What is the Denison University Acceptance Rate? Denison looks for quality over number when they are reviewing applications from prospective students. 

The selective procedure Denison University employs when admitting students has made it one of the most competitive universities in Ohio.  And as a private liberal arts college most students now see it as their first choice when seeking University admission. 

Denison University Acceptance Rate

The Acceptance Rate for Denison University is 28% of the total applications they receive. So, aspirants who didn’t make it to this percentage will not be admitted. 

What this means is that they select 2,800 candidates when 10,000 aspirants send applications for admission consideration. 

71% of students who were admitted for the 2025 academic session are in the top 10% ranking of their respective high schools. This gives a little insight into why the Acceptance Rate is low. 

Why Denison University’s Acceptance Rate is low 

There are many factors every school considers before offering admission to prospective students. These factors determine whether the admission Rate will be low or high for a given admission circle. 

1. High demand 

Popular private schools like Denison University receive massive applications from admission seekers. These, however, give the school room to be very selective and reduce the percentage of applicants they offer admission. 

2. Limited space 

The Denison University Acceptance Rate can be affected by the number of spaces available for prospective candidates. In most cases, the available space is being rationed between fall applicants, spring applicants, and other candidates. 

3. Fit with the University 

Most applicants just seek admission but Denison University looks for a perfect match for every admission spot. They do not admit many candidates who apply if most of them fail to prove how they will fit into the institution’s environment and value. 

4. Diversity and inclusion 

The institution seeks to include people from different works of life but will give more room for minority communities and people of color. 

5. Standardized tests scores 

When the majority of the applicants have outstanding scores on these tests, it will make the school not accept more average students. 

Table of Comparison of Denison University Acceptance Rate to Other Universities 

The Acceptance Rate of Denison University, which is 28% may be low but what about other Universities? 

Here is a comparison between Denison and other popular University Acceptance Rates:

University  Acceptance Rate 
Connecticut College  41%
Vassar College  38%
Trinity College  37%
Oberlin College  36.2%
Middleburg College  35%
Colby College  34%
Wesleyan College  28%
Grinnel College  28%
Williams College  22%

What you must know about Denison University 

Denison University is a private liberal arts College located in Granville, Ohio in about  1,100 acres of land and another 400 acres for biological reserve. The institution was founded in 1831 but was named Denison University around  1850. So, they are one of the oldest private institutions in Ohio. 

Denison University application requirements 

Aspirants who are seeking admission need to provide these requirements before Denison University can consider them for admission. 

1. Test scores 

Standardized test scores are essential for admission consideration but the institution does not require them. However, students from the institution reported to have submitted these test scores before securing admission. 

2. Academic Record 

Provide your high school transcript and your grades must be with ‘As’ and a GPA of about 3.0 and above for improved admission chances. 

3. Extracurricular activities 

Denison University looks for students with Extracurricular experience and not just classroom activities. Students that can provide credit in arts, sports, leadership, or Community service for assessment. 

4. Letter of recommendation 

One letter of recommendation is an essential requirement for admission. Also, this letter must give a clearer picture of the applicant’s academic performance from the recommender viewpoint. 

5. Interview 

Admission interview is a criterion for consideration into Denison University. 

Denison University Acceptance Rate: Tips to improve your chances 

The Denison Acceptance Rate is lower than what is obtained in most schools but you significantly improve your chances by following these tips. 

1. Submit SAT or ACT test scores 

These are not compulsory for admission but most students have SAT scores between 1230 to 1430 and ACT from 28 to 32. What does it mean? Those who have these standardized tests have higher chances of admission than those who don’t. 

2. Reference letter 

The reference letter outlines to admission officials at Denison University anything else your application documents does not cover. Some of them are your academic performance, skills, personality, and fit for the institution. 

3. Extracurricular activities 

These activities add credit to your application and make you a well-rounded candidate fitted for admission. 

4. Early application 

Early action Acceptance Rate at Denison University is 43%, which is higher than the normal Acceptance Rate. This step puts you ahead of other applicants as you have improved chances of getting selected. 

5. Focus on academic excellence 

Look for a way to stand out with your academic performance by getting a GPA that is above the recommended minimum. 

6. Seek guidance 

Denison University is open to candidates who seek to learn more about the school’s admission system. Taking this step will help the candidate have complete information on how to go about their application without errors. 


Denison University Acceptance Rate is one of the lowest in Ohio making the institution competitive for aspirants. 

However, candidates who can prove their excellent academic standing and readiness to fit into the institution will likely get admitted.


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