Stop scrolling if you’re searching for Philippine Government scholarship. Are you a graduate, undergraduate, or postgraduate searching for a fully funded scholarship by the government of the Philippines? If so, you’re at the right source. We get you covered with all you need.
The government of the Philippines, led by Bongbong Marcos, has just released a new scholarship opportunity for all citizens. What you need to do is make sure you read to the very end of this article.
Before that, I will like to explain the concept of the article from the beginning to the end.

What is Philippine government scholarship?

The Philippine Government Scholarships are scholarships given by the government of the Philippines to all students. In most cases, it’s open to all international students, but this time, the Philippine government is now opening these scholarships for citizens alone to benefit.

What this means is that, if you’re a Filipino, this scholarship is for you, provided you are a graduate, undergrad, or postgraduate.

Updated Philippine Government Scholarship for 2024-2025

Having known what the Philippine Government Scholarship for 2024 is all about, it’s crucial to know the list of scholarships that are exclusively available. Fortunately, for today, we have only one scholarhip available. 

 CHED Philippines Government Scholarship 2024

The Common on Higher Education, whose abbreviation is CHED 2024 Government Scholarship, is open to provide adequate financial support for students in the Philippines for the 2024 academic session. This scholarship is exclusively open to first-year colleague students and they are advised to apply now.

This scholarship is a fully funded Philippine government education programme that aims to reward students who are academically sound but unfortunately belong to some groups, such as

  • Homeless and less privileged
  • The disabled and
  • Solo parents

That aside, it’s also open to students who want to pursue their undergraduate dream course at any CHED-recognised institute, such as

Higher Education Institutions (HEIS), State Universities,
Local Universities.

As a student who falls into any of the above categories, before you can apply, you need to meet certain criteria, and we shall discuss that below.

What are the CHED scholarship eligibility requirements?

For you to be eligible for the CHED Philippines government scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a Filipino citizen.
  • You must have graduated from high school.
  • You must have a GWA, known as the “general weighted average,” of at least 90% or its equivalent. This GWA is always calculated based on the below-listed criteria.

If the applicant has completed Grade 11 and has a semester grade for Grade 12, the average GWA is calculated as the sum of the GWA for Grade 11 and the GWA for the Grade 12 semester, divided by 3, and then multiplied by 70%.

On the other hand, if the applicant has completed Grade 12, the GWA is calculated as the Grade 12 GWA multiplied by 70%. I hope you understand.

Benefits of the Philippines scholarship

There are a lot of enticing benefits that come along with the CHED Philippines government’s fully funded scholarships for the 2024 academic session. They include;

  • Free tuition and school fees for enlisted applicants
  1. Enlisted applicants will receive a monthly stipend through their higher education institutions (HEIs).
  2. With all these mentioned, there is also a book allowance per semester to assist with the cost of purchasing books and other educational materials. It must be noted that the allowance provided in this fully funded scholarship in the Philippines will run until the end of the degree programme.

The deadline for the scholarship

The application is currently open, and applicants are advised to apply on or before March 31st, 2024.

How to apply for the CHED Philippines government scholarship

Congratulations on meeting all the eligible criteria; it’s now time to know how to apply.

As an immigration lawyer, the truth is that applying for CHED government scholarship is very simple, and many of my clients have gotten enlisted. Now, it’s your turn.

To apply, you’re to arrange a complete copy of your documents; make sure they are all well scanned. Then, submit your application online using this link.

On the other hand, you can approach the CHED office in your region to complete the registration.


Thanks for reading to the very end of this article. I hope you find it educational. Congratulations on your scholarship in advance.


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