What is the High point Acceptance Rate? High Point University is competitive with an Acceptance Rate of 80% of all the applications they receive from prospective candidates. 

High Point University looks for the best candidates for admission to all its programs. So, the admission process is a competition between all the candidates seeking admission. 

High point Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate stands for the percentage of candidates that get admitted in each admission circle. 

80% is the percentage of candidates High Point universities deem fit for the institution’s value and diversity. 

What about the early application Acceptance Rate? Early action at High Point University has better chances than the normal application window. For example, the Early Action Acceptance Rate is 87.3%, which gives more room for candidates seeking admission into High Point University. 

Overview of High Point University 

High Point University is a private institution that took its name from the location of High Point, North Carolina. The school was founded by the United Methodist Church, and it offers 63 Undergraduate majors and 18 graduate majors. 

According to the Princeton Review, High Point University is ranked #5 best college dormitory rooms in the United States. Also, with notable Alumni like Dick Culler, Cody Allen, Donna Fargo, and many others, High Point is an outstanding private university. 

High Point Admission requirements 

These are some of the requirements for admission at High Point University

1. Academic Record 

The first requirement for admission is the candidate’s academic records, and High Point universities look for a student with excellent records. 

Other academic requirements are GPA scores of 2.5 and above, ‘As’ in most high school subjects, and higher school rank. 

2. SAT and ACT Requirements 

1105 to 1300 is the minimum SAT requirement for admission. ACT minimum is 22 to 29. However, they are not compulsory, but over one-quarter of admitted students claim to submit scores in these ranges. 

3. Personal statement 

A personal statement or essay is essential for admission to High Point University. Not just any type of statement but one Written very well and captures the candidate’s achievements, goals, passion, and motivation for choosing High Point University. 

4. Letter of recommendation 

Look for a recommender to write you a letter of recommendation. This letter must reflect a third-party view of your academic performance and talents in general. 

Factors influencing the University of Oxford Acceptance Rate

Many things influence the University of Oxford Acceptance Rate starting from how applicants demonstrated interest to many others listed below:

1. Fit for High Point University 

The institution is looking for candidates who can fit into the school environment and add value to the school. These candidates must, however, through their application show how they can be a good addition to high points. 

2. Academic performance 

High Point University looks for the best candidates, and since they receive many applications, the academic performance of each of the candidates determines the Acceptance Rate. If the majority of the candidates prove good academic standing then it will lead to a higher Acceptance Rate. 

3. Standardized test scores 

The average test scores can influence the number of applications that will get admitted into a High Point university. If most submitted scores are below average then more candidates with low scores will be selected for admission. 

4. High demand 

When there are many candidates seeking admission into High Point University it will reduce the Acceptance Rate as there will be many students to choose from. Also, when the demand is low they accept a high percentage of the applications based on qualifications. 

Table of Comparison of University of Oxford Acceptance Rate to Other Universities 

University  Acceptance Rate 
High Point University  80%
Quinnipiac University  87.4%
College of Holy Cross  43%
Connecticut College  41%
Oberlin College  36.2%
Trinity College  37%
Colby College  34%
Wesleyan College  28%
Williams College  22%

Tips to improve chances of admission at High Point University 

Follow these strategies when sending your admission application for more chances of getting selected for admission. 

1. Get higher grades 

The first part of your application that will determine your chance of admission is your academic performance. High Point University places more value on your academic standing. So, take more challenging courses to improve your chances. 

2. Take the SAT or ACT and score well 

These standardized test scores may not be compulsory, but many successful applicants submitted them for admission consideration. 

3. Engage in Extracurricular Activities 

There are plenty of these activities like sports, arts and crafts, Science, Leadership, and Community service. You can provide proof of work experience as a supporting document while sending your application. 

4. Write a strong personal statement 

The personal statement helps High Point universities know more about you, and students with this document have a higher rate of Acceptance into the institution. 

5. Early application Acceptance Rate is higher 

Students who make choices faster stand a better chance than those who wait before sending their applications. 

6. Demonstrate fit with High Point University 

It is essential to prove how it will be easy for you to settle in the school. Also, institutions are looking for students who will add value to the school. 


The University of Oxford’s Acceptance Rate may look generous, but they are very selective with their admission procedure. 

They are interested in quality students with provable academic track records and knowledge in other activities apart from the classroom. 


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