Ithaca College Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements

The Ithaca College Acceptance Rate is 78% of all the candidates applying for admission into the institution. They are very selective with the students they offer admission as they seek to have the best student out of plenty of applicants. 

When other colleges focus on getting many students to enroll, Ithaca College seeks to have a College community with excellent students from around the world. The major reason is to keep their value and maintain their lead as one of the best colleges in this era. 

Ithaca College Acceptance Rate

The Acceptance Rate at Ithaca College in 2023 is 78%, and the Acceptance Rate for early applicants is 95%, which is higher than the usual Rate. However, most schools pay attention to candidates who send in applications in the early action window. This shows the student has already made up their mind about this institution. 

Also, students accepted into Ithaca College have 1180 to 1350 SAT scores and 27 to 31 ACT scores. 

Though These are not low scores. Applicants must work harder to beat the competition, or they will not be offered admission. 

Ithaca College International Students Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate for international students at Ithaca College is 70%. These students come from over 40 countries in the world. Also, international students may qualify for student aid and Scholarships at Ithaca College. However, most of the aid is for graduate program students who meet the institution’s admission requirements. 

Overview of Ithaca College 

Ithaca College is a private institution founded by William Egbert in 1892 as a conservatory of music but the name changed in 1931 to Ithaca College. 

The College is another liberal arts-focused institution in New York with satellite campuses in London, Los Angeles, and Australia. They also operate a direct enrollment program exchange with Griffith University, La Trobe University, and the University of Tasmania. 

Ithaca College Admission Requirements 

These are some of the major requirements students have to meet if they wish to secure Ithaca College admission:

1. Academic Record 

Candidates have to submit proof of their academic performance in their high school or college. These include good GPA standing and high school class rank.

2. Test scores 

Standardized test scores are essential but not compulsory for admission at Ithaca College. The minimum score for most admitted students is between 1180 to 1350 for the SAT and 27 to 31 for the ACT

3. Personal statement 

Ithaca College’s Acceptance Rate has been very competitive for the students who don’t know about this requirement. This is where the institution understands if the applicant can fit into the school. So, this one is an important document to support your application. 

4. Letter of recommendation 

A letter of recommendation is an essential requirement for an admission application and it must come from a good recommender that will outline more details about the student. 

5. Language requirements 

International candidates whose first language is not English must submit English language proficiency test scores. These are some acceptable scores:

  • TOEFL (paper)
  • TOEFL (internet-based)

Table of Comparison between Ithaca College Acceptance Rate and other colleges 

Candidates who think Ithaca’s Acceptance Rate is low should check out some other colleges and their respective acceptance rates. 

College  Acceptance Rate 
Ithaca College  78%
Connecticut College  41%
Trinity College  37%
Wesleyan College  28%
Trinity College  37%
Middleburg College  35%
Williams College  22%
College of Holy Cross  43%
Colby College  34%

Tips for Ithaca College applicants 

There’s a huge competition on who will get admitted into Ithaca College. So, students must be intentional with their application, and these are some tips to make candidates stand out with their applications. 

1. Submit SAT and ACT Scores 

Ithaca College reportedly placed this as an optional requirement for admission but most admitted students did submit their standardized test scores. This shows that candidates Amy gets improved chances if they submit any of these test scores. 

2. Embrace challenging courses 

One major secret to impressing admission officials is the difficulty ratio of some courses you took in college, which clearly shows you can fit into Ithaca and make an impact. 

3. Submit a Strong Personal Statement 

Institutions test applicant’s writing and critical thinking skills with a personal statement. So, while writing the statement, ensure it is unique and outline some of your achievements, goals, passion, and how you can contribute to Ithaca College. 

4. Submit a Letter of Recommendation 

Look for a recommender to write you a recommendation letter. While they are to write the letter themselves, help with some vital points you wish they could touch. This way, it won’t tell something different from your statement and general applications. 

5. Involve in Extracurricular Activities 

Join other activities apart from your normal classroom activities. This engagement shows how versatile you are, and your readiness to embrace real-life situations. 

6. Have an authentic application 

Resist from copying applications format from other applicants. Keep your thing unique and let it reflect your true self without forcing things. 

7. Seek guidance 

The admissions office at Ithaca College is open to students who wish to learn more about the school’s admission process. This and college fairs will help you understand what the institution wants from applicants. 


Ithaca College’s Acceptance Rate is 78% of all the admission applications they receive. They are one of the selective private institutions in the United States as they focus on students that can fit into their values.

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