What is the Franklin and Marshall Acceptance Rate? The Acceptance Rate is 38% of all applications the College receive from prospective students.

Franklin and Marshall is selective with the number of students they accept to study in the College. This number has been reducing as many candidates are competing to secure a spot on their admission list.

Even the SAT and ACT standardized test scores of admitted students show how competitive the College is. So, If you are an average student who just wants to send in your application to Franklin and Marshall College for admission, you need to read the impression tips on this article.


Most Students who got accepted have an average SAT of around 1240-1440 and an ACT of 28-32 respectively. However, standardized test scores are not compulsory for admission but may increase your chances. 

What you should know about Franklin and Marshall College 

Franklin and Marshall is a top private arts college located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They are ranked 39th in National liberal arts College in the United States since they have a special focus on arts. 

The founder Benjamin Franklin funded the institution in 1787 with 200 pounds and till date, Franklin and Marshall College has become the face of liberal arts in the U.S. 

Eligibility Requirements at Franklin and Marshall College 

To begin your application to Franklin and Marshall College, here are the main requirements to meet:

1. Academics

The number one requirement for admission into Franklin and Marshall College is your academic records. This includes your GPA, Diploma, and other test scores. 

2. Standardized test scores 

Standardized tests like SAT and ACT can be part of your application documents but not compulsory for admission consideration.

The minimum SAT score is between 1240 to 1440, and the ACT score is from 28 to 32. Though students with less than the above score were offered admission in 2022, you will be on the safer side with better scores.

3. High school transcript 

Applicants are to submit their high school transcript with any other qualifications they have.

4. Letter of recommendation 

Franklin and Marshall College require prospects to submit a letter of recommendation that outlines the academic performance of the applicant. This letter can be written by anyone like your professor, lecturer, teacher, or coach. 

5. Language requirements 

This requirement is only for aspirants whose first language is not English or whose previous diploma was not taught in English language.

Factors influencing Franklin and Marshall Acceptance Rate 

Many factors have made Franklin and Marshall’s Acceptance Rate to be pegged at 38%.

Here are some of them:

1. Academic performance 

Weak high school academic performance can heavily influence how many people get accepted into Franklin and Marshall College. 

2. Standardized test scores 

The minimum SAT score is between 1240-1440 but a higher score will give the candidate more chances if other requirements are in place. Also, the minimum ACT score of 28-32 can determine how many aspirants get admitted into the College. 

3. Letter of recommendation 

Franklin and Marshall College consider how well a letter of recommendation is written before giving the applicant admission. Equally, those who present a letter of recommendation will have a higher chance than those who don’t. 

4. Extracurricular activities 

An all-rounded application is one in which the aspirant has credits in other things aside from just the usual classroom programs. Colleges place Extracurricular activities in high regard when reviewing admission applications. 

Comparison of Franklin and Marshall Acceptance Rate to Other Universities

Some applicants think Franklin and Marshall College have a smaller Acceptance Rate but this Comparison will tell if it’s true.


Acceptance Rate 

Franklin and Marshall College 


Oberlin College 


College of Holy Cross 


Quinnipiac University 


Harvard University 


Stanford University 


Yale University 


Princeton University 


Brown University 


Duke University 


Tips to Improve your Chances of getting Selected at Franklin and Marshall College 

The table above shows that Franklin and Marshall’s Acceptance Rate is small like top universities in the United States. What does this mean? It suggests that you need to take intentional steps to increase your chances. 

Here are some tips that can help you get admitted by Franklin and Marshall College:

1. Take more challenging course

Don’t be afraid of Rigorous courses in high school if you want to contend with other prospects who equally have good grades. 

The minimum GPA you should target in your high school is 4.0 or 3.8 GPA. Your diploma result should be excellent if you intend using it to apply. 

2. Submit good SAT or ACT 

The minimum SAT score of 1240-1440 or 28-32 on the ACT may be good for some candidates. Even prospects with lesser scores got accepted in 2021 but this may not be the case again. So, struggle to get higher scores on your standardized tests. 

3. Submit personal statement 

Showcase to the Admission officer your writing skills through this personal statement. This is the best opportunity to sell yourself in a way that other candidates can not beat. 

A personal statement should highlight your goals, motivation, personality, and your input to the department you applied for. And after writing, take time to review it before submitting it to Franklin and Marshall College. 

4. Extracurricular activities influence Franklin and Marshall Acceptance Rate 

There are many things you can engage in while still in high school or out of high school. Some of them are arts and crafts, sports, leadership, and Community service. 

Activities like this show you are already involved in real-life situations and love to pursue your passion. 

5. Apply early decision 

The early application Acceptance Rate for Franklin and Marshall College is 57%. This Rate is way above the normal Acceptance Rate which is just 38%.

Take advantage of this opportunity by applying early for admission into a program of your Choice. 


Franklin and Marshall College Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a popular liberal arts institution with an Acceptance Rate of 38% and 57% for early applications. 

They offer admission to both residents and international students. However, you need to stand out with your application as they won’t accept everyone that applies for admission.


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