Haverford College Acceptance Rate & SAT, ACT Requirements

What is the Haverford College Acceptance Rate? The College generally has a very selective procedure when it comes to offering admission to prospective students. 

Since it was once a Quaker College that accepted only its members in 1833, it shows how admission into the institution has always been. However, they began accepting both men and women from any background in late 1980.

Haverford College Acceptance Rate

The Acceptance Rate for Haverford College is 17.8%. 

There were about 5,332 applicants in the last admission and only 952 were admitted and other applicants rejected. 

The above figure clearly shows that Haverford College is a very competitive institution. They don’t receive a large number of applications like the University of New Hampshire but they reject even most of the applications they receive. 

Haverford SAT and ACT Requirements 

About 50% of the students who got admitted into Haverford had an average SAT of 1,420 to 1,540. This made them one of the schools that admit students with high standardized test scores in Pennsylvania. 

Also, among that 50%, those who had their ACT scores were averaging between 33 to 35.

However, there are some students who scored above this average and a few who scored lower but were also admitted. 

Factors Affecting Haverford College Acceptance Rate

There are many factors that influence the number of students Haverford offers admission in each admission season. 

Here are some of these factors:

1. Academic performance 

Haverford College considers students with excellent academic records before every other thing. In fact, they can make admission offers based on a candidate’s GPA standing. 

2. Standardized test scores 

These test scores are essential when applying for a school like Haverford College, which has a very low Acceptance Rate. 

3. Personal statement 

You can term this as a motivation letter since you are using opportunities like this to motivate the Admission officials to accept you into the institution. 

This statement must contain your motivation for applying to study at Haverford College and what you will contribute to your department. 

4. Letter of recommendation

A strong recommendation letter from a powerful individual will place your application above others. 

5. Fit for Haverford College’s value and mission 

Haverford College will choose candidates who are the perfect fit for their goals, values, and mission. So, students’ understanding of these values and missions may influence their chances of getting admitted. 

Why Haverford College Acceptance Rate is low 

1. High demand 

Many candidates from the country are competing for the limited admission spot. Haverford College is a school that is still keeping its values and moral standards, so many candidates are dreaming of getting into the institution. 

2. Limited space 

Haverford College is a big institution but they have limited space to accommodate new students. A conducive learning environment is vital to the school and they won’t jeopardize it by accepting too many students. 

3. High standards 

The first thing that influences Haverford College’s Acceptance Rate is a student’s GPA, and they don’t consider students who are not at par with their standard. 

4. Geographic diversity 

They look forward to considering candidates from other regions and cultures but they must align with the school’s values and mission. 

Haverford College Acceptance Rate Comparison with other institutions 

Data available shows that not only Haverford College has a very selective admission process. Some of these institutions also do not accept all the applications they receive. 


Institution  Acceptance Rate 
Amherst College  21%
Swarthmore College  19%
Vassar College  38%
Colby College  34%
Grinnel College  28%
Northwestern University  9.1%
Duke University  8.9%
Cornell University  10.9%
Yale University  6.1%
Princeton University  5.8%


The above table shows that many Universities reject a high number of applicants while others accept many applications. So, Haverford College’s Acceptance Rate of 17.8% is not so bad since schools like Yale University accept only 6.1%.

Haverford College Admission Tips 

There are many candidates that send their applications to Haverford but only a few get accepted. However, if you follow these tips, your chances of admission will increase. 

#1. Take Rigorous programs 

The first determinant of whether you will be accepted by Haverford is your GPA and other grades. So, you can get better grades by taking challenging courses and completing all your course requirements. 

2. SAT and ACT scores 

Almost all the students who have been admitted into Haverford have outstanding SAT or ACT scores. 

3. Write a good personal statement 

This statement is how you communicate your writing skills, motivation, goals, achievements, and personality to Haverford College. Carefully write a good one and give it to someone to proofread it before submitting it. 

4. Show your fit to Haverford College values 

Let your application outline how you can easily fit into the values and Mission of the school. You should first learn more about the College before submitting an application for admission. This way, you will know what Haverford College expects from their students. 

5. Prepare for interview 

Admission interview is an essential requirement before the College can consider your application. They will try to understand your personality and communication skills better through this interview. 

If you can be more confident with yourself in the interview and meet other requirements, Haverford will consider you for admission. 

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