Columbia Transfer Acceptance Rate is very low as the institution is selective when compared to other schools in New York City or the United States in general. 

One major factor that made the transfer Acceptance Rate very low is the fact Columbia is an Ivy League University and is ranked with other major institutions in the U.S. Also, many students from around the country are looking to continue their programs at an Ivy League University like Columbia. 

However, if you dream of transferring to Columbia, I will be revealing facts about their Acceptance Rate, Application requirements, and some tips to help with your general applications. 

Columbia Transfer Acceptance Rate

The transfer Acceptance Rate for Columbia University is 15% of all the applications they receive from transfer students. This means that of 1,000 applicants seeking to transfer into the university, only 150 candidates will be selected for admission. 

The above scenario shows how competitive Columbia can be for students seeking to get admitted into the institution. 

Overview of Columbia University 

Columbia University is an Ivy League research University based in New York City and is the fifth-oldest institution in the United States

The research works of Columbia University include big tech firms like Amazon and IBM, the Goddard Institute of Space Studies, and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. 

The institution, an Ivy League, focuses on standard over quantity in the way they admit students. This made the general freshmen Acceptance Rate to be 3.6%. This Rate is even lower than transfer students which is at 15%. 

Columbia University Transfer application requirements 

Since Columbia is an Ivy League institution, they pay more attention to the unique contribution every student will bring to the school. They are not chasing applicants to come for admission consideration, rather, they are carefully selecting the best match for each program’s needs. 

Here are some of the main requirements for transfer students:

1. Academic performance 

Columbia University is looking for excellent students with provable academic performance. The minimal requirement they are seeking is a GPA of around 3.8 and above. 

Students taking Rigorous courses will be in better condition than those taking coursework alone. 

2. Written application 

Students applying for transfer from their institution must write a clear application free from errors. You can achieve this by making multiple drafts of your application, proofreading them, and also, allowing someone to proofread it before submitting it. 

3. Transcript 

Applicants are required to submit both their high school and college transcripts. One reason the Columbia Transfer Acceptance Rate is low and seems like an impossible mission is that most candidates don’t remember to submit important documents like their transcripts. 

4. Transfer report and coalition app report 

Provide a transfer report that must be written by your lecturer, professor, teacher, counselor, or anyone who can provide proof of your academic performance in your present institution. 

Another report should be the Coalition app report which will provide information about your courses and curriculum for transfer. 

5. Two recommendations

The University of Columbia demands transferring students to provide two recommendation letters from their professors. 

6. SAT and ACT scores 

Applicants can submit their standardized test scores if they wish but it’s not a compulsory document. So, there’s no penalty if a candidate fails to provide this document. 

Why Columbia Transfer Acceptance Rate is low 

Transfer rates are dynamic and change every year, but Columbia University has not had any admission circle with high admission Rate because of:

1. High demand 

An Ivy League University like Columbia University receives thousands of applications from college students who want to transfer to the institution. They seek to study in a great University thereby reducing the number of aspirants that Columbia accepts. 

2. Rigorous standard 

Candidates have to do more than just submit their application if they truly wish to get accepted into Columbia University. These challenging requirements have made many aspirants give up without meeting most of the major criteria for admission. 

3. Fit for Columbia University 

Not all students can prove to Columbia that they are a perfect fit for the program they applied to study. 

Columbia Transfer Acceptance Rate: Tips to improve your chances 

These tips will help prospective candidates who wish to transfer from their College to Columbia University. 

1. Take challenging courses 

Challenging courses show your intellectual capacity to join Columbia University. So, embrace those programs that are difficult because they are going to be very helpful in the long run. 

2. SAT and ACT scores 

These are not compulsory but will improve your chances if you take the test and score very well. SAT scores of 1530 and above will have a positive effect on your applications. The same as ACT of 35 and above. 

3. Write good application

The first test of your writing skills is how well your application is written. The institution would also like to learn about your goals, passion, achievements, and personality through this application. 

4. A strong letter of recommendation 

Applicants are required to have two letters of recommendation from their professor to accompany their application. However, it is a good move if you get another letter to make it three. 


Columbia Transfer Acceptance Rate is the percentage of candidates they accept as transfer students from thousands of applications they receive. 

Columbia University has an Acceptance Rate of 15% for transfer students and this shows how competitive the institution is. However, there are still ways to improve your chances by following the tips in this article.


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