The Cooper Union Acceptance Rate shows how these institutions select their students from thousands of applications sent by aspirants. 

The official Acceptance Rate of Cooper Union is 14%. 

This Acceptance Rate stands for the average rate for all courses the institution offers. So, If there are 10,000 applicants, only 1,400 will receive admission letters from Cooper Union. 

This number is not much when compared to other schools like the College of Holy Cross or Quinnipiac University. However, we can attribute the low Acceptance Rate to the fact that Cooper Union is a prestigious private institution. 

Faculty-Specific Acceptance Rate at Cooper Union 

The general Acceptance Rate is not the same for all programs. And what this means is some faculties might be easier to secure admission into than others. 

  • School of Architecture Acceptance Rate:

The Acceptance Rate for those applying for the faculty of architecture is 4%, which is way lower than the general Acceptance Rate. So, If architecture is the program you are aspiring for at Cooper Union, you need to work harder. 

  • School of Art Acceptance Rate at Cooper Union:

It has a 9% Acceptance Rate with many prospects aspiring to study the program at Cooper Union. 

As the rate is this low, every applicant must brace up to fierce competition from other applicants. 

  • Engineering Acceptance Rate at Cooper Union:

The Engineering Program is very popular in Cooper Union as it offers the best training for aspiring engineers. However, the Acceptance Rate for this program is 27%. The number is higher than that of art and architecture but without good preparation, you may not make the Admission list. 

What you should know about Cooper Union 

Peter Cooper, an investor and a Philanthropist founded the institution in 1859, intending to further arts, sciences, and engineering. 

Unmatched quality and equality to the best is the reason Cooper Union was established, and the institution has been living up to this dream. U.S. News and World Report ranked Cooper as the #1 most innovative school, #6th best undergraduate teaching, and #13 for best engineering school. 

Cooper Union Admission requirements 

If you have been aspiring to attend Cooper Union, look at the most prominent requirements for admission. 

1. SAT requirements

Cooper Union does not accept students who fail to pass their SAT requirements. This standardized test is important, especially if you are average in your high school performance. 

The minimum SAT score is 1530, which some students also get by scoring lower. Though they fulfilled other requirements. 

2. ACT Requirements 

The institution requires candidates to submit an ACT score of around 34 for admission consideration. However, this required score depends on the program you are applying for. 

3. Academic Record 

Cooper Union requires all applicants to have excellent high school grades. First, a GPA of 3.8 is an essential requirement and it should be accompanied by good SAT and ACT scores. 

4. Personal statement 

A well-written personal statement is another requirement for admission into Cooper Union. 

This statement must clearly show your strengths, goals, personality, motivation, and skills. Also, the institution requires your proof of involvement in Extracurricular activities. 

Cooper Union Acceptance Rate: Comparison with other institutions 

There are many other institutions like Cooper Union, but they all have different Acceptance Rates. 

Here is a comparison of Popular institutions:

University  Acceptance Rate 
Cooper Union  14%
Oberlin University  36.2%
Harvard University  4.6%
Stanford University  4.3%
Yale University  6.1%
Princeton University  5.8%
Brown University  7.7%
Cornell University  10.9%

Tips to improve your chances for Cooper Union Admission 

Cooper Union is fiercely competitive. However, some helpful strategies may increase your chances of admission. 

Here are some of the strategies to improve your chances of admission:

1. Take Challenging courses 

Challenging coursework shows you are ready to learn in a prestigious institution like Cooper Union. So, the school will evaluate the type of course you are taking and determine whether to offer you admission or not. 

2. Take the SAT or ACT and Score Well

Cooper Union accepts a good GPA of around 3.8 but when you add your SAT with a score of 1530 or ACT of 34, you are far ahead of other applicants. 

The drill isn’t to take the SAT or ACT test but to get an outstanding score. 

3. Write a Strong Personal Statement 

Writing Personal statements is an opportunity where applicants sell their skills and abilities to Cooper Union for admission. So, when writing this statement, mention your goals, achievements, personality, motivation, and input to the faculty you are applying for. 

4. Engage in Extracurricular Activities 

Don’t shy away from other activities like arts and crafts, sports, leadership, and Community service. These activities are credits to your admission application to Cooper Union. 

5. Early application can influence Cooper Union Acceptance Rate 

Make your decision on time to be among those who enjoy the wider Acceptance Rate in early action. 

6. Letter of recommendation 

Students with letters of recommendation have proven to be better qualified for admission into Cooper Union than those who don’t have it. So, accompany your application documents with a letter of recommendation, which should be by either your professor, counselor, coach, or teacher. 


Cooper Union Acceptance Rate for this year will be based on which students have the best application profile as it has always been. However, you who are reading this article can significantly increase your chances by following the tips outlined above. 


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