Is JAMB UTME Expo Legit or Scam – Is it Possible?

Is JAMB expo real or fake? Is JAMB runz legit or scam? Where can I get sure JAMB expo link for free? Is JAMB UTME runz possible?

In this article, I will answer all the questions above and even more. Simply go through this article and see why you should not go for it.

Undoubtedly, so many students are trusting in UTME expo. Some have paid while some are yet to pay. Some are still in doubt whether it is real or not.

Any kind of doubt you’ve been having might be wrong or right. Just wait for it as we proceed.

Is JAMB UTME Expo real or fake?

No. JAMB expo is scam? There is nothing like UTME expo or runz because no one has access to the real questions and answers since it is computer based test.

Questions are twisted from one candidate to another such that the questions which are set for one candidate cannot be the same with that of the person sitting next to him or her.

Question 1 for one candidate might be question 13 for the next candidate so, their answers cannot be the same.

So many UTME expo websites or portal advertise themselves online saying that you should pay for 2023 JAMB UTME runz. All they want to do is to scam you and leave you empty.

They have websites and WhatsApp links or groups which look real but the truth is that they don’t give real answers.

Therefore, desist from JAMB expo as it is not real.

What exactly do they provide for you as JAMB UTME Expo?

Since there is no means of accessing the real questions and answers for JAMB, they formulate some questions, give it answers and send to subscribers (those that paid to them)

JAMB runz, since it became computer based test, has never been successful. The questions and answers are all fake.

How do I get real JAMB expo (UTME questions and answers)

You cannot get the real JAMB CBT runz (questions and answers) anywhere. Since questions and answers for all candidates are not the same, it is very difficult to get the real answers.

Is JAMB Expo Possible?

No, JAMB runz is not possible. Nobody, even the JAMB officials can get the real questions for you.

One may say that he will pay at the JAMB head office for his or her answers to be revealed to him but if you are caught, you will spend so many years of your life in prison.

Free JAMB Expo for Today

Stop looking for today’s free JAMB questions and answers because you will not see it anywhere. It is scam!

All those portals telling to pay on their websites or buy airtime are just after what you have. They will end up collecting your money and won’t refund you again.

Since I cannot get real runz, what else can I do?

Since you have seen that there is no means of getting legit JAMB questions and answers, we got your back here on SCHOOLISLE.

We have some materials to help you pass your JAMB comfortably such as the JAMB syllabus which consists of all the JAMB officially approved topics for all subjects to enable you read with concentration. I’m other words, the syllabus are areas of concentration for you.

We also have JAMB new novel. You can read it here online for free including all the possible questions and answers for the books.


Do not fall for JAMB runz tricks. Those scammers involved in this see JAMB period as a time to cash out.

No matter how cheap it is, don’t fall victim of it. Don’t even give it try because it won’t yield anything good result.

Hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please use the comment section. Also share this post to your friends. They may need it too.

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