Do you want to know the Imperial College London Acceptance Rate? Then you should stick throughout this article as I will reveal to you the updated admission Rate of Imperial College. 

When it comes to preparation for competition, I think you need to take it very seriously because the number of applications Imperial College London receives is amazing. They are competing with other top London universities like Queen Mary University of London, University of London, and King’s College London. 

Imperial College London Acceptance Rate

The latest Imperial College London Acceptance Rate is 11% as it is a very competitive university. 

What this percentage means is that when 10,000 students apply for the school, only 1,100 will finally be accepted. The surprising fact is that the Imperial College London Acceptance Rate is lower than that of King’s College London, which is hovering around 13%. 

There’s a huge competition on who will be accepted into the College. So, meeting only the Admission requirements may not be enough to guarantee you admission into Imperial College London. What then should you do? Well, every other aspirant will try their best to outdo others, but going beyond average will surely make you stand out with your application. 

Imperial College London’s basic admission requirements 

The institution has spelled out the minimum requirements every interested applicant must meet to secure a spot on the school’s admission list. 

Here are some of the main admission requirements of Imperial College London:

  • Academic requirements

They require applicants to have at least three A-levels at the grade of As. These should include subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, or any other combination depending on your choice of course. However, applicants can as well present other qualifications like an advanced diploma or BTEC which must be equivalent to A-levels. 

Whichever qualification you are presenting as an academic record must be excellent because of the fierce competition for admission. 

  • Language requirements

Imperial College London requires students whose English is not their first language to present English language proficiency test scores. IELTS is accepted as proof of English proficiency. However, your overall scores should reach around 7.0 or must not be below 6.0.

  • Extracurricular activities & work experience 

Every competitive university looks out for students who go beyond classroom activities. Though Work experience is not compulsory for admission applications, they will be helpful when applying for a competitive school like Imperial College London. 

Table of Comparison of Imperial College London Acceptance Rate to Other Universities 

Now, let’s see how Imperial College London stands when it’s compared to other Universities’ Acceptance Rates. 

University  Acceptance Rate 
Imperial College London  11%
Harvard University  4.6%
Stanford University  4.3%
Yale University  6.1%
Princeton University  5.8%
Brown University  7.7%
Cornell University  10.9%
Duke University  8.9%
Northwestern University  9.1%
University of Chicago  7.3%

The above table shows that Imperial College London is even more generous in admitting students when compared to top US Universities. 

Factors Affecting Imperial College London Acceptance Rate

Many factors could affect whether you will get selected by Imperial College or not. Some applicants are afraid since they have a meager GPA but that alone cannot impair your chances. 

Here are Possible factors that influence the Acceptance Rate of Imperial College London:

1. Academic performance 

As a top university, they receive applications from excellent students around the world. So, If your performance is below average then it will negatively impact your chances of getting accepted. 

They look out for students with at least a 4.0 GPA and all As in high school subjects. 

2. Extracurricular activities 

Imperial College London wishes to admit students who are all-rounded; not candidates who are only good in the classroom. What this means is that your good GPA may not be enough if you lack credit in other activities like sports, art, community service, and science clubs. 

3. Other factors that influence Imperial College London Acceptance 

Some of the other factors that may affect your chances of getting selected by Imperial College London include Accompanying qualifications like BTECs, diplomas, and A-levels. 

Another one is the number of students who demonstrate interest. Just like other schools, Imperial College accepts more candidates when applications are fewer, and more candidates get rejected when application is too many. 

Top Strategies to Improve Your Chances of Admission at Imperial College London 

The competition of who gets admitted into Imperial College London can be won with a good spelled-out strategy like the ones I will outline. 

1. Get good grades in high school 

The fight becomes more possible to win when you at least have a good GPA, which will separate you from other average students. Imperial College London sees a 4.0 GPA as a good start to winning your spot on their admission list. 

2. Write a strong personal statement 

Imperial College London would love serious applicants to outline their motivation, goals, passion, personality, and achievements during application. 

When writing your statement, try as much as possible to clearly show your personality. 

3. Involve in Extracurricular activities 

High schools usually have places for other activities students can participate in. They include Arts and Crafts, Sports, Science, and Leadership. 

4. Reference letter 

A professor, teacher, lecturer, or coach can write a clear reference letter that outlines all your achievements and strengths as a student. It is an additional document to the minimum requirement but a good reference letter can influence Imperial College London’s Acceptance Rate in general.  


Imperial College London’s Acceptance Rate can change if the number of applicants changes. However, you need to prepare yourself for a strong competition on who gets admitted into the school. 

The tips in this article will help you be among the 11% of Imperial College London considers for admission.


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