The Life Changer Summary Chapter Five, Questions and Answers

The Life Changer 5 summary

Welcome to the Life Changer chapter 5 summary, likely questions and answers. This summary is designed to help you understand the JAMB 2024 novel better. If you are yet to read the book itself, do well to get a PDF copy of it.

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Tips to Look out for in this chapter

  • Salma gives Habib her roomies number
  • Tomiwa Receives a mystry call
  • Tomiwa goes on a blind date with Habib
  • Habib likes Tomiwa
  • Fight ensues as Salma notices Tomiwa’s acceptance to Habib’s proposal
  • Salma describes Tomiwa as chameleon

Full Summary of the Life Chapter Chapter Five – JAMB Book

During the proposal of Habib to Salma, he requested Salma’s number. Out of pride, she gave Habib Tomiwa’s number (her roommates phone number). Habib does not know what happened.

Tomiwa receives a strange call from Habib by 8:00 PM. She becomes engulfed by the strange call and becomes curious to meet the mysterious caller. Finally, Tomiwa goes on a blind date with Habib.

Habib likes Tomiwa because of her vibes and decides to shop for her as they start to build their relationship. The rich politician also gives Tomiwa some goodies for herself and her friends. Habib gave them 50,000, 1o,000 naira for each of Tomiwa’s roommates and twenty thousand for Tomiwa. He also bought food (soya, chicken and provisions) which she shares with them in happiness.

Quarrel ensues when Tomiwa got home and Salma notices she went on a date with Habib. Salma describes Tomiwa as a chameleon during their quarrel.

Ada and Ngozi intervenes but the issues escalates. The room becomes silent when a neighbour knocked at the door because they do not want to share their problems with any of their neighbours.

Salma and her roommates excelled in their academic pursuits in their different departments.

Possible JAMB Questions and Answers from The Life Changer Chapter 5

1. Whose number did Salma give to Habib?

Answer: Salma gives Tomiwa’s number to Habib

2. By what time did Tomiwa receive Habib’s call?

Answer: Habib called Tomiwa by 8:00 PM

3. What kind of date did Tomiwa embark on with Habib

Answer: She embarked on a blind date because she did not know who was asking her out on a date

4. Why did Tomiwa agree to go on a date with Habib?

Answer: Because she was curious of meeting Habib, the mystery caller

5. How much did Habib give to Tomiwa?

Answer: Habib gave ₦50,000 (fifty thousand naira), ₦10,000 for each of Tomiwa’s roommates and ₦20,000 for Tomiwa herself

6. What gifts did Habib buy for Tomiwa and her roommates?

Answers: He bought soya, chicken and provisions.

7. What happened when Tomiwa got home after the date?

Answer: She shared her goodies happily with her roommates but all of a sudden Salma starts to quarrel Tomiwa.

8. What did Salma accuse Tomiwa of?

Answer: Salma accused Tomiwa of taking advantage of the moment by accepting to go on a date with Habib.

9. How did Salma describe Tomiwa for her act?

Answer: Salma described Tomiwa as a chameleon.

10. Who intervened while Salma and Tomiwa quarreled?

Answer: Ada and Nogzi intervened

11. Why was there a sudden silence in the room during the quarrel?

Answer: Because there was a knock on the door and the roomies do not want to share their misunderstand with their neighbours.



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