The Life Changer Chapter Nine Summary, Questions and Answers

the life changer 9 summary

Welcome to chapter 9 summary, possible questions and answers for the 2024 JAMB novel, The Life Changer written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. This is the last chapter of the JAMB book.

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This summary will give you more understanding of the book. You will also see the questions which are likely to come out in your JAMB.

In case you do not want to read the full JAMB book, this novel will give you the vital information you need. However, it is very important for you to read the main book.

The Life Changer 9 Summary – JAMB Novel

In this chapter, Ummi narrates Salim’s experience with a mystery girl whom he met on one of the social media platforms. Salim is Salma’s fiancé.

This chapter opens as Salim tells Lawal of his experience with Natasha, a mystery girl whom he met on social media. After exchanging contacts, pictures and affection Salim prepares to visit Natasha according to her preferences.

Salim travels late in the evening around 9:00 PM to meet Natasha since Natasha told him that she is not allowed to come out during the day.

While Salim was returning, Natasha joins him in front of his SUV (Salim’s car). Salim was caught by Natasha’s beauty. All of a sudden, some robbers attempt to rob him which he narrowly escaped. Natasha was used by the thugs as a trap to catch and rob Salim.

Salim meets another girl on social media whom he sees to be beautiful. He requests that Lawal goes with him to avoid any form of attack on his way but Lawal did not grant such request.

Salim proceeds with his plan to visit the new girl. He returns with disappointment as the girl he met looks different from the girl he saw on social media; the girl was ugly.

Possible Questions and Answers from Chapter Nine

1. Who is Salma’s finacee in the book?

Answer: Salim is Salma’s fiancé

2. Whose experience was shared in this chapter?

Answer: Salim’s experience was shared

3. Who was Salim sharing his experience with?

Answer: Salim shared his experience with his friend Lawal

4. What does Salim want from Lawal which caused him to start sharing his experience with him?

Answer: Salim wanted Lawal to escort him while he visited the second girl he met on social media.

5. Where did Salim first meet Natasha?

Answer: Social media

6. According to the passage, what was Natasha’s main motive towards Salim?

Answer: To set up Salim and get him rubbed by gunmen

7. By what time did Salim leave to visit Natasha?

Answer: 9:00PM

9. What kind of car was Salim driving?

Answer: SUV

10. What happened on Salim’s way back from Natasha’s place?

Answer: Salim was attacked by some gunmen but he escaped

11. Where did Salim meet the second mystery girl?

Answer: Social media

12. What was Salim expecting when he traveled to meet with the second girl?

Answer: He expected to meet a very beautiful girl.

13. Why was Salim disappointed when he arrived?

Answer: The girl he went to meet was ugly instead, which is different from what he saw on social media.

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