Udacity scholarship for 2024 is open to all eligible persons. Go through this article and submit an application before the deadline.

Udacity is a free online learning platform where students can do real-world projects to earn academic credit. Udacity awards scholarships to students who take our courses and want to go to college. If you qualify, you can take our courses for free for the rest of your life.

This program is different because it gives scholarships to qualified applicants who want to study at top universities around the world.

How Udacity Came to Be – History?

Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig, who both went to Stanford, started the Udacity company in 2012. They wanted to come up with a new way to teach people about computers. Their goal was to give good lessons without charging tuition or hiring expensive teachers.

Udacity is a global nonprofit organization whose goal is to speed up the development of new technologies. Its goal is to give everyone the chance to learn the latest skills in fields like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotics.

What is Udacity Scholarship

Udacity Scholarships are given to students who do well in school and have the potential to be good leaders. The scholarships pay for tuition at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Udacity has made free courses on computer science, software engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, web development, and other topics. Students who take part in these programs get credit from UCSF and a certificate when they finish.

Winners of the scholarships are chosen based on how well they do in their programs and how much they want to help their communities. They can also get help from mentors and join professional networks.

Udacity has teamed up with more than 50 top institutions in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam. Students can get college credits from these well-known schools thanks to these partnerships.


Udacity Scholarship Partners/Sponsors

udacity scholarship

Available Udacity Scholarships 2023/2024

  1. Udemy Machine Learning Specialization
  2. Udemy Data Science Specialization
  3. Udacity Computer Science Nanodegree Program
  4. Udemy Web Development Specialization
  5. Udemy Artificial Intelligence Specialization
  6. OneTen/Blacks in Technology Scholarship Program
  7. Cognizant Skills Accelerator
  8. AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program
  9. AWS Machine Learning Engineer Scholarship Program

#1. Udacity Computer Science Nanodegree Program

This program teaches you everything you need to know to get started in computer science. It has three courses: Intro to Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Software Engineering.


#2. Udemy Machine Learning Specialization

Learners will learn everything they need to know about machine learning in this specialization. It has five courses: Introduction to Machine Learning, Linear Regression Analysis, Logistic Regression Analysis, Random Forest, and Deep Neural Networks.

The value of this program as a whole is $7,500.


#3. Udemy Data Science Specialization

Learners will learn everything they need to know about machine learning in this specialization. It has five courses: Introduction to Machine Learning, Linear Regression Analysis, Logistic Regression Analysis, Random Forest, and Deep Neural Networks.

The value of this program as a whole is $7,500.


#4. Udemy Web Development Specialization

This specialization helps students learn more about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Git, AWS, and more.

This program is worth about $9,000.

#5. Udemy Artificial Intelligence Specialization

This specialization teaches students about AI, deep learning, neural networks, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, and a lot more.

It has seven courses: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, and Speech Recognition.

#6. OneTen/Blacks in Technology Scholarship Program

Who can apply?

Black and African-American learners without four-year degrees across the United States can apply for this program

Available Programs

Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Front End Web Development Fundamentals.


#7. Cognizant Skills Accelerator

Who can apply?

All learners 18+ years of age living within 90 miles from one of the Cognizant office city locations can apply for this scholarship

Available Program

Java Programming


#8. AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program

Who can apply?

Learners in high schools and institutions of higher education around the globe can apply for this scholarship.

Available Program

AI Programming with Python


#9. AWS Machine Learning Engineer Scholarship Program

Who can apply?

All learners 18+ years of age looking to further advance their skillset in machine learning can apply for this scholarship.

Program options

Machine Learning Engineer



Two types of scholarship available at Udacity

  • Students who finish the whole program are given full scholarships.
  • Partial Scholarships: These are given for 10 or 20 percent of the total length of the program.

Each scholarship has its own rules, and you’ll have to fill out a separate application for each one. Here are some examples of possible qualifications:

  • Academic excellence: Students who do especially well in school are given more attention.
  • Leadership potential: These scholarships will be given to students who show leadership skills like responsibility and initiative.
  • Participation in the community: This category honors people who have done good things for their community.

Requirements for the Udacity Scholarship 2024

Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Transcripts showing grades earned in previous semesters
  • Resume/CV
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Three essays describing your interest in the subject area, your motivation for pursuing the degree, and your future goals
  • An official copy of your passport
  • Minimum GPA 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Must be enrolled in a relevant degree program
  • Should hold a bachelor’s degree or higher level qualification

Students can apply for more than one scholarship at the same time. But each applicant can only get one scholarship.

Application Deadline: The Udacity scholarship application opens in March and closes in April 30th each year.

But if you want to study abroad, especially in Europe or the United States, you might want to apply for Udacity scholarships instead. Udacity scholarships are made for people who want to study in Singapore. Unlike traditional scholarships, applicants are not expected to stay in Singapore after they finish their courses.

Scholarships from Udacity are only given to students who are studying in Singapore or any country in Europe. They are paid for by Google and given to high-achieving students who show a lot of promise.

Scholarship value

All Udacity scholarships come with a stipend of about USD 10,000 per month, plus additional funds to cover the cost of living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does udacity offer financial aid?

No, Udacity does not take federal, state, or local money to help pay for its programs. On the Udacity Scholarships page, they list any third-party-funded scholarships that are available.

For scholarships, students must finish training modules, pass knowledge-check quizzes, and have their machine learning model’s race car lap time be in the top 20% of all program participants.

How do I get a Google Udacity scholarship?

First, those who want to apply must go to the official website, which they can do from this page. To go to the Google India Scholarship Portal, click on https://in.udacity.com/google-india-scholarships. Clickhere

Is udacity free for students?

Yes, Udacity has about 200 free courses that you can take (but do not offer a certificate). Most of the time, these courses are made as part of a Nanodegree, which is a paid micro-credential that Udacity offers.

Are Udacity certificates worth it?

Udacity Nanodegree was, on the whole, well worth the money. The cost would be worth it just for the mentorship, graded projects, interviews with experts, and free access to paid tools. Even more value is added by the career services and well-designed curriculum. But even without discounts, Nanodegrees are still expensive.


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