The Life Changer Chapter Six Summary: JAMB Novel 2024

the life changer 6 summary

Welcome to The Life Changer Chapter 6 summary by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. has summarized all the 2024/2025 JAMB novel for you. This chapter will enable you understand the main book better and also practice the possible questions.

In case you are lazy about reading the book itself you can always resort to Schoolisle. However, those who read the book have advantage over you. Therefore, read the full book.

In this article, I will show the all the possible, past and sample questions which are likely to come out during your JAMB UTME examination.

All you have to do is to pay attention as I take you through the compete summary.

Tips to Look out for in this chapter

  • Salma finds Moral Philosophy hard
  • Salma writes her final university examination
  • Salma does not remember anything she read
  • Salma engages in examination malpractice
  • Kolawole Abdul helps Salma out in the examination hall
  • EMAL
  • Both Salma and Kola were caught and expelled

The life Changer Summary 6 – JAMB Story Book

Chapter six of the Life Changer talks about the outcome of Salma’s stay in the University.

Despite the fact that the four girls were into men, they were at the top of the academic game. They never allowed their academic lives to crumble as they all did well.

Salma finds Moral Philosophy very hard. She, like other students does not attend Moral Philosophy lectures. The lecturer in charge repeats question with little changes. For this reason, she thought of only on method to adopt while reading – study past questions for that course.

She studies all night in preparation for her final examination the next day. She studies past questions and answers and even tries cram some parts of the book.

Moral Philosophy was a GST course in Salama’s school.

Unfortunately, Salma could not write anything in the examination because none of what she studied came out. She was afraid of failing considering that she faces her final paper in the University.

Salma resorts to Kola, her seatmate (his full name is Kolawole Abdul). Kola is a brilliant guy who can seat and write on his own confidently. He resisted Salma at first but decides to give in later. Salma seeks help from Kola which he offered by giving her a salvation note (expo) to enable her write her examination.

Unfortunately for both students (Salma and Kola), a lecturer catches them in the act and mandates them to fill the Examination Malpractice (EMAL) form.

They were arraigned before the Examination Ethics Committee (EMEC) for questioning. At the end, both were found guilty of examination malpractice and expelled in their 400 level (the final class).

Both parties misses their final paper which would have made them university graduates.


Likely Questions and Answers from The Life Changer Chapter 6

1. Which course does Salma find difficult?

Answer: Salma found Moral Philosophy difficult.

2. What kind of course is Moral Philosophy in Salma’s school?

Answer: Moral Philosophy was a GST (General Studies)

3. What is Kola’s full name?

Answer: Kola’s full name is Kolawole Abdul

4. Who is Kola?

Answer: Kola is Salma’s seatmate who helped Salma during their final examination.

5. At what level in the university were Kolawole and Salma expelled

Answer: Kola and Salma were expelled in their 400 level

6. Why was Salma expelled from school

Answer: Salma was expelled because she engaged in Examination Malpractice (EAML)

7. What is the full meaning EMAL in the Life Changer?

Answer: EMAL means Examination Malpractice

8. Which body in the school processed Salma and Kola’s expulsion?

Answer: Examination Ethics Committee

9. Why was Kola expelled from school

Answer: Kolawole was expelled because he engaged in examination malpractice with Salma

10. What is the full meaning of EMEC in the Life Changer?

Answer: EEC in the Life Changer means Examination Ethics Committee


Now that you have seen the summary for this chapter, do well to read the full chapter from the main book. Also try to create more questions for yourself for better understanding.

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