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There are tons of scholarships available for Nigerian students in the UK for the 2023-2024 academic session scholarships are available at the following institutions below. Please go to the official website of the universities below for more information and on how to apply.

The UK is one of the planet nations that help world education with monetary support to students. The Commonwealth, Erasmus Mundus, government, and Universities are implicated in the grant of various developing countries around the globe. Nigeria is a primary beneficiary of every scholarship introduced by the UK. Below is the list of Scholarships for Nigerians from 2023-2024.


Scholarships for Nigerian Students in the UK

Learning in the UK is a costly education fantasy for many Nigerian students. Despite that reality, Nigerian students work hard, day and night, to achieve their dreams and bring down the sustaining and disturbing financial obstacle to achieving their education dream abroad.

Discovering the Nigerian students’ dream of desiring to study in the UK, the UK government has arrived with multiple scholarships to support their education. Later, the UK’s private institutes and NGOs afterward determined to fund Nigerian students’ education. This motion serves as a generous way of welcoming the international and Nigerian students to the UK to get quality and world-class schooling and to help them have a firm academic foundation to begin and have launched careers successfully.

Apply for JPTS Scholarship

List the Scholarship Opportunities in the UK 2023

The UK has effectively cleared the way for Nigerian students to get entrance to the empowering academic education that encourages the students’ lives. Despite their monetary problem, all excellent students can live their goal of experiencing the essential and research-based schooling to achieve their career dreams.

Undergraduate Scholarships for Nigerian Students in the United Kingdom

S.No Name of the Scholarship
1. Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships
2. GEMS International Undergraduate Scholarships
3. The University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship
4. Goldsmith International Response Scholarship
5. University of Exeter Undergraduate Scholarships
6. Westminister Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships
7. The Marshall Scholarships

Postgraduate Scholarships for Nigerian Students in the UK

S.No Name of the Scholarship
1. University of Reading Masters Scholarship
2. Cardiff University Elite International Scholarships
3. Queen’s University Belfast International Scholarships
4.  Marshall Scholarships
5. University of Edinburgh Global Scholarships
6. Clarendon Scholarships by the University of Oxford
7. Castlesmart Scholarships
8. Chevening Scholarships UK
9. Gates Cambridge Scholarship
10. University of East Anglia Scholarship
MBA Scholarships in the UK For Nigerians
S.No Name of the Scholarship
1. MBA Visionary Scholarship by the University of Strathclyde
2. Commonwealth Masters Scholarships
3. GREAT Scholarships
4. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
5. Inlaks Scholarships
6. Felix Scholarship
7. The Cranfield Trust Scholarships
8. Chevening Scholarship
9. IKOS Scholarships
10. Women in Leadership Scholarship

Ph.D. Scholarships in the UK for Nigerian Students

S.No Name of the Scholarship
1. The Royal Society Grants
2. Imperial College London President’s Ph.D. Scholarship
3. The Newton Bhabha Fund
4. Goa Education Trust Scholarships
5. Carnegie Ph.D. Scholarships
6. Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarships in the Humanities
7. Gates Cambridge Scholarships
8. Saltire Scholarships
9. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
10. Euraxess Scholarships
Universities in the UK for Nigerian Scholarships
S.No Name of the University Name of the Scholarship Eligibility
1. University of Edinburgh Edinburgh Doctoral College Scholarship Doctoral Program
2. Coventry University Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program
3. University of West London University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships Undergraduate and Postgraduate program
4. University of Cambridge Gates Cambridge Scholarships PhD
5. University of the Arts London UAL Vice Chancellor’s Postgraduate International Scholarships Masters Program

How To Apply for Scholarships in UK

  1. Go to the university website above to find out more details and then follow the link to the university’s website.
  2. Apply for personal scholarships following the instructions given on each universities website.
  3. Triumphant students will be informed by individual universities on the result of their applications.
  4. The scholarship grants will be given to the successful student by individual universities after application.

UK Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for the scholarship,

  • All applicants must be a citizen of Nigeria.
  • Must have an undergraduate degree, be inspired, and have an interest in the offered subject area
  • All applicants must achieve the English language test in the UK.
  • show attention to the UK as a student through personal and academic dignity
  • be ready to follow a networking event of all UK-based Nigerian students, talk about affairs, and capture perceptions of learning in the UK.
  • You will have to always keep in touch with the British Council and their HEI and serve as an ambassador.

Deadline For UK Scholarship

The deadline to apply for a UK Scholarship differs according to each university. For information on individual universities’ deadlines, please see the university’s official website.

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