Commonwealth Scholarship 2024 for Nigerians – Apply

Commonwealth Scholarship 2024 Nigeria – The Commonwealth is indeed an association worth joining. Students from the various countries that are part of the association are entitled to the various scholarship programs the body is offering. 

Before we get to see how to go about the said scholarship, let’s examine what way Nigerians have got to enjoy a scholarship from this British-rooted association. 

Commonwealth also known as the family of nations is a body consisting of 56 willing countries across the globe. The establishment of this association would be traced back to the British on December 11, 1931. It was first headed by King George VI and is now headed by Prince Charles III. 

Initially, it was intended to include the various territories of the British empire but things changed as time went on. It was expanded by several other countries and nations in the world. The body which consists of 56 countries and nations is the home of 2.5 billion people in the world. It is aimed at promoting peace, development, democracy, and education.


There are three intergovernmental organizations in the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth of learning, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and the Commonwealth Foundation. Of the three, exits one that is concerned with education – the arm may also be said to be the scholarship-providing body. This makes every Commonwealth country or citizen eligible for seeking the programs. We have got all these to say about Nigeria in conjunction with Commonwealth because it is one of the 21 African countries.  

The association does not discriminate against countries from any continent, therefore you may learn in the near future that more countries have joined the body. 

With this, we should go straight to talking about the Commonwealth scholarship 2023 Nigeria. 

Commonwealth Scholarship 2024 Nigeria 


This is for everyone who wants to apply for a Commonwealth scholarship program from Nigeria in 2024. If you would like to study under a scholarship program then start considering commonwealth scholarship programs that allow you to study in the UK

As we conclude this aspect of the piece, one important stuff we need to clear ourselves about is what the general requirement to enjoy a Commonwealth scholarship program is. The person who is qualified to apply for this program is he who:

1. Is a permanent resident or citizen of any Commonwealth country 

In your case as a Nigerian, you have passed this level because you are at least a citizen of the country, which is one of the 56 countries in the association. Togo and Gabon (both of whom recently joined in 2023) are some other African countries that are part of this body

2. Applicants must be unique

That uniqueness had to be obvious – do you have anything new to offer? The potential of causing significantly positive changes in the world must be evident in the life of applicants. Candidates can show their potential and abilities in any given test or examination. 

3. Applicants must be unable to afford to study in the UK on their own 

If a person already has the money it could take him or her to study in the UK without any financial assistance then the Commonwealth does not need such applicants as well. 

It would be recalled from the note earlier read on Commonwealth that the association is aimed at developing every part of it. The scholarships offered to students are thus not just for the sake that the chances are open, but for nations’ development. 

Who is Eligible for Commonwealth scholarship in Nigeria? 

Not every student willing to further their education after high school level is financially buoyant to have this desire come true. And as a result, some take scholarships and others go for student loans to ensure they are educated by every means. Understanding how a student loan is different from a scholarship will make you know this scholarship is for you as a Nigerian in 2024.



Education has become very expensive over the years. It yet seems unavoidable for everyone as a high school cert now looks like a basic school education accreditation. 

A source has shown that about 800 students in the UK enjoy scholarships from the Commonwealth, annually. As a Nigerian, maximize your opportunity of being part of the 2.5 billion people who are entitled to enjoy the several benefits of the association. 

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