ACT Exam dates 2024: Registration, Pattern, Fees and Centers

What are the ACT Exam dates 2024? ACT, which is an acronym of “American College Testing” is generally used for admission into higher institutions in the U.S. This standardized test has been in existence for a long time and many high school students are very familiar with it. 

American College Testing (ACT) focuses on testing student’s knowledge in areas like mathematics, writing, verbal and scientific skills. Also, students can choose the essay part of ACT when they are completing their registration. 

In this article, I will reveal to you ACT Exam dates 2024, which should be September 8 and 9. I will as well highlight the patterns, Centers, fees and other useful information you need about this test. 

ACT Exam dates 2024

ACT is scheduled to be held between September to July every year. The dates are 14 and 15 July 2023. Another date for September is 8 and 9.

Candidates who will be preparing for this exam must begin early since this is not like the SAT where candidates can choose dates when they so wish. Additionally, registering two months before the next exam date will help students balance studying for and other activities. 

2024 ACT Exam fees 

The main registration fees for ACT is $150; if the candidates won’t take the writing test. However, students taking the writing will pay $166.5. 

Here are other payable fees apart from the main registration fee:

ACT Payable  Amount 
Registration fee (without writing)  $150
Registration fee (with writing)  $166.5 
International students taking the test outside the U.S. $51
Latest fee (registering after the deadline)  $35
Waitlist fee (registering after late registration deadline)  $51
Change fee for Changing test date, type or center.  $35
Question and answer information fee (your questions, answers and corrections)  $20

ACT Exam 2024 pattern 

Check out patterns on how the ACT exams will be taken. This includes the time allocated to each subject you will be examined in. 

Subject  Time 
English 45 minutes
Math 60 minutes
Reading 35 minutes
Science 35 minutes
Optional writing test 40 minutes

3 hours and 35 minutes (with breaks)

Take note of these time allocations for preparation after confirming your ACT Exam dates for 2023. 

ACT Exam Registration 2024 

International students have to register online through ACT portal. They have to supply their names and other important details during the registration. 

Step-by-step guide for international students to register for ACT 2024 

  1. Sign up online: visit ACT official registration portal to create your online account;
  2. Choose dates and Centers: When you are done signing up, you will have to choose your preferred dates and Centers to take this test. There are ACT Centers in most countries;
  3. Create a student profile: The next step is to provide the requirements, then complete your registration. You will receive confirmation message when you have done this correctly;
  4. Pay Exam fees: the fees here depend on your condition. You need a credit/debit card for payment, or you do it through online funds transfer. 

When you are done, you will receive an “ADMIT CARD”, which is needed while entering the center for the exam. Print the card from ACT website, confirm your information and keep it safe. 

ACT Exam Centers 2024

International candidates must know Centers in their country to be more prepared for this exam. (What I will mention here are the cities where you can find the exam center). 

ACT Centers in India 

These are cities in India where you can find ACT centers and not actually the Centres. Also, some cities here have more than one center. 

Ahmedabad | Ajmer | Bangalore | Bhopal | Bhubaneswar | Chennai | Dehradun | Fatehpur | Gurgaon | Hyderabad | Indore | Jaipur | Kodaikanal | Kolkata | Mohali | Mumbai | Mussoorie | New Delhi | Noida | Pune | Vadodara.

ACT Exam Centers in Nigeria 

These are cities Nigeria you can find ACT Exam Centers in 2023:

Lagos | Ibadan | Kwara (Offa) | Ogun (Ijebu-Itele) | Abuja | Kano | Jos | Imo (Owerri) | Enugu | Uyo  | Port Harcourt.

Pakistan ACT 2024 Exam Centers 

There are many Centers for candidates pakistan who are going to take the ACT Exams in 2024. 

Lahore | Punjab | Lahore | Karachi | Islamabad. 

ACT Exam Centers in Philippines 2024

International candidates from Philippines can also take ACT Exams in the center located in these cities:

TAGUIG City | Pasig City Manila | Muntinlupa City | Cebu City | Baguio City. 

ACT Exam dates 2024: Tips for preparation 

While candidates have the best flexible time for preparation, they also need to take it very seriously to score very high. 

  • Get a coach 

Guidance from a professional coach will help you with the stress of studying alone. The coach who also has enough experience will have an edge over you, just studying alone. A coach will have access to more materials to keep you updated with valuable knowledge and working patterns. 

  • Group study 

It is not difficult for someone studying alone to get dizzy and stressed out. However, when there are two or more serious learners, they will not get tired easily. 

Most Universities look for top ACT scores when admitting new students, so you need to work hard to qualify for your institution of choice. 


ACT Exam dates 2024 has been set and candidates who are done with registration have to face their preparation. 

International candidates preparing for the ACT Exam must verify the best center to avoid ugly stories during the exam. 

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