The Salve Regina Acceptance Rate for all candidates applying for admission into the institution is 73%. This Rate stands for 730 candidates out of every 1,000 candidates that apply for admission. 

Most schools have lower Acceptance Rate but Salve Regina is more generous with their selection process. This has, however, made most students make it their top priority when seeking admission. 

What is the Salve Regina Acceptance Rate for early decision? 

Early decision is more favorable as the institution considers to accept most of the candidates who made them their first choice. The Early Decision Acceptance Rate is 80%.

Candidates that have made the choice of applying for Salve Regina early need to utilize the opportunity. However, early decision rules at the institution requires applicants to withdraw their applications from other institutions. There are other early decision agreements you will learn from the Salve Regina university admission office. 

How Salve Regina Acceptance Rate compares with other institutions 


University  Acceptance Rate 
Quinnipiac University  87.4%
College of Holy Cross  43%
Connecticut College  41%
Vassar College  38%
Trinity College  37%
Oberlin College  36.2%
Middleburg College  35%
Colby College  34%
Wesleyan University  28%


The Above table outlines how Salve Regina Acceptance Rate compares with that of other Universities in the United States. It clearly shows that salve Regina is more generous than most schools with their Acceptance Rate of 73%.

Admission requirements at Salve Regina University 

These are some of the requirements the institution consider while reviewing your admission applications:

1. High School Transcript 

Original Transcript from your high school is an essential requirement for admission consideration since it shows your academic performance. 

2. Standardized Test Scores 

Salve Regina University may place these tests as optional requirements but most of the students admitted in the school have a test score. Additionally, if you are an athletic student then this may be a compulsory criteria for you. 

3. Personal Statement 

This statement must contain your motivation for seeking admission into salve Regina other than the rest of the universities in Rhode Island, United States. 

4. Letter of Recommendation 

The first recommendation letter must come from your councilor and another optional recommendation letter from your teacher. 

5. Extracurricular Activities 

There are many Extracurricular activities that may be useful for admission including part-time jobs, internships, leadership, artistic and creative pursuit, sports and Community service. 

What influences the Salve Regina Acceptance Rate

Many factors influence the rate at which salve Regina accepts students into programs they offer. 

Here is a list of some factors that may influence this rate:

1. Academic Performance 

Candidates academic performance is the number one factor that may affect if they will be selected by salve Regina or not. Their high school grades and GPA plays a vital role in making them the best candidate for the program they applied for. 

2. Standardized Test Scores 

These test scores are not compulsory for admission but may increase your chances of getting selected. Although your minimum score needs to reach 1130 to 1280 for SAT and 26 to 29 for ACT scores. 

3. Demonstrated Interest 

The way candidates demonstrate their interest may affect their consideration for admission. These include their interest to be part of the early decision, and knowledge of salve Regina University. 

4. Diversity and Inclusion 

Candidates must show how diverse they are with credits in Extracurricular activities and uniqueness of their admission applications. 

5. Fit for Salve Regina Value and Mission 

Applicants must clearly outline how they are fit for the institution they are applying for. This will greatly influence admission choices. 

Strategies to improve your chances of admission at Salve Regina University 

There are many indications that Salve Regina may accept the majority of the applicants. However, some candidates will still get rejected. So, how do you position your application to avoid being rejected?. 

1. Take More Challenging Courses 

Learn to read harder and acquire better grades with more advanced courses and Rigorous programs. AP courses are included when Salve is rating your high school grades. So, try and take more of these types of courses for better admission chances. 

2. Take the SAT or ACT and Score Well 

They are not compulsory, however, getting good scores on these standardized tests will increase your chances of admission. 

The minimum SAT score is 1130 to  1280 while ACT is 26 to 29.

3. Write Strong Personal Statement 

Personal statements are meant to show salve Regina more details about the applicant. So, It will be an advantage if you outline your goals, achievements, and writing skills. 

4. Get Recommendation Letter 

One major factor that influences Salve Regina Acceptance Rate is a recommendation letter. A candidate that provides a good recommendation letter from their counselor and teacher will have better chances than others who didn’t. 

5. Early Decision 

Early decision or Early action will increase your Acceptance chances since the early decision Acceptance Rate is 80%. Although you need to learn more about the early decision agreements before submitting an application. 

6. Have a Unique Application 

Don’t paint your application to impress admission officials but make it Unique and authentic. This could be through your inclusion of Extracurricular activities and personal statements. 


Salve Regina Acceptance Rate for undergraduate admission applications in 2023 is better than it was in 2022. Many candidates who are competing for limited spots were offered admission. 

However some programs like nursing still have a low Acceptance Rate of 50% because of High demand. 


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