statement when she told Omar that university is a life changer.

Ummi started telling the whole story in the book when she heard Omar’s comment after he was offered admission to study Law in Kongo campus, Ahmad Bello University. Omar describes how his capabilities fetched him admission but Ummi notice his naive thoughts and cuts him short by telling him that university is a life changer.

She focuses on Salma’s experiences in the university, narrating her bad behavior and how she later changes for good.

Ummi was just an imaginary voice employed by the author in the book.

2. Bint

Who is Bint in The Life Changer?

Bint is a 5 year old child and the last child of Ummi Ahmad. At the beginning of the story, she was seen narrating her experience with Mallam Salihu, her social studies teacher who claimed to know better than every other person.

When Mallam Salihu asked the class how to say good morning in French, Bint, being better than all other pupils in French, gave the correct answer to that question. In turn, she asks Mallam Salihu a question which he could not answer. This caused the whole class to hail her, sing, clap and dance around her and leaving Mallam Salihu in shame.

Her mother was impressed with her story for showing such smartness but also cautioned her not to be happy she humiliated her teacher.

Bint also sits among the rest of the children as they listened to Ummi’s story.

3. Omar

Who is Omar in The Life Changer?

Omar is the first child and the only son of ummi Ahmad. He was not around when the story in the book started. Instead he joined later, bringing the good news that he has been offered admission to study Law in Kongo campus, Ahmad Bello University.

He also reminded Ummi of their promise to buy her a phone if he passes JAMB. He also boast of how his abilities fetched him the admission. While he speaks, Ummi see naivety in what Omar says. This prompted Ummi to say that University is a life changer.

Omar’s comment also prompted the whole story told by Ummi in the book.

4. Teemah

Who is Teemah in The Life Changer?

Teemah is the second child and first daughter of Ummi Ahmad. She is one of the minor characters in the book because she had no much role to play.

She sat together with Bint and Jamila in a room while Bint told her story. She also listened to Ummi’s experience in school.

5. Jamila

Who is Jamila in The Life Changer?

Jamila is the second daughter and the third child of Ummi Ahmad who also listened to Bint’s and Ummi’s stories.

Jamila acts as a minor character as she had no role to play in the novel.

Even though she had no major role to play, her presence in the novel was crucial.

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6. Salma

Who is Salma in The Life Changer?

Salma is a fair complexioned and sophisticated, tall and slim character in the book.

Salma is the protagonist in The Life Changer because the whole story revolved around her life in school. Her character was used to represent a lot in the lives of youths such as arrogance and pride.

Without doubt, Salma showcased arrogance and pride in the novel but at last she changed for good and became friends with Ummi Ahmad.

Salma, in the novel, showcased moral decadence in the society. She was involved in both bribery and corruption which landed her into troubles.

In case you are still asking, who is the major character in the JAMB novel? It is Salma.

With the roles of other characters in the book, Salma was able to achieve her own roles perfectly.

7. Samuel Johnson

Who is Dr Sam in The Life Changer?

Dr. Sam was Ummi’s Head of Department who winsomely exchanges pleasantries with Ummi when she came for her registration Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Ummi mistakes the winsome pleasantry for erotic approach and leaves the office in anger. She also reported Dr Sam’s attitude to her husband and to her greatest astonishment, Dr Sam and the husband are very close friends.

Dr. Sam’s full name is Samuel Johnson.

Dr Sam was the one who worked Ummi’s admission due to his relationship with Ummi’s husband which Ummi herself does not know about.

8. Doctor Dabo

Who is Dr Dabo in The Life Changer?

Dr Dabo is a lecturer in Ahmad Bello University, Zaria who erotically approached Salma in his office when Salma came for her registration. This caused Salma to insult Dr Dabo before leaving his office.

Dr Dabo was seen later in the novel as the only person who could help Salma resolve her problem after she was expelled from the school. Salma chose never to go through him considering her encounter with him.

Dr. Dabo is one of the major characters in the book because his role as a lecturer in the university gave rise to other events.

9. Talle

Who is Talle in The Life Changer?

Talle is a character in The Life Changer who was described as the quiet one. He lived in a small community called Lafayette.

Talle was 20 years when he lost his father and step mother in a car accident. This shattered his life.

Talle, though was trusted in his community, was later engaged in a corrupt act (kidnapping and extortion) with Zaki which landed them in prison. They were later bailed by Habib who masterminded everything.

Talle represents the saying that bad company corrupts good manners.

10. Tomiwa

Who is Tomiwa in The Life Changer?

Tomiwa is one of the roommates of Salma who is from Oyo state.

Tomiwa embarks on a blind date with Habib after Salma gives Habib her number. Tomiwa and Habib begins to date as Habib begins to buy gifts for her.

The relationship between Tomiwa and Habib causes problem between Salma and Tomiwa which was later resolved.

Tomiwa also servers a consolers to Salma after she was expelled from school. Salma ran to Tomiwa for help. She wants Tomiwa to help her talk to Labaran for help.

11. Ada

Who is Ada in The Life Changer?

Ada is one of the Salma’s roommates who helped in resolving the misunderstanding between Salma and Tomiwa.

Ada comes from Benue State or Middle Belt.

12. Ngozi

Who is Ngozi in The Life Changer?

Ngozi is one of the roommates of Salma who is known as the quiet and reticent one.

Ngozi is from Umunze in Imo State. Even though she was attached to men, she did not allow that to interfere in her academic gymnastics.

13. Habib

Habib is the rich politician who gave a drive to Salma. He proposed to Salma but she turn his proposal down. He also asked for Salma’s phone number but she gave him Tomiwa’s number.

Habib gives Tomiwa a call thinking it’s Salma. Habib being carried away by the flow of the call decides to go on a date with Tomiwa, Salma’s roommate. He buys plenty goods for her and her roommates.

Habib represents corruption. He had a hand in the abduction of Alhaji’s son. He gave the sum of 100,000 Naira to Salma to bribe the chairman of Examination and Ethics Committee (EMEC) so that she’ll be restored back to school. Before then, he demands to sleep with Salma before giving her the money.

He also hires Zaki to attack Dr Kabir and retrieve the money which he scammed Salma.

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14. Hakimi

Who is Hakimi in The Life Changer?

Hakimi is district head of Lafayette community to whom the community women reported Talle. Talle was invited by the Hakimi for interrogation. As the interrogation went on, the police arrived and arrested him.

15. Labaran

Who is Labaran in The Life Changer?

Labaran is a local government driver employed by Habib. He is also Habib’s friend who later became friends with Tomiwa.

Labaran also tried to help Salma after she was scammed by Dr Kabir by suggesting to Habib to hire Zaki to attack Dr Kabir and retrieve the money.

Labaran is one of the major characters in the novel.

16. Zaki

Who is Zaki in The Life Changer?

Zaki is a thug and a symbol of social menace who was hired by Habib to kidnap Alhaji’s son. He also involves Talle in the oppression when Talle came to him for financial help.

Zaki, together with Talle were later arrested and sentenced to imprisonment. They were later bailed by Habib.

Zaki was also hired by Habib to attack Dr Kabir and retrieve the money which she fraudulently got from Salma.

17. Kolawale abdul-salma seat mate at the exam hall

18. Dr kabir-one of the member of the committee

19. Salim-salmam’s fiance

20. Lawal-friend of salim

21. Natasha-a set up lady for salim.



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