The Life Changer Chapter Four Summary, Likely Questions and Answers.

the life changer 4 summary

Welcome to The Life Changer Chapter 4 summary, likely questions and answers.

This summary is meant to help you understand the 2024 JAMB book better. It refreshes your mind on the things you might have possibly forgotten about the novel. If you have not read the novel yet, got you covered.

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The Life Changer Summary Chapter 4 – JAMB Novel

This chapter starts with an opening paragraph of Salma who came for her registration and doubtless in prime of her youth.

Salma comes across Doctor Dabo, a highly disciplined lecturer who does not take any nonsense from anybody. Most of the students respected him due to his high level of discipline. His rule was that students are not allowed to come into the lecture room before him.

This chapter focuses on Salma’s experience with Dr. Dabo during her register.

Salma goes into Dr Dabo’s office, the highly disciplined lecturer. Dr. Dabo loses control and acts erotically towards Salma. Salma on her own part arrogantly dismisses him and insulted him before leaving the office. Dr. Dabo was lost in shame and confusion as he thought of a way of maintaining his personality.

Salma completes her registration and joins three other girls in a room who were already occupying there together before her arrival. She was meant to live with them in that room (hostel) as they were all students. At first, Salma was uncomfortable with the idea of living with the three of them because the hostel was not beautiful and the ladies were not sophisticated ladies or happening babes like her. Simply put, one thing Salma hated about her roommates was the composition of her roommates.

These are the names of Salma’s roommates: Tomiwa, Ngozi and Ada. Tomiwa is from the West specifically from Ibadan, Ngozi is from Umunze in Imo State, Ada is from Benue State or Middle Belt while Salma is from the North.

Salma and Tomiwa were Muslims while Ada and Ngozi were Christians.

Salma and her roommate never really fought rather they stayed together as sisters.

One evening, Salma meets Habib, a rich politician and his driver, Labaran. They offered her a ride on a Mercedes Benz. Salma already decided to turn down Habibs proposal of he eventually does seeing that it is dangerous. Salma finally turns down his proposal as the political mugul proposed to her.

One thing you should know is that turning down the Habib’s proposal is Salma’s way of upgrading her standard as a sophisticated high school girl.

Before Salma left, Habib bought lots of gifts for her and gave her huge amount of money too which she went home with.

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Questions and Answers from The Life Changer Chapter 4

1. Who is Dr Dabo?

Answer: Dr. Dabo is a highly disciplined lecturer in Salma’s school

2. What was Dr Dabo’s rule?

Answer: Dr Dabo’s rule was that nobody comes in to the lecture hall before him.

3. What happened when Salma came into Dr Dabo’s office?

Answer: Dr Dabo made advances at Salma

4. What was Salma’s reaction when Dr Dabo made advances at her?

Answer: Salma scolded Dr Dabo and left the office angrily.

5. How many roommates does Salma have in the book?

Answer: Salma has three (3) roommates.

6. What are the names of Salma’s roommates?

Answer: Tomiwa, Ngozi and Ada were Salma’s roommates.

7. Where is Tomiwa from?

Answer: Tomiwa is from the West, Ibadan precisely.

8. Where is Ngozi from?

Answer: Ngozi is from Umunze in Imo State

9. Where is Ada from?

Answer: Ada is from Benue State or Middle Belt

10. Where is Salma from?

Answer: Salma is from the North

11. Which religion does Salma belong?

Answer: Salma is a Muslim

12. Which religion does Tomiwa belong?

Answer: Tomiwa is a Muslim

13. Which religion does Ada belong?

Answer: Ada is a Christian

14. Which religion does Ngozi belong?

Answer: Ada is a Christian

15. Why did Salma dislike the idea of living with her roommates?

Answer: Salma disliked the idea because the hostel was not beautiful and the ladies were not sophisticated ladies or happening babes like her.

16. What kind of car did was Salma offered a ride on?

Answer: Mercedes Benz

17. Who proposed to Salma

Answer: Habib proposed to Salma.

18. Who is name of Habib’s driver?

Answer: The name of Habib’s driver is Labaran

19. How does Salma think about turning down Habib’s proposal?

Answers: She sees it as a way of upgrading her standard as a high school girl.


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