Lynn University Acceptance Rate

The Lynn University Acceptance Rate is more generous than that of many other schools in  Florida or the United States in general. 

So, students who wish to study in this private institution can have better anticipation of getting selected for admission. 

However, Lynn University does not accept all the applications they receive from aspiring candidates. So, in this article, I will show you the Admission requirements, the admission Acceptance Rate of Lynn University, and tips to increase your chances of admission. 

Lynn University Acceptance Rate

The Acceptance Rate for Lynn University is 83% of the overall applications the school receives from aspirants. 

This means that they accept about 8,700 candidates if 10,000 students apply for admission. 

Most of these students they accept must have shown their academic standing and meet other admission requirements. 

Why Lynn University’s Acceptance Rate is high 

They are selective with the number of applications they accept into the institution but when compared to other schools in the United States, they are more generous with admission rates. 

Here are some reasons Lynn University accepts many applicants:

1. Lower demand 

Private universities like to open their arms very wide to receive more candidates since the number of applications is low. 

2. Comfortable standards

Lynn University has a standard that the students can understand easily, making more candidates seeking admission meet up with the requirements. 

Lynn University Admission requirements 

Students who wish to study at Lynn University have to meet these requirements before they can be considered for admission:

1. SAT and ACT Requirements 

The minimum SAT score submitted by Lynn University students is between 1025 to 1200. While ACT is between 20 to 26.

Most of the students however had scores above the average score above, and some had below the average but we were still admitted. 

2. GPA requirements 

Lynn University considers candidates with higher GPAs to be the best fit for admission. So, they require applicants to have a minimum GPA of around 2.5.

3. Language requirements 

International students or students whose first language is not English must submit English language proficiency test scores. Some of the acceptable scores are TOEFL and IELTS

4. Letter of recommendation 

Candidates may add recommendation letters to their application documents but it is not a major requirement. 

5. Admission Interview 

The interview is recommended for candidates who are seeking admission into Lynn University. 

Table of Comparison of Lynn University Acceptance Rate to Other Universities 

If you think Lynn University’s Acceptance Rate is very low, see how it compares with other institutions:


University  Acceptance Rate 
Lynn University  83%
College of Holy Cross  43%
Quinnipiac University  87.4%
Oberlin College  36.2%
Connecticut College  41%
Wesleyan University  28%
Trinity College  37%
Middleburg College  35%
Williams College  22%


The above table shows that other colleges have smaller Acceptance rates compared to Lynn University. And Quinnipiac University even has a higher Acceptance Rate of 87.4%. 

Factors that influence Lynn University Acceptance Rate 

1. Academic performance 

The number of applicants with good academic standing can influence the Acceptance Rate since more average applicants will lead to the accommodation of academically average aspirants. In simple terms, if a school witnesses many applications with GPAs of around 2.5 and 3.0 then prospects with smaller grades will be rejected. 

2. Standardized test scores 

The average score can influence the Acceptance Rate because when most of the applicants have good SAT or ACT, others’ average scores will be flushed out. 

3. Personal statement 

Students with personal statements will get consideration, and if many aspirants have personal statements, those who don’t will be disadvantaged. 

Lynn University Acceptance Rate: Strategies to improve your chances 

Before sending your application for consideration, check out these tips that may help your documents stand out from the rest. 

1. Have better academic standing 

Don’t relent to take up more challenging courses with the sole aim of increasing your GPA and grades. This is because Lynn University does place more importance on grades than other requirements. 

2. Better SAT or ACT scores 

Don’t submit poor standardized test scores if you wish to be among the favorites for admission. Even though candidates with 1025 to 1200 can be admitted, work to have a higher score. Equally, your ACT score should be more than 20 to 26, which is the average. 

3. Apply early for a decision 

Applicants who decide to apply early will have better chances with less completion. So, begin your journey to Lynn University Ealy. 

4. Showcase your passion and interest 

A good personal statement is the best approach to showcasing your goals, writing skills, communication skills, interests, and personality to the institution. 

5. Outline your fit with Lynn University 

Show the Admission officials that you can align very well with the school’s values and Mission, and also, explain how you can add value to the department you are seeking admission into. 

6. Submit a recommendation letter 

The magic a recommendation letter can do is underrated. 

As an applicant, find a professor, teacher, lecturer, or coach to write a very good recommendation letter for you. 


Lynn University’s Acceptance Rate of 83% is a good riddance to average candidates who wish to study at a top institution. However, not all applications are accepted by the university, so follow the tips in this article as it will significantly increase your chances of getting selected by Lynn University.

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