How students Can Get Tickets to the North Carolina State University Game

How do I get student tickets for NCSU? NC State started soccer game competition in 1892, during the beginning of their soccer career, NC State shared a close rivalry with the University of North Carolina.

In the year 1920, NC State Wolfpack recorded an outstanding victory over the North Carolina Tar heels. However during their early years in ACC the team has recorded many wins in their games and played so many bowl games.

The team has been crowned the South Atlantic intercollegiate Athletics Association championship for 3 times, also the southern conference championship in 1927 and the ACC championship six times.

NCSU has participated in about 32 bowl games and won 17 games out of them.

Stadium in which NCSU team currently play it home games is called Carter-finley stadium that can Cater for about 57,583 spectators

With the availability of its pleasant atmosphere and amenities, NC states is being rated as a high-level football venue.

The NC State Wolfpack recently played against the Florida State Seminoles at the Dock Campbell stadium – Tallahassee, Florida on September 28 2022.

The football match was attended by thousands of spectators that either support one of the playing teams.

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How to Buy Wolfpack Football Tickets as non-student

The aim of this blog post is to help you to quickly and easily purchase your NCSU Student football tickets and also to choose the North Carolina state Wolfpack football event that you want.

We have simplified the application process in this post, so that you can quickly read and understand the whole process within some minutes.

After selecting your desired North Carolina state Wolfpack Football event, you will scroll to the tickets listing page of the website, on the page you will have access to the vast sellers in our system with up to date pricing and filters to make your search easy and simple.

The site is developed with interactive maps with smooth scrolling and section dividers that are compatible with any device that will aid problem free experience on the site.

How the tickets will be delivered either through email or physical collection will also be noted directly under every listing on the site.

All you have to do is to click on the Quantity selector and choose the tickets you want to purchase in the check out.

In the checkout page you will be given some time to read and review your North Carolina state student Wolfpack Football tickets and also for you to select the delivery option that best suits you.

You can pay for your ticket using different payment options made available by the tickets issuance company, payment for tickets can be accepted through credit cards, PayPal and Apple pay.

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How student get tickets for North Carolina state University games

The tickets Distribution for NC State sports events, like football and basketball is an online base Distribution, according to associate athletics director Dick Christ, who is the head of tickets issuance.

One week before the game students have a two day request period where they are eligible to request for a ticket for an upcoming game.

Students are eligible to request for either their own ticket or a guest ticket, which they must pay to claim or enter a group ID to be sure they will sit with friends if the group is rewarded.

N.C state students get up to 3,500 tickets for home games.

An Automated online ticketing system notifies students through email message if they did or did not get any ticket allocation and students who receive Game tickets must redeem the ticket by visiting the website.

There are two ticket redemption periods where students who were given game tickets must claim their tickets and then can print or reprint the tickets.

The difference between these baseball tickets and that of football is that the baseball tickets are for a specific seat in the RBC center, whereas in football tickets students receive hand stamps of what section they will sit in for the game.

For basketball which always records low turnout in terms of attendance, where the maximum number of student tickets are not claimed or redeemed, there is always an on-demand phase where students can instantly redeem the ticket.

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How does student tickets system works

The North Carolina student tickets system works also as a reward system. The system tracks attendance to football and basketball games, to be specific if a student claims a ticket but did not show up for the game, he or she decreases the chance of being rewarded tickets for the next match another time.

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Why North Carolina state do Campouts for student tickets

According to Christy , Campouts for students are more traditional than necessity.

She also made it clear that they do two Campouts traditionally for only basketball and it is just for the students’ experience, not just because of its demands; Christy said “it is coordinated by the student Union Government”.

Campouts are usually done for big ACC games such as the Carolina and Duke games. The student Government is responsible for issuing vouchers to those who participate in the Campouts.

The student section itself is both on the floor and on the bleacher seats behind both baskets.


Basketball records less attention among other sports events on campus, the mood towards this game on campus may be due to students’ attitude when the season first begins, some students will be out of town for their holidays and some will be simply uninterested in non-conference games, especially over Christmas break.

But when there is a big ACC game around, it is always a different ball game altogether, tickets are in high demand on campus as a lot of students who requested tickets for the sports event will not be rewarded.

For instance, When North Carolina faces Raleigh, some students want to make some money from their free tickets by selling it to another student who wants to attend the event.

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