Georgetown Transfer Acceptance Rate 2024 & Requirements

What is Georgetown Transfer Acceptance Rate? Georgetown University’s Acceptance Rate for transfer students is just 3.2% out of thousands of applications they receive. 

Since this is a known private Jesuit research University, many people wish to study there making the Acceptance Rate very low for transfer students. For this, many applicants are looking for the best strategy to make their application the best out of many others. 

Well, this article will touch on the vital points every Georgetown University transfer aspirant must know to be successful. 

Georgetown Transfer Acceptance Rate

Georgetown University accepts only 3.2% of all the students who apply for transfer into the institution from their present College or university. For instance, 2,655 candidates applied for transfer into the university; only 86 of these aspirants were selected for admission. This percentage shows a very fierce competition for Acceptance into Georgetown University. 

Historical data of Georgetown Transfer Acceptance Rate

Here is how Georgetown’s Acceptance Rate has been for five years:

Year  Transfer Acceptance Rate 
2021  3.2%
2020 14%
2019 9%
2018 9%
2017 17%

Why Acceptance Rate is very low at Georgetown University 

Without much evaluation, 3.2% is a very low Acceptance Rate for transferring students to Georgetown University. 

Here are some of the possible reasons for this low transfer Rate:

1. High demand 

Many candidates can do anything to transfer to Georgetown since the school maintains its value and stands as one of the best institutions. Also, this is a private university with quality infrastructure to support the learners. So, they won’t stress these amenities to include too many students.

2. Limited space 

They have space for transfer students in addition to those who were given admission by the school, but the institution won’t offer stress after these spaces have been taken. 

3. Rigorous standard 

Georgetown’s Transfer Acceptance Rate can be affected by its very strict standard that gives no room for poor students. 

Overview of Georgetown University

Georgetown University is a private research Jesuit institution located in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Being the oldest catholic school of higher learning in the United States, it is very popular in the town. 

There are eleven schools in the institution for both graduate and undergraduate programs. Also, there are  48 degree programs. 

Georgetown University transfer requirements 

If you wish to transfer from your present University to Georgetown University, check out the basic requirements for transferring students. 

1. Complete transfer applications 

Georgetown University requires students who want to transfer in to complete the application form. 

2. Provide high school report 

High schools give out reports to students who wish to have them. And Georgetown University considers your high school performance as a determinant for Acceptance into the institution. 

3. University or college transcript 

Applicants are required to complete at least the first year in their present institution before applying for transfer. This way, they can present a complete transcript from their College or University. 

4. SAT or ACT scores 

Any of these are important requirements before submitting your transfer application documents. Also, you need to have good scores in any of them you wish to present. The truth is standardized test scores may affect the Brown Transfer Acceptance Rate in general. 

5. Dean’s Report 

Get your dean to write you a report. This will further reveal your performance in your present school for evaluation. 

6. Midterm or mid-year report 

They are additional documents to provide clearance to how you have been performing in your school. 

7. Letter of recommendation 

This letter shows more aspects about you that are not covered in other documents. Also, the writer of this recommendation letter has to clearly outline your strengths, achievements, and personality. 

Brown Transfer Acceptance Rate: GPA requirements 

Previously accepted candidates have  GPAs from 3.79 to 4.0. However, a higher GPA standing will increase your chances of getting selected by many other applicants in the pool. 

Academic Record is important to Georgetown University since that is the first determinant of a serious student. So, make sure you present a better GPA. 

Tips to improve your chances of getting selected by Georgetown University 

1. SAT and ACT with high scores 

These standardized tests may not guarantee your Acceptance by Georgetown University but they will significantly increase your chance.

2. Take more challenging courses 

Your target here is to increase your GPA, so take those challenging and Rigorous courses. 

3. Submit a letter of recommendation from a strong recommender 

Choose a strong individual to write you a letter of recommendation. Someone like your professor, lecturer, or coach. 

4. Seek guidance 

Georgetown University has an admission office for transfer students. Remember to visit them to learn more about the Admission process, and seek knowledge to have a better application than others. 

5. Let your application stand out 

Be unique with your application and don’t try to forcefully assert yourself. Make things flow naturally and align yourself with Georgetown University’s values and missions. 


Brown Transfer Acceptance Rate is one of the smallest you can find in the United States. So, don’t take chances with the way you arrange your things. Proof that you are better than other candidates who are also competing to be accepted into the institution. 

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