Purdue Engineering Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements

Purdue Engineering Acceptance Rate is one of the best favorable selection Rates for any popular Tech and research institution in the United States. 

And as a school that was specially established in the name of John Purdue for technology, you will get the best training. 

Are you an engineering enthusiast who wishes to study at one of the best engineering universities in West Lafayette, Indiana? Then Read on. 

As candidates are mostly concerned about the Acceptance Rate of their chosen university, I will show you the Admission Rate of Purdue University. 

What is the Acceptance Rate for Purdue Engineering Program? 

Purdue Engineering Acceptance Rate is 37%. 

This percentage represents only those who are selected to study at the university out of thousands of applicants. What this represents is that Purdue University is now competitive for engineering programs. 

There was a time when the school accepted about 47% of all aspirants who applied to study engineering. However, many students are now choosing Purdue for their engineering undergraduate programs and the Acceptance Rate began to reduce. 

Should you be worried about the Purdue Engineering Acceptance Rate? 

Well, preparation is the only way to face the competition you will likely face from other applicants. 

Don’t rely on your normal coursework alone if you wish to be on The safer side. Take up more Rigorous programs and engage in other relevant activities apart from just the normal classroom activities. 

As we go on, I will show you more tips to make yourself favorable for admission. 

Purdue University general Acceptance Rate 

The University is selective in the number of candidates they offer admission. The latest Acceptance Rate of Purdue University is at 69%.

However, courses have their own Acceptance Rate which is in proportion to the number of applications they receive. In this article, we are focusing on the Acceptance Rate of Engineering programs. 

Why you should study Engineering at Purdue University 

There are about 400,000 Alumni of this institution with many of them very progressive in their different fields. The school has produced three winners of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, three United States governors, 26 Astronauts, and 13 Nobel Laureates. 

Purdue University is ranked #51 out of 443 National universities. Though not an Ivy League institution, it is one of the best engineering universities in the United States. They are almost equal to Ivy League universities if you take into consideration the type of programs they offer and their ranking. 

Admission requirements at Purdue University 

If you wish to continue your undergraduate journey at Purdue University then check out the requirements for admission:

1. GPA requirements 

Purdue University wants aspirants to have good academic records in their high school. So, they accept students with a GPA of 3.69 and above. However, to have a higher chance of getting admission, a target GPA of 4.0 because the average may not be enough if there are many applicants with the same level of GPA. 

2. SAT and ACT Requirements 

Many top schools require applicants to have standardized test scores that are above average. Purdue Engineering Acceptance Rate can be determined by how good your test scores are. Furthermore, they require you to have an average of 1315 on the SAT or 1440 if possible because the average score may not be enough if your GPA is not very high. 

Additionally, they require a minimum of 29 on the ACT standardized test. This is the average score requirement, but scoring 32 will place you above average with a higher chance of getting selected. 

3. An essay or personal statement 

An essay or personal statement is an important requirement for every candidate who is getting into the school for the first time. It does not have much weight in determining your admission like the GPA and standardized tests, but they are essential. So, while writing the Personal statement: clearly state your goals, motivation, and personality. 

Tips to improve your chances of admission to engineering at Purdue University 

Due to the selective process, it is not enough to just meet the average requirement. You need to do more than the rest of the applicants. So, whether you have a good GPA or not, these tips will strengthen your documents and improve your chances of getting selected. 

1. Meet all the Requirements 

Don’t leave anything to chance. Be very intentional with your application by meeting all the requirements stated by Purdue University. 

2. Improve your grades 

Just as I mentioned above, start being intentional about your goal to enter Purdue University. First, take up more challenging courses to increase your academic standing. Let your grades be As and Bs by modifying your study time and attention to classroom lectures. 

3. Write a Strong Personal Statement 

To be admitted into the Engineering department at Purdue University, submitting only your grades may not be enough. So, when it’s time to submit an application, write a convincing personal statement where you clearly state your goals, passion, achievements, and personality. Your main aim with this statement is to sell yourself to the school and maybe, influence their decision on your admission application


Purdue Engineering Acceptance Rate is a question many prospective students are asking. However, in this article, I was able to mention that their Acceptance Rate is 37% for engineering programs. Although, the general Acceptance Rate for the institution is 69%. This means that many students wish to study Engineering at the University. As an aspirant, you have many competitors, and to win, the tips I mentioned in this article are important as your chances of getting selected will increase if you follow them. 

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