Brown Transfer Acceptance Rate 2024 & Application guidelines

What is Brown Transfer Acceptance Rate?: Brown University is an Ivy League institution with a transfer Acceptance Rate of 4.1%. This percentage stands for students from other institutions who wish to continue their programs at Brown University. 

Brown receives students who are going to add value to the institution. They look out for the best candidates from qualified programs to transfer into the university. However, since many candidates are interested in moving to Brown, they had to make their Acceptance Rate for transfer students very selective. 

Brown Transfer Acceptance Rate

The brown transfer Acceptance Rate is 4.1% making it one of the most competitive Ivy League institutions for transfer students. 

There were 2,744 candidates that applied to transfer from their various schools to Brown University but only 112 students were accepted. 

Brown Transfer Acceptance Rate historical data 

This table shows how Brown University has been selecting transfer students to accept for four years.

Year  Brown Transfer Acceptance Rate 
2020 7.10%
2021 8.30%
2022 7.20%
2023  4.1%

The table above shows a decline in the Acceptance Rate in 2023 and that is because many applicants are now applying to study at Brown University. 

Even Brown University themselves have to admit that they are very selective when accepting transfer candidates. Every institution looks for students who will add value to the school. So, it’s not strange that an Ivy League University like Brown is keen on getting the best students. 

What you should know about Brown University 

Brown University is a popular research private institution located in Providence, Rhode Island. Today, it prides itself as the seventh-oldest higher Institute of learning in the United States. They also have the oldest Ivy League engineering program in the United States. 

Brown was established in 1764 and was known as Rhode Island College from 1762 to 1804.

Who can transfer to Brown University

They accept students from most of the Universities and Colleges in the United States. Also, students from other countries can apply as a transfer student and get accepted. 

Below is a list of some of their requirements:

  • Meet average GPA: The average GPA of students they accept is 3.9 and above. 
  • Be top 10 in your high school: Historic data shows Brown University’s Acceptance Rate favors more students with excellent grades and are at the top in their high school. 

Step-by-step guide on how to transfer to Brown University 

Follow these simple steps if you have been wondering how to transfer from your present institution to an Ivy League University like Brown. Also, remember that the Brown Transfer Acceptance Rate is competitive. 

1. Fulfill Applications Eligibility criteria 

The first one is to complete at least one coursework at an accredited University or college. Your academic records must be among the best, which proves you are fit to join Brown University. 

2. Fill out the application form 

Brown makes use of the common app for transfer students application.

Complete these requirements: Common App application, A $75 application fee, Transcript (provide your high school transcript and your official transcripts from all the universities or Colleges attended), SAT or ACT scores (if available), Two letters of recommendation, A personal statement and A writing supplement. 

3. Provide College Report 

Visit your College officials to ask for this document and complete it. Also, provide your midyear report for Brown University to know your academic performance. 

4. Submit two letters of recommendation

Brown Transfer Acceptance Rate requirements are hard to fulfill. However, a letter of recommendation is vital if you wish to be among the selected students. 

5. Proof of Extracurricular activities 

This step is very important since Brown University looks for students who can fit into the institution’s values. If you are in arts, leadership, sports, or community service clubs, provide evidence of these. Also, links to your social media handles can do the magic in this phase. 

6. Submit your application 

There are two application windows which are spring (March 1), and fall (October 1). Choose the best time you will comfortably attend to meet all the requirements of Brown University. 

Brown Transfer Acceptance Rate: Tips to improve your chances 

1. Showcase your passion 

The personal statement is an important requirement for all the candidates. However, this is an avenue to show your skills to Brown University. Also, you can include your motivation, goals, achievements, and passion in this statement. 

2. Make an authentic application 

Don’t make your application like that of other people who are also fighting for the same admission spot. Rather, make things flow naturally and be real with everything you are submitting. Don’t manipulate any score or document in your favor. 

3. Outline your fit with Brown University 

Brown University is looking for candidates who will be of great value to the institution. Understand Brown’s values and systematically align your application to those values. 

4. Focus on academic excellence

If you are still a fresh student of another institution and aiming to transfer to Brown, you better focus on having excellent academic records. This way, you will be more hopeful if you can meet other requirements.

5. Seek guidance 

Don’t just believe you can do it alone when Brown University has an admission office to guide you through the process. This also means you are intentional with your actions. 

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