Amherst College is a private liberal arts college located in Amherst, Massachusetts. Founded in 1821, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges in the United States. Amherst College is a highly selective institution, with an acceptance rate of just 11% for the class of 2026.

Amherst offers a wide range of academic programs, including more than 38 majors in the arts and sciences. The college is known for its strong liberal arts curriculum and its commitment to undergraduate education. Amherst is also home to a number of research centers and institutes, including the Amherst Center for Russian Culture and the John Dewey Center for Education.

To apply to Amherst College, students must complete the Common Application, which includes a personal essay and a school-specific supplement. Students must also submit high school transcripts, standardized test scores (either the SAT or the ACT), and two letters of recommendation from teachers or other school officials.


In addition to academic achievements, Amherst also considers a student’s extracurricular activities, community service, and leadership experience when making admission decisions. Students who are interested in applying to Amherst are encouraged to visit the campus and meet with an admissions counselor to learn more about the college and its programs.

Amherst College is committed to making a college education accessible to all students, regardless of their financial circumstances. The college offers need-based financial aid to eligible students, and more than 60% of Amherst students receive some form of financial assistance.

Overall, Amherst College is a highly selective institution with a rich history and a commitment to academic excellence. With its strong liberal arts curriculum and focus on undergraduate education, Amherst offers students a unique and challenging academic experience.

To apply to Amherst College, students must submit a completed application, official transcripts, test scores (SAT or ACT), and two letters of recommendation. They must also write a personal essay and complete an interview with an admissions counselor. The admissions committee at Amherst takes a holistic approach to evaluating applicants, considering not only their academic achievements but also their extracurricular activities, leadership experience, and personal characteristics.

How do I apply for Amherst college admission 2024

To apply to Amherst College, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the college’s website and click on the “Admissions” tab.
  2. Click on the “Apply” button and select the type of application you want to submit (common application, coalition application, or questbridge application).
  3. Create an account and follow the instructions to complete and submit your application.
  4. Submit your official transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation as instructed on the website.
  5. Write a personal essay and schedule an interview with an admissions counselor.

Once you have completed all of the required steps, your application will be reviewed by the admissions committee at Amherst College. If you are offered admission, you will receive an acceptance letter and further instructions on how to enroll at the college.

Amherst College Acceptance Rate 2024 Statics

The image below shows the Amherst College cumulative admission data. It presents the number of students admitted/graduating for each year.

Amherst college acceptance rate
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