Must Read! Does Academic Excellence Guarantee a Successful Life?

Does academic excellence guarantee a successful life? The answer is no. Academic excellence does not guarantee a successful life.

What really guarantees a successful life as a student or graduate?

Life has not been friendly with some people especially those from the underdeveloped countries. Even in some developed countries, people are still struggling with their lives and their success.

Most renowned successful men around the world today were not educated. Yes, most of them were not educated.

Don’t get it twisted. Some people have made it through academics excellence especially in the past but in our contemporary age (21st century), only few people make it through academic excellence.

It is a fallacy to say that academic excellence guarantees one’s success in life. This may be through but I personally disagree with such claim.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. If success in life were as easy as getting good academic records, everyone would have been successful. If success depended solemnly on academic excellence, all or most persons in the world would have been successful (they would have achieved their goals in life)

But why does one still find himself seeking his way to success in life even after school? Why are some graduates still wandering around and looking for a way out of dungeon of life. These questions and more should convince you that successful life is not dependent on academic excellence.

Are you a graduate or student who is still finding his/her way to a successful life? Do not worry, you’re on the right page. Sure you know what means. LOL.

Keep reading and get all you need to know about the issue of success and academic excellence.

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What does it really mean to successful?

Some people tend to misinterpret success as “being very stable financially“, “being rich“, “controlling millions of dollars“, etc.

In the real sense, money is just a reward for your success.

Success, according to Oxford Dictionary means the accomplishment of an aim or purpose

In the words of school isle, success means achievements beyond measures.

You must create solutions to problems in order to be counted successful in the 21st century.

How do I become successful with or without academics excellence

According to Ogbonnia Victor 2021, “you must get a skill and create solutions to problems; by that way, you will be seen as successful“.

You are lucky to be on this page!

In this article, I’ll answer all questions related to successful life and academic excellence.

Acquire a Skill

Research has it that 95% of the most successful people in the world are self mad billionaires.

Most of them were educated (academically involved in one way or the other) but they did not depend on their certificates to get wealthy.

For instance: Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook owner, Elon Musk and so on.

They are all self-made billionaires as they did not depend on academics as their means of success.

Academic excellence can make you rich but acquired skills can make you wealthy – Gideon Abowola, 2021.

As a graduate, there is still time for you to acquire good skills, use it to solve problems around and get paid for it.

As a student, learn some side hustles for yourself. Don’t wait till you graduate before you start working. Create a job for yourself and start up something.

Get a Mentor: Someone you look up to

Most people make this mistake of not having anyone they are looking up to. They feel they can do it on their own but that is not true.

Get a mentor who has achieved an outstanding height in your field of interest and is still striving to achieve more. Your mentor should be someone who has achieved great heights.

A mentor is just your helping hand and guidance in whatever field you choose.

Work Hard

Do not just learn a skill and dump it without using it. Just like I mentioned before, use it to solve problems.

One thing with successful like is that it is a gradual process. You don’t build a successful life in one day. It takes days, weeks, months and even years to build.

Anything you do, be committed and remain consistent. Let people know you for whatever skill you have.

For example, I started blogging in my first year in the university. I did not give up on blogging till I was known for it. Guess what, from time to time, friends recommend me to clients who have website related issues and I solve the problems and get my money. That is how sweet it is to learn a skill and stick to it. šŸ˜.

Even when it feels like your skills are not paying off, keep doing it.

Manage your time efficiently: Strike a balance

The main reason why some people fail in life is improper time management. Just like it is said “time is money“.

The above assertion is true because if you don’t do what you are supposed to do at a particular time, you will miss the whole opportunity.

One thing you should know is that you cannot recover any past second of your life. Therefore, you do not have to keep waiting for anything before you start working towards your success.

Learn to strike a balance between your acquired skills (work) and your studies. This is mainly for those who are both studying and working.

Whether you are self-employed or employed by another employee, learn to manage your time properly.


As you learn skills, as you get mentors, as you work hard, don’t forget to say worda of prayers to yourself.

This is a supernatural world where we do not know exactly what happens. But, we all believe it works.

So, pray to your God for help.

Conclusion: Academic Excellence does not Guarantee a Successful Life

What are your plans now that you have seen all these?

Study, acquire skills, get a mentor and follow his path, work so hard, manage your time well, pray to God and remain consistent in all these things. You will definitely be successful in life!

I hope this article was helpful. Do well to share your thoughts with us below.

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