The University of Oxford Acceptance Rate for undergraduate admission applicants is 13.7%. This Rate is lower than the Acceptance Rate of most schools in its category. 

Oxford University is looking for outstanding candidates from all countries and backgrounds to meet the requirements of each program at the institution.

They have innovative solutions to teaching students and this has made them one of the most reputable institutions in the whole world. 

Many people understand the great value of completing their undergraduate or postgraduate program at the institution so they all work hard to get admitted. However, the data available to us indicate that not all candidates are accepted since there are thousands of applications sent in each admissions circle.

What should you do to stand out? Well, we will outline many strategies you can follow to improve your chances of admission later in this article. 

The University of Oxford Acceptance Rate for international students 

International students from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and other regions of the world apply to study at the University of Oxford.

The University of Oxford Acceptance Rate for international students is 9% of all the applications sent to them for consideration. This Rate is poor since International students have more Rigorous requirements to meet before qualifying for admission. 

Why should you study at the University of Oxford

Oxford is ranked #3 in the 2023 World Top University ranking by QS ranking. They are seen as one the best institutions in the world for any type of program ranging from Medicine, Philosophy, Biomedical Sciences, History, Linguistics, Mathematics, English Language and Literature, etc. 

These programs have a reputation in the world and most firms will favor candidates who have University of Oxford certificates. Also, they welcome International students from around the world into institutions. In fact, 45% of the students are nationals of other countries. 

Table of Comparison of University of Oxford Acceptance Rate to Other Universities 

Here is how the University of Oxford Acceptance Rate compares with other top universities:

University  Acceptance Rate 
Oxford University  13.7%
Harvard University  4.6%
Stanford University  4.3%
Yale University  6.1%
Princeton University  5.8 %
Brown University  7.7%
Cornell University  10.9%
Duke University  8.9%
Northwestern University  9.1%
University of Chicago  7.3%


The table above shows that the University of Oxford’s Acceptance Rate in 2023 is better than most of the top universities in the United States. This indicates that applicants still have hope for positive feedback after submitting their applications. 

University of Oxford Admission requirements 

When preparing to submit an application for admission into the University of Oxford, these are some of the requirements you must meet:

1. Academics

Provide proof of your academic performance in high school or previous college. These should come from any recognized institution around the world, and the GPA rating must be from 3.8 and above for improved admission chances. High school subjects must be ‘A1’ in all major combinations. 

2. Transcript 

Official academic transcript from your high school and college if available. This will show your academic standing including courses taken. 

3. SAT or ACT scores 

The minimum SAT requirement for undergraduate programs is 1470 but higher scores will be better. Also, the minimum ACT score is 32, but better admission chances if the candidate scores higher. 

4. Extracurricular activities 

Oxford looks for students who are all-rounded and with knowledge of activities outside the classroom walls. They look for credits in activities like arts and crafts, sports, community service, and Leadership. Other Extracurricular activities apart from these ones are also allowed for admission consideration. 

5. Letter of recommendation 

One letter of recommendation is an essential requirement for admission consideration at the University of Oxford. This letter must be clearly Written by a strong recommender. 

6. Language requirements 

International candidates need to prove their proficiency in the English language by providing a minimum 7.0 score on the IELTS language test. Better scores will increase chances for the applicant. 

University of Oxford Acceptance Rate: Tips to improve your chances 

The Acceptance Rate is low and involves huge competition that emanates from different angles. Most times, candidates are confused about how to make their application stand out from the rest but here are some strategies that might help you in your journey to the University of Oxford. 

1. Take challenging courses 

It is essential to be intentional with your plan to study at the University of Oxford, and you can begin making plans by taking Rigorous courses. This will boost your academic performance and prove that you truly have a chance of competing with other candidates. 

2. Submit SAT or ACT scores 

They do put these tests as optional requirements but with high scores in SAT or ACT, it will significantly boost your chances of admission. 

3. Submit a good personal statement 

Let your personal statement outline your motivation, goals, achievements, personality, passion, and skills. This way, Oxford will have an idea of the applicant’s personality and make choices on how you can fit into the institution. 

4. Engage in Extracurricular activities 

These are activities like arts and crafts, sports, leadership, and Community service. These activities will show that you are a well-rounded student with experience in other things aside from classroom coursework. 

5. Good recommendation letter 

The main need for a recommendation letter is for a third party to attest to your academic standing, talents, skills, and personality. So, get a known eligible person to write you this recommendation letter. 

6. Authentic application 

Random application will not be of the same rating as an authentic application from a unique applicant. So, let your application stand out by not forcing yourself to impress but remain original with your information. 


The University of Oxford Acceptance Rate is very selective. This is because they receive thousands of applications from candidates around the world. However, they still admit candidates who prove their fit with the University of Oxford.


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