The Life Changer Chapter Two Summary, Questions and Answers

life changer 2 summary

Welcome to the the summary the Life Changer Chapter 2 by Khadija Abubakar Jalli (2024 new JAMB novel). On, we bring you the chapter by chapter summary of the 2024/2025 UTME story book. Search anything on this website about the book and get the answer immediately.

Hope you enjoyed the summary of the previous chapter (chapter 1).

In this post, I will bring to your understanding what happened in the second chapter if the JAMB story book. I Will also give you sample questions to show you how your exams will look like including some likely questions and answers from the novel. Keep reading!


Summary of the Life Changer Chapter 2 – JAMB Novel

In chapter of the book, Ummi starts by telling her children of her experiences 20 years ago in the university after she got admission. She got married even before she started her registration.

Ummi attended Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

She describes the nature of university; how it was difficult for anyone to differentiate between the lecturers and the students as everybody wore mufti.

Nobody wore uniforms except few faculties such as law, social works and few others which had approved dress codes.

She also tells her children about the freedom an carefree lie in the university where students had no one to regulate their activities. Ladies dressed almost backed to school without any sanctions. At this juncture, Ummi mentions her experience with Salma, the sophisticated high school lady.

Salma comes for her registration. She comes earlier than every other person but complains about the delay in the registration process.

According to the book (The Life Changer), Salma was a fair complexioned girl, tall, slim and rather busty.

Still on the queue, a young man interrogates Salma. Salma continues to express discomfort in the registration procedure. She likens the lecturers with the police men by saying that both personalities can be bribed. She did not stop there. She also went in to boast of her ability to the lecturer’s attention if she offers as low as 2,000 thousand naira – 3,000 naira. By doing so, Salma claims that both the lecturers and the police men are of no difference and can be won with just a little token.

To everyone’s greatest astonishment, the man with whom Salma conversed was the lecturer in charge of the registration process. Salma never knew that.

Ummi proceeds to the office of her Head of Department (HOD) for her registration. Ummi’s HOD was Dr. Samuel Johnson; in short form: Dr Sam John.

The HOD was seen exchanging winsome pleasantries with Ummi which Ummi found awkward. She assumed that the HOD is making passes at her. Meanwhile, the HOD knows her and the husband very well and even worked her admission.

She manages to bear the situation till she is given her registration number. She finally get her reg no (matriculation number) and her number was UG0001. Ummi leaves the office offended due to what the HOD did (making passes at her).

Ummi reports what happened in school to her husband (Mr Esquire). Acted so reluctantly and also discloses his good relationship with the HOD. Ummi was surprised to learn that both are very good friends.

Questions and Answers from The Life Changer Chapter 2

1. Who is Ummi’s Head of Department (HOD)?

Answer: Ummi’s Head of Department (HOD) was Dr. Sam John.

2. What was Ummi’s matriculation number?

Answer: Ummi’s matriculation number was UG0001

3. How was Salma described in the novel, The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli?

Answer: according the new JAMB novel, Salma was described as a fair complexioned girl, tall, slim and rather busty.

4. What exactly made Ummi uncomfortable when she entered the HOD’s office?

Answer: The way Mr Sam John exchanged endearing pleasantries with her made Ummi feel like he (the HOD) was making passes at her. So, she became uncomfortable.

5. What was Ummi’s matriculation number?

Answer: Ummi’s matriculation number was UG0001

6. Who is Mr Sam John in the Life Changer?

Answer: Mr Sam John was Ummi’s Head of Department (HOD)

7. What was Salma’s belief about university lecturers?

Answer: Salma believes that University Lecturers take money from boys and ask girls on a date.

8. Who did Salma liken the university lecturers with?

Answer: Salma likens the University lecturers with the police who collect bribes.

9. According to Ummi, which departments in the University were allowed to wear uniforms?

Answer: Law, social works and few others.

10. When did Ummi get married?

Answer: Ummi got married after she got admission into the university and before her registration.

11. What did Salma boast of during her conversation with the young man in the queue?

Answer: She boasted of her ability to win favour by any lecturer by offering them as little as 2,000 naira – 3,000 naira.

12. Why did Mr Sam exchange endearing pleasantries with Ummi?

Answer: Because he has good relationship with Ummi’s husband and he was also worked Ummi’s admission for her even though Ummi does not know about it.

14. According to Ummi, when should you call somebody “dear”?

Answer: when he/she means something to you.

15. What is the HOD’s full name?

Answer: Dr. Samuel Johnson

16. What is another name for matriculation number?

Answer: Another name for matriculation number is registration number (reg no)

17. What was Ummi interested in when she went in to the HOD’s?

Answer: She was just interested in getting her matriculation number.

18. What did Ummi do when she arrived home?

Answer: She reported the way the HOD winsomely treated her.

19. What was the reaction of Ummi’s husband after Ummi report what happened in HOD’s office to him?

Answer: She reacted reluctantly to it and explained that he shares a good relationship with the HOD (Dr Sam).

20. Which tribe was the HOD from?

Answer: He is Yoruba tribe


The questions above give you a clue of how your questions would look like. Endeavor to go through it over and over again so that you will be used to all JAMB questions and answers.

Also go through the summary again and try to formulate questions for yourself.

Hope it was helpful and that you enjoyed it. Do well to drop a comment below and also share to others.

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