University St Andrews Acceptance Rate & Application Requirements

What is University St Andrews Acceptance Rate? University of St Andrews is a very selective institution with a tough battle between students who want to study at the university. 

The institution is ranked #96 by QS world University ranking. This made it one of the best universities in the world, and has influenced how competitive it is to get secure admission into the school.

In this article, I will guide students who wish to study in the university with updated Acceptance Rate, admission requirements and other helpful strategies to improve their chances of getting admitted. 

University St Andrews Acceptance Rate

The Acceptance Rate of University of St Andrews is 8.3%. This percentage is very low since thousands of candidates apply each year to study at the university. 

What this also means is that 830 students will be offered admission if there are about 10,000 candidates that have sent their application for admission. Clearly, this number is small, and that has made University of St Andrews one of the most competitive institutions in the United Kingdom. 

Program-Specific Acceptance Rate at University of St Andrews

The Acceptance of or 8.3% does not apply to all the programs the school offers. What it means is that some programs will be easy to get admitted into while others will be quite difficult.

Here is a list of some MSc programs at University of St Andrews and their respective Acceptance Rates:

Program  Acceptance Rate 
MSc Economics 27%
MSc Psychology 27%
MSc Money, Banking and Finance 26%
MSc Research Methods in Psychology  28%
MSc Finance and Economics 32%
MSc Health Psychology 37%
MSc Sustainable Development and Energy 23%
MSc Sustainable Development 24%

Overview of University of St Andrews

There are about 8,000 undergraduate and 2,000 postgraduate students currently studying at the institution. These students have one of the best academic experiences as they are learning at this University which made them vote University of St Andrews as the best academic experience university in 2020. The institution offers programs in psychology both in undergraduate and in MSc. Other programs are Economics, Medicine, Philosophy, Chemistry, and many other programs. 

International students who want to study at this institution must provide language requirements with  a minimum of 6.0 score in IELTS. They also have to be top in their previous school. 

University of St Andrews admission Application requirements 

Candidates who have seen the University St Andrews Acceptance Rate and believe they have a chance of getting selected should be aware of these admission requirements. 

  • Completed applications: This is always done online using the school’s admission officials portals. 
  • School Transcripts: high school transcript and your diploma transcripts if available. 
  • Academic Performance: the minimum GPA requirements for admission is 3.5. This however, is not the only academic requirement as students may also need to submit their school Ranking and results. 
  • English language tests: International students must prove their ability to communicate in English language proficiently. An IELTS score of at least 6.0 is recommended. 
  • Standardized test scores: This is only for candidates who have either SAT or ACT test results. Others may not border if they can meet other major requirements. 
  • Statement of purpose: This statement should be written by the applicant and has to outline the goals, achievements, motivation, and personality of the candidate. 
  • Recommendation letter: a recommendation is a letter that is written by a professor or councilor will be accepted. 

Step-by-step guide on how to apply for admission at University of St Andrews

Students can send their application online using the UCAS portal. 

  1. Using any internet enabled device, visit the University of St Andrews UCAS portal
  2. View the application requirements and program curriculum for your chosen program. 
  3. Create an account with your phone number or email to commence the application process. The portal will reply to you with an OTP. Use it to login and fill in other details like name, date of birth and others. 
  4. Now, provide and upload the recommended academic documents. 
  5. Make application payment. It ranges from 20 to 26 pounds depending on your program. This payment can be done using credit/debit card. 
  6. Submit and Track your application. 

University St Andrews Acceptance Rate: Tips to improve your chances 

The Acceptance Rate of University of St Andrews is very low and has made the school very competitive for prospective students. However, candidates can still make themselves favorites for selection by following these strategies. 

1. Submit better GPA 

The minimum requirement is 3.5 GPA for admission. However, knowing that competition for admission is fierce, you need to take up more challenging courses to increase your GPA. This may be tough but will separate you from other average applicants. 

2. Write good statement of purpose 

Some candidates believe that admission officials do not read the statement of purpose they have submitted. But that is false. In fact, this statement is what shows if the applicant is fit for University of St Andrews. 

3. Good letter of recommendation 

Find a professor to write a good recommendation letter for you. If possible, outline to him/her some vital points you wish to see in the letter. 

4. Make a unique application

Review your documents and ensure they are very well arranged. Apart from that, show University of St Andrews your other abilities apart from classroom grades. Let your application follow the school’s guidelines. 


University St Andrews Acceptance Rate is what determines how many people the institution will accept for admission inside thousands of applicants. Many factors influence this rate, which includes, High demand for a particular program, space to accommodate the students and school’s standards. 

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