Editing Press Laura Bassi Scholarship Application 2024

Laura Bassi is offering a full scholarship to all postgraduates (Master’s. Doctoral and Junior academics) who meet the eligibility requirements.

About Laura Bassi Scholarship – History

Editing Press established the Laura Bassi Scholarships in 2018 with the intention of providing editorial assistance to postgraduates and junior academics whose research focuses on neglected topics of study, broadly construed, within their respective fields of study. The Laura Bassi Scholarship was named after Laura Bassi, an editor at Editing Press. The scholarships are given out three times a year, in the months of December, April, and August, and are open to students from any academic field.

Scholarship Worth / Value

The value of the scholarships are as follows:

  • Master’s candidates: $750
  • Doctoral candidates: $2,500
  • Junior academics: $500

These figures above reflect the upper bracket of costs of editorial assistance for master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, and academic journal articles, respectively.

Who Can Apply: Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be pursuing master’s degrees and doctoral degrees.
  • Applicant must be currently enrolled in a program as are academics who have been working full-time for no more than five years.
  • Applicant must not limitations imposed by the institution, the department, or the country.

Laura Bassi Scholarship Deadlines

Winter 2023

  • Deadline: 30 November 2023
  • Results: 11 December 2023

How to Apply for Laura Bassi Scholarship 2024

  • Firstly, open and fill the online scholarship application formEnsure all information are correct.
  • Applicants must pay a voluntary USD 10.00 fee to help pay for the costs of running the Scholarship. All applicants who can’t pay the application fee are welcome to use the option on the application portal to have the fee waived. If you want to pay the application fee in a currency other than USD, please read the questions and answers below.
  • In the FAQ section, you can find answers to questions that are often asked about the application process. To avoid delays, applicants should read the Frequently Asked Questions carefully before sending us an email with their questions.
  • Please do not send your application materials by email, as this would go against our rules about fairness and could cause your application to be thrown out. If you need to make changes to your application materials, please upload them again using the same email address you used the first time. Then, your dossier will automatically be kept up to date. Please also remember that you need to upload all of your application documents at once, not one at a time.

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Frequently Asked questions

How much is Laura Bassi Scholarship worth

Bassi scholarship has set aside $8,000 per round of funding, which is about $24,000 per year. The Scholarship Advisory Board decides how to divide this money between master’s, doctoral, and junior applicants.

How can I pay the voluntary application fee in a non-USD currency?

You can use our standard payment portal, for which you can find instructions here. Then, you can go back to the application portal and choose the option to waive the fee. If you use the same email address for both your application and your payment, the system will match them up for you. If you have a bank account in Canada, you can also send an Interac e-transfer to [email protected] and let us know that the fee has been paid.

How long do I have to submit my manuscript for editorial work after I have been awarded the scholarship?

There is no expiry for the use of the Scholarship funds.

How many times can I apply?

There are no restrictions on how many times one can apply, nor on how many times successful candidates can apply—though, in the case of the latter, preference is given to applicants who have not been given scholarships in the past.

Can I apply with more than one manuscript?

We ask that candidates restrict themselves to one manuscript per application per funding round.

Can I submit my application by e-mail?

We are no longer able to accept applications by e-mail, so please use the application portal.


Applicants are required to submit this application form along with their curriculum vitae through the application
portal by the relevant deadline. For more information about the Laura Bassi Scholarship and access to the
application portal, please visit https://editing.press/bassi.

To help defray the Scholarship’s administrative costs, applicants are subject to a voluntary USD 10.00 fee. All
applicants who are unable to pay the application fee are welcome to take advantage of the fee waiver option on the
application portal. If you wish to pay the application fee in a non-USD currency, please consult the Scholarship

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