King’s College London Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements

King’s College London Acceptance Rate is very competitive since this is a popular institution and many prospective students are hoping to study there. Also, KCL is known to only select exceptional candidates when admitting fresh students. 

There are about 29,637 students in King’s college London coming from over 150 countries in the world. 

International students from Asia, America, Africa and other parts of the world are competing to get into king’s college. So, If you are also seeking to study in this institution, you should take note of the competition for admission. However, this article will cover most of the important things you need to know in order to get admitted. 

King’s College London Acceptance Rate

The Acceptance Rate of king’s college London is 13% of thousands of applications they receive. 

This Rate looks as competitive as other top schools like Imperial College London

Low Acceptance Rate of King’s College London can be attributed to the huge number of applications they receive yearly. Additionally, their selective procedure of admitting students adds to the fierce competition. 

King's College London Acceptance Rate
King’s College London Acceptance Rate chart

King’s College London Acceptance Rate by Competitive programs  

These are some of the most competitive programs at king’s college and their respective Acceptance Rate. 

Program  Acceptance Rate 
MBBS Graduate/professional entry  0.6%
BDS Dentistry (Graduate/professional  6.7%
BSc dental health and hygiene  8.2%
BDS enhanced support dentistry  11%
BSc Business management  14%
BSc Nursing Studies  17%
MBBS Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery  18%
BSc midwifery  17%
BDS dentistry  20%

These are some of the most competitive programs at King’s College London. They receive most of the applications and the Admission office needs the best hands in every program. So, they admit the best from thousands of applications sent. 

King’s College Admissions requirements 

King’s College London requires admission aspirants to meet some of these requirements before they can be offered admission. Remember that there may be more requirements than the ones I will list here. 

1. Academic performance 

The very first aspect of your application that may warrant further review is your academic standing in your high school or former University. They require 3.5 GPA as the minimum weighted high school grade point or University point for admission consideration. Also, they require you to have an 87-89% grade in your courseworks. 

2. High school transcript 

Applicants seeking admission as freshers must provide a transcript of their high school. This is mainly for king’s college London to ascertain your academic performance. 

3. Language requirements 

King’s College London requires a prospect whose first language is not English to provide proof of English language proficiency test scores. 

The accepted test scores are:

  • IELTS: 6.5 – 7.5
  • TOEFL-(Internet based): 91 – 109
  • PTE: 62 – 75. 

4. SAT and ACT test scores 

Another requirement for undergraduate admission applications is student’s SAT or ACT scores, which minimum score must be around 1190 for SAT and 29 for ACT. Candidates who can get higher scores on these standardized tests will have better chances of admission than other candidates. 

5. Essay 

Essays are a very essential requirement for admission consideration, and it must be the best essay. Therefore, don’t just write anything, make a draft of all your ideas then pick the best and develop it in a professional way. 

King’s College London Acceptance Rate: How to increase your chances 

Application is one thing and getting selected is another. Every serious candidate looks for ways to make their application better than the other. 

Here are some working tips to improve your chances of getting selected by KCL for admission. 

1. Submit good SAT and ACT scores 

The standardized test requirements are very essential in selecting the best students. King’s college does not require every applicant to have these test scores, but submitting them may increase your chances of admission approval. 

2. Write Good Essay 

Your Essay must be based on a meaningful topic. Preferably something king’s college can relate with or very relevant to your chosen course of study. 

Make drafts of different stories to tell in the essay. Proofread before submitting or give to someone to proofread for you before going ahead to submit it. 

3. Showcase your interest 

While you can do this with a well written personal statement, your essay may give the Admission official a tip to what your personality is. Let them know your true motive for choosing the program you are seeking admission into and what you tend to contribute to the institution. 

Outline your fit with king’s college London 

Clearly emphasize how king’s college is your choice of institution and how you will fit into the school values. 

4. Seek guidance 

The Rate of Acceptance at this college is very low, so it’s important for prospects to reach out to the king’s college admission office for guidance. This will help the student to meet all the necessary requirements and be in a better position for admission. 


King’s College London Acceptance Rate is very competitive since many students apply to study there. However, brilliant candidates who have good GPA and excellent academic standing have higher chances of admission. Also, some programs don’t have much competition like others, so rethink your program of choice if it’s one of the most competitive in King’s College London. 

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