The Life Changer Chapter Three Summary, Questions and Answers

The Life Changer Chapter 3 Summary

Welcome to the the summary the Life Changer Chapter 3 by Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

Hope you enjoyed the summary of the previous chapter (chapter 2).

In this post, I will bring to your understanding what happened in the second chapter if the JAMB story book. Will also give you sample questions to show you how your exams will look like including some likely questions and answers from the novel. Keep reading.


Summary of the Life Changer Chapter Three – JAMB Novel

In the chapter three of the book, Ummi tells a story of Talle who is described as the quiet one in the book. He lived in a small community called Lafayette.

Talle was given birth after many years of childlessness and his birth caused the death of her mother. He grew up leaving quiet and reserved life. His silent life was also caused by the death if his father and step mother. He was barely twenty (20) years old when he lost both his father and stepmother in a car accident.

At this point, he feels disappointed in life and helpless and that is exactly why she was described as the quiet one.

Talle managed a job as a driver in a local government office and still maintained his decent and quiet life.

Due to her quiet lifestyle, he is considered a good person who can never or hardly do anything to harm anyone. In fact, he was seen as an epitome of goodness in a human.

At a point, Talle needed some money and confides in a friend of his called Zaki. Zaki suggests that they embark on abduction mission. He said they should abduct a rich man’s child and ask for ransom. In that way, they will make so much money to solve their problems.

Both parties carried out their plan by kidnapping the son of a rich man. Talle held the child in custody for one week as both demanded a ransom of one million naira (₦1,000,000). They later reduced their demands to one hundred and fifty thousand naira (₦150,000)

Talle goes to the market to buy some stuffs for himself. The market price of goods have risen drastically but he still demands that those things be given to him. The market women notices a chance in the quantity of goods he ordered. In their minds, they asked questions like: how could Talle who comes to the market to beg now turn to demand higher quantity of goods even at higher prices?

This causes the market women to report the issue to the District Head (also called Hakimi in their local dialect). While the District Head interrogates Talle, the police arrives at the place and arrests Talle. Both Talle and Zaki were accused of kidnapping (abduction), robbery and extortion.

They were later sentenced to imprisonment for years.

Drawing from this chapter, one of the most trusted persons in the community turns a thug and does what nobody expects. This also shows that people change.


Questions and Answers from the Life Changer Chapter 3

1. According to this book, The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli, how was Talle best described?

Answer: Talle was best described as the quiet one

2. Who did Talle confined in when he needed money?

Answer: Talle confined in Zaki

3. What suggestion did Zaki give as a way of making money?

Answer: Zaki suggested that they abduct a rich man’s child and demand ransom.

4. How much did Talle and Zaki demand as ransom?

Answer: Talle and Zaki demanded one million naira (₦1,000,000) and later reduced it to one hundred and fifty thousand naira (₦150,000).

5. Where was the abducted guy kept?

Answer: He was kept in Talle’s house as they awaited the ransom.

6. Where is Talle from?

Answer: Talle is from a small community called Lafayette

7. Who is Hakimi in the book?

Answer: Hakimi is the Head of district in Lafayette community.

8. How did Talle lose his father and step mother?

Answer: Talle lost his father and step mother in a car accident.

9. How many year was Talle when he lost his father and step mother?

Answer: He was barely 20 years old when he lost his father and step mother.

10. What did the death of Talle’s mother, father and step mother cause him?

Answer: their deaths caused him to live a quiet lifestyle.

11. How was Talle considered in his village?

Answer: He was considered a quiet and good boy who cannot do anything to hurt another person.

12. Why did the market women report Talle’s case to the District Head?

Answer: They noticed a change in the purchasing habit of Talle who everybody knows to have nothing to boast of. He bought more goods even when the prices were higher the regular prices.

13. How many crimes were Talle and Zaki charged for?

Answer: They were charged for three (3) crimes.

14. What crimes were Talle and Zaki accused?

Answer: Abduction, robbery and extortion.

15. What was the punishment given to both of them for being guilty of the alleged crimes?

Answer: they were sentenced to imprisonment for years.

16. According to the book, what other word can you use to replace “abduction”?

Answer: Kidnapping

17. What is the dominant lesson from this chapter?

Answer: the predominant lesson from this chapter is that bad company corrupts good manners.

18. What is the real name of the quiet one?

Answer: Talle

19. In what condition did Talle grow up?

Answer: He grew a quiet and reserved guy.

20. Why did Talle confined in Zaki?

Answer: Talle confined in Zaki because he needed some money.

21. What kind of job was Talle doing before he joined Zaki’s bad company?

Answer: Talle worked as a drive in a local government office.


Do your best to read the main book before the exam day.

I hope the above summary and Jamb likely questions and answers were helpful. If you have any questions simply drop a comment in the comment section below.

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