How to Pass Mathematics in WAEC, NECO, JAMB & GCE

How do I pass maths in WAEC, NECO, JAMB, GCE, NABTEB? Mathematics is one of the subjects which students find so difficult during any kind of exam. Both in class examination, WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB or any other kind of exam, majority of the students still find it very difficult.

Only few students can beat their chests and say that they can comfortably write maths exams on their own. The truth is that those people have worked on themselves.

Most times, we see that mathematics spoils people’s WAEC, NECO, JAMB or GCE results every year. Such failure could be caused by so many factors which they have failed to handle on time.

Mathematics, unlike other subjects, requires some special techniques and that is what I’m here to share with you.

In this article, I will show you sure means to learn mathematics and also pass it is any kind of exam including WAEC, NECO, JAMB or GCE.

Before we start, let me tell you few reasons why you must pass your mathematics examination.

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Reasons why you must pass maths

It is a compulsory subject for all students

Mathematics is a compulsory subject which all students must pass. According to the new academic curriculum, there are two (2) compulsory subjects which are English language and mathematics. Schools may decide to adopt more compulsory subject for their students.

If you must gain admission into a higher institution then you must pass mathematics, English and any other three relevant subjects.

Why is mathematics compulsory?

Mathematics is compulsory because most activities of man, even your daily business, requires calculation and there is no means of doing such if you do not know how to compute them. So, mathematics as part of education inculcates into the students the ability to solve problems in terms of calculation.

It develops your capacity to think

Mathematical problems involves thinking far and wide just to get a solution to a problem.

It all enhances your speed of thoughts. Since maths involves speedy and careful thoughts, it helps you to be careful and fast in all you do.

Now you have seen few reasons why you have to clear your mathematics paper. Let us now move properly into sure ways to make your maths exam.

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Tips to Pass Maths in WAEC, NECO, JAMB or GCE

1. Get used to solving mathematical problems

A slang, back then in school, has it that if you leave mathematics, mathematics will leave you.

That sounds so local but makes a whole lot of sense.

I’m not telling you just because I heard the slang. I’m telling you because I tested it I see it’s true.

Back In school, I only studied mathematics during examination. All I just wanted was to pass and that’s all.

I never enjoy it a bit. Until when I had about 2 years to leave college then I decided to bend down and study so I won’t remain in the school.

I decided to solve mathematics everyday. I scheduled Mondays and one other day of the week as my mathematics days. Sometimes, I study maths late in the night after reading my subject for that day (according to my reading timetable)

At a stage, I found it fun to solve mathematics everyday because I was already getting used to the principles. Then, I discovered that mathematics has the same principles everywhere.

Once you know how to manipulate mathematical signs such plus sign (+), minus sign (-), multiplication sign (X), division sign (÷) and brackets (), then you are almost good to go.

These were the first principles I learned in maths and that was how I started.

2. Build your confidence around mathematics

So many students choose mathematics as their worst and hardest subject. Once you hate a particular course or subject that subject will also hate you. That is the truth.

No matter how good you are in academics, you would always find that particular subject hard.

Open your heart to the subject and accept it.

The only way to build your confidence is by applying the first tip (solve mathematical problems everyday)

Even though it seems not to work, keep doing it and I bet you, one day it will work for you. You will see yourself solving it at ease.

3. Follow maths syllabus

Syllabus provide you with the WAEC, NECO, JAMB or GCE approved topics and textbooks which every student must read to pass.

Those topics in the syllabus must be set in exam. Therefore, you need it.

Syllabus make your reading easier and directed towards a particular goal. If you are studying without syllable, you are reading in the dark. You may end up saying, “none of the things I read came out in the exam”. Do not be a victim of such.

If possible, cover all the topics in your syllabus. But if you cannot, adopt this method:

Share the syllabus into 3 and make sure you read some topics from each of the parts. Now, see what to do.

Let’s assume you have 42 topics in your maths syllabus, share them into 3. That means each part will contain 14 topics. From 1st to 14th topic should be the first part, from 15th to 28th topic should be the second, then from 29th to 42nd topic should the last part.

Now, read at least 10 topics from each part. Before you finish it, you must have gone through 30 topics remainder 12 topics.

You can select few other topics to read. Make sure you know each of the topics very well.

4. Read mathematics past questions

Like I always say, students underrate the power of past questions and answers. It gives you edge over other candidates and helps your build you confidence.

Past questions help you understand the nature of mathematical problems you will meet during exam and how to handle them. It helps you learn ahead of time.

5. Start answering your questions from the best known ones

Do not waste your time on questions you don’t have any idea about. Start from the ones you know very well.

Secure your marks from the ones you know best before going to the unknown ones.

6. Show full working at every step

Do not just show answers to your questions. Also show how you got them.

In case you do not know, each step in maths has its own mark and if you skip any of the steps, it means you have skipped the mark.

Markers are not interested in your answers if you don’t have your steps.

Show clear and full working of his you arrived at your final answer and you will have your full mark.

7. Make your work neat

Do not mutilate your works because it will make it dirty and suspicious. When you begin to cancel things on your answer sheet, the marker may suspect that you wanted to copy from another source.

Neatness and good arrangement of work also helps you earn more marks.

8. Manage your time properly

Just like I mentioned before, do not dwell on unknown questions. Start from the known ones and be fast about it.

Do not put yourself into unnecessary pressure just because you want to be fast.

Make sure you allot time to each of your questions and keep to them.

Conclusion: How to Pass Maths in WAEC, NECO, JAMB, GCE, NABTEB

Mathematics is not like other subjects that is why examiners give more time (3 hours) to write the exam.

Follow the tips above and share your testimony later.

If you have more questions, do well to drop them below.

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