How to Cover WAEC, NECO, JAMB & GCE syllabus Within a Month

First, is WAEC, NECO or JAMB syllabus real or fake? Where do those topics in the syllabus come from? How do I use WAEC or NECO syllabus. Does NECO have the same syllabus with WAEC? All these questions and more will be answered in the cause of this article. Simply pay attention and keep reading.

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What is WAEC/NECO syllabus

Syllabus refer to topics which have been approved by an examination body or an institution as areas of concentration for a particular session or year. In other words, it refers to those recommended and approved area of concentration for each subject.

Each subject has its own area of concentration and it is meant to help the students achieve a well targeted study instead reading blindly. Syllabus are always meant to help you study especially during examination.

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Since there are so many things in a textbook, one might get confused on what to read and what not to read. For this reason, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and other examination bodies have decided to map out some topics which students are meant to study in preparation for their exams.

The truth of the matter is that your examination questions cannot go beyond the area of concentration given to you in the syllabus. As you follow the syllabus you are following legit topics.

Is WAEC/NECO syllabus real or fake?

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So many students are yet to believe that syllabus are real. Some think that bloggers just formulated topics to post online. Is WAEC syllabus real? Yes, WAEC and NECO syllabus are real. Any topic you study from the syllable is a legit topic approved by the examination body and your questions cannot go beyond those areas. Stop thinking that they are fake. Syllabus seem to be the same from year to year.

Well, the truth is the syllabus hardly or slightly change but it does not change as a whole. A part of it can be modified to suit the present academic needs of the students. One mistake students make is that they fail to trust syllabus. Some don’t even value it while some don’t know the best ways to use a syllable.

Some don’t use it because they see it as a big deal to cover all the topics there. While others don’t because they don’t really know how to go about it. This tactics which I’m about to share with you will show you easiest method of using the syllabus to achieve your goals and also make things easier for yourself. I also wrote something about how to use syllabus in this post.

How do I use WAEC syllabus?

I have only one method of using my syllabus while reading. Questions come from every part of the syllabus. If you observe closely, the further you go in your studies the tougher it becomes.

In the same way, the last set of topics in a syllable are always tougher compared to the first ones. Now this what you do: (I use this method and it works for me. So, I believe it will also work for you) Don’t forget the fact that questions will come out from the tough part (first set of topics), tougher part (second set of topics) and the toughest part (last set of topics).

For this reason you are going to divide your syllabus into three (3) parts and start studying them.

1. Share your syllabus into three parts

Since you already have in mind that questions will come from every part of the syllabus, simply share it and make sure you gain something from each part. Divide the syllabus into three parts.

Let us assume you have 36 topics to cover under English language, simply add from topic 1 to topic 12 as the first part. Add topics 13 – 24 as the second part while topics 25 – 36 will be the third part. By dividing your syllabus this way, you have 12 topics in each part to cover.

2. Begin to study each of the topics tactically

Start from the first part. Study at least 7 topics in the first part within 3-4 weeks. Do same for each of the parts. Let’s assume it took you 4 weeks to study 7 topics from each part, it simply means that you have covered 21 topics within 3 months with only 15 topics left.

You have covered more than half of the syllabus. Even though you’re to write an exam after the three months you would hardly fail such exam. Anyway, you still need to do more. Go back to the remaining topics select 10 more topics and make sure you cover it within next two months.

Then just try to have a little knowledge about the rest of the topics. Everything being equal, you have covered 31 topics within the space of 5 months. Syllabus comes out about 9 months before your final examination. In fact, let me say it comes out about 3 years (from SS1-SS3) before your exam. So, it’s always there. Imagine maximizing those 2-3 years, it means you can go through the syllabus for about 3-4 times before your examination.

How do I achieve this?

This question has only one answer and that is: start reading on time. You won’t understand the importance of starting to read on time until it chokes you. Some students still think they have all the time in the world to relax and read few weeks before exam.

Timely response to your academic pursuit gives you more time and relaxed mind to achieve whatever you want. It won’t allow you rush the process as everything is being done in its own time. Nothing is as joyful as passing your O’Level or A’Level in one sitting. In case you do not know, the brain tends to work better and achieve better results if allowed to relax.

Does NECO use the same syllabus with WAEC?

Yes, both examination bodies use the same syllabus but sometimes with slight changes. 95% of the topics in WAEC are also used in NECO. While NECO syllabus are hard to find online, you can download WAEC syllabus and start reading.

Also note that GCE syllabus, NECO syllabus, WAEC and JAMB syllabus are almost the same. They have 95% similarities. But strictly, they can be said to use the same syllabus. So, always feel free to use WAEC syllabus to prepare for any O’Level or A’Level examination.

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