Law Internships for High School Students in the USA

Imagine having a clear picture of what your dream career looks like, at this stage of your life. Law students can hardly be found on the streets because they are often reserved and studying. But if that is not all you want to do, kindly spare part of your time to read about these law internships for high school students in the USA.

Why should you start a law internship program?

Law is a broad field that requires a lot of study time, therefore having work experience in the career as a high school student will go a long way to cover you. As you read on, on this page, you’ll get to know more reasons why you should consider starting a law internship program.

Law Firms in USA to Apply for Law Internships for High School Students

Remember you may not get paid while you serve anywhere on the list below:

1. State Bar Association of North Dakota High School Mock Trial Program 

Also known as SBAND HSMT is one of the best institutions to run your internship program in the United States. This program brings attorneys, judges, teachers, as well as other law students from the country together, enlightening aspiring law practitioners on the American legal law system. Read more about SBAND High School

2. NYU High School Law Institute 

This is a good option for New York City residents. You will have a good time at the New York University HSLI facing law realities as you prepare yourself for the days in a tertiary institution. The institution will also occasionally educate you on criminal law, constitutional law, speech, and debate. Read more about NYU High School Law Institute.

3. Constitutional Rights Foundations Expanding Horizons Institute 

Here is a good option with which you can improve your critical thinking, communication, and reasoning skills. The institution was established in 1995 to put aspiring law practitioners through the rope. It is suited to the Los Angeles area. You can get yourself prepared for college as well as your career, with this program. Read more about CRF EHI

4. National Youth National Forum: Law & CSI

If you are hungry to be directed in the path of a career in crime scene investigation or law, you can attend the NYLF Law & CSI program in Washington, D.C. It’s an awesome six days program that will help you have more knowledge of your intended field. Read more about NYLF Law & CSI.

5. Internship With Congresswoman Lucy McBath 

Your dream of working in the law line can also be achieved by starting with this organization’s internship program in Washington DC. You will get to learn about the functions of the congressional offices and legislative process here. If this sounds interesting to you then read more about IWCLM here

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6. The DOI Pathways Programs 

As the name suggests, the United States Department of the Interior has been designed to walk students through the path of their careers with programs like law internships. The institution is not also limited to offering free internship programs to law students alone. It is available for students in other fields including technical and vocational schools. Read more about DOI Pathways Programs.

7. California Innocence Project Legal Internship 

There are many volunteers in the law field working with the CIPLI, with this you should have an idea of how much you can gain running your internship program at the San Diego-based California institution. Some of the professionals you will be taught by in this institution may include not only attorneys but also investigators. Learn more about CIPLI.

Benefits of Law Internship Program

There are several benefits you will enjoy upon running a law internship program, some of which include: 

  • Getting familiarized with the law system before going to college. 
  • Discovering if legal studies are meant for you. Since this is taking you to the practical aspect of the career you’ve been learning theoretically, you’ll be open to figuring out whether your weakness needs to be a strength in the field, and so on. 
  • Mastering the American legal law system on time. 

Some other places you could visit for a law internship program as a high school student in the USA are: 

  • Passport to work Youth Employment Services Program
  • National Student Leadership Conference’s Law & Advocacy Program; and
  • District Attorney’s Justice Academy

Conclusion: Law Internships for High School

You are probably aiming to be the best attorney, judge, or private detective in the United States of America. If that is the case, here is an opportunity you should grab with your own two hands right away!

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