UNH Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements

UNH Acceptance Rate Is 87% of all applications sent to the College for admission consideration by prospective students. 

Schools with good reputations like the University of New Hampshire have a very important decision to make each year. This decision affects students who have been longing to study at the institution. 

Every single aspirant who wishes to secure admission into UNH hopes that the school considers their application. However, many things can possibly influence how many candidates are selected in the pool of thousands of aspirants who wish to study at the University of New Hampshire. 

What is the UNH Acceptance Rate? 

The Acceptance Rate of the University of New Hampshire for this year is 87%. What it means is that If 10,000 prospective students apply for admission at UNH, about 8,700 of them will make it through the selection phase. 

Many prospects see this as a good development since other top universities in the United States are very picky with their Acceptance Rate. Whether they are right by being hopeful or not is another fact we will reveal in this article. 

What you should know about the University of New Hampshire

Though being ranked #1001-1200 on the QS top university ranking, it still maintains its standard as a top institution in the United States. 

UNH is located in Durham, New Hampshire but was previously in Hanover as a land grant College in 1866. Though it was moved to Durham in 1923 (its present location). 

As of 2018, there were over 15,000 students in the institution, which made it the largest state university in New Hampshire. They offer top programs with excellent lecturers and professors. 

University of New Hampshire Admission requirements 

The institution requires candidates to possess outstanding academic records in their previous school. Aside from that, there are other requirements I will outline here:

1. Test score 

Standardized tests like SAT and ACT are optional for admission. However, athletic students who don’t have proof of high school grades must provide any of these standardized test scores. 

The minimum SAT requirement is between 1110 and 1200. However, a high score will always give one more chance of securing admission into UNH. 

ACT Requirements are around 25-31 but the higher the score, the better chances you will have. 

2. Letter of recommendation 

The University of New Hampshire gives more attention to candidates who accompany their admission applications with a strong letter of recommendation. Whether a high school student or not, it’s not difficult to get one as your counselor, professor, lecturer or teacher can write you a letter of recommendation. 

3. Academic requirements 

That University of New Hampshire has a generous Acceptance Rate does not mean aspirants can get selected with poor academic records. UNH also looks for the best candidates, so having a good GPA and ‘As’ in most subjects will definitely increase your chances of admission into the school. 

UNH Acceptance Rate: Comparison with other Universities 

There are many other schools that are at the level of the University of New Hampshire, but how about their Acceptance Rate? Now, here is a comparison of other top universities to UNH:


University  Acceptance Rate 
University of New Hampshire 87%
Quinnipiac University  87.4%
College of Holy Cross  43%
Oberlin College  36.2%
Northwestern University  9.1%
University of Chicago  7.3%
Duke University  8.9%
Cornell University  10.9%
Brown University  7.7%

Tips to improve your admission chances at the University of New Hampshire

UNH Acceptance Rate may look as if the school is welcoming many applicants, but without good preparation, you could be among those to be rejected. 

Here are some essential tips to help you secure your spot:

1. Take Rigorous courses for good grades 

Don’t try to relax with an average course while in high school or university. Embrace challenging courses that can improve your overall grades. This will boost your confidence while sending your applications and also place you above other applicants. 

2. Submit SAT or ACT 

The University of New Hampshire requires aspirants to score between 1110-1200 on their SAT test, or 25-31 on ACT standardized test scores. 

These are the average scores of people who get admitted into the school. However, higher scores will increase your chances of admission. So, take the test and try to score very high. 

3. Write personal statement 

A personal statement is a way to tell UNH that your application for admission should be considered over thousands of other applications. It is an avenue to show your writing skills and outline your achievements, goals, motivation, and personality to the institution. In this writing, give the University of New Hampshire reasons to Consider you for admission. 

4. Engage in Extracurricular activities 

It does not just make you more than an average student, it shows how passionate you are to improve your skills. 

There are plenty of things to try like sports, arts and crafts, Science, and Leadership. 

5. Submit a letter of recommendation 

Most schools in the United States value an aspirant who accompanies their application with a strong letter of recommendation. It shows there are others who can attest to the student’s achievements, motivation, and skills. So, look for someone to write a good recommendation letter for you, it will increase your chances of admission to the University of New Hampshire. 


UNH’s Acceptance Rate, which is the percentage of candidates they accept for admission among other applicants, is 87%.

The University of New Hampshire looks for brilliant candidates who are the best fit for any course they have chosen to study. 

Also, early application for admission may significantly increase your chances of admission as well as your high school grades.

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