Gettysburg College Acceptance Rate 2024 & Requirements

Gettysburg College Acceptance Rate has been going down since the institution is now the top destination for students in Pennsylvania. Also, international students are massively applying to study at Gettysburg because of its reputation and welcoming nature. 

The major driving force for these huge numbers of applicants competing for Gettysburg is the chance they get from the institution to make a change. This peculiar aspect of Gettysburg College is what also sets it apart from other colleges in Pennsylvania. 

Gettysburg College Acceptance Rate

The Acceptance Rate for Gettysburg College is 56% of the overall applications sent for admission consideration. 

What this means is that the University will only accept 5,600 candidates if there are 10,000 applicants. That’s over 50% of applicants seeking admission. 

Gettysburg College Acceptance Rate for Early decision 

Candidates who have Gettysburg as their top destination must make fast moves to apply for early decision. The Acceptance Rate for Early decision at Gettysburg College is 72%, which is better than the regular decision, which is just 56%.

These are some of the requirements for early decision applications:

  • The Common Application
  • The Early Decision Form
  • Official secondary school transcript
  • First quarter senior grades
  • A counselor recommendation
  • Secondary school report
  • A teacher recommendation
  • Standardized test (optional). 

What you should know about Gettysburg College 

Gettysburg College was founded in 1832 as a private art liberal College in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. There are over 3,000 students at the institution who come from 40 countries in the world. 

Students always have to choose between Franklin and Marshall College and Gettysburg College as both institutions compete. Also, the institution is being governed by 39 board of trustees who are Alumni of the College. 

Factors influencing Gettysburg College Acceptance Rate

These are some of the many factors affecting the number of candidates the institution welcome every admission circle:

1. High demand 

There is a surging high demand from students who wish to study in a serene environment like Gettysburg College. This therefore made the Acceptance Rate low, and almost half of the applicants rejected. 

2. Limited space 

The 229-acre of land space where the institution is located does not have space for overcrowding students. So, they keep the admission Rate low in order to maintain a quality learning environment. 

Table of Comparison of Gettysburg College Acceptance Rate to other Universities 

University  Acceptance Rate 
Oberlin College  36%
Connecticut College  41%
Wesleyan College  28%
Trinity College  37%
Middleburg College  35%
Williams College  22%
Amherst College  21%
Vassar College  38%
Colby College  34%
Grinnell College  28%

The table above shows that Gettysburg College has a higher Acceptance Rate than some popular colleges in the United States. 

Admission requirements at Gettysburg College 

Students who are seeking for admission must meet these criterion:

1. Academics standing 

They have to prove outstanding academic records from their high school or college. The High school grades have to be exceptional and should include more challenging courses with ‘As’. 

2. Standardized Test scores 

These are optional requirements but most of the students who have been selected for admission by Gettysburg College submitted any of these scores. Also, the minimum score from students are between 1280 to 1430 for SAT and 28 to 32 for ACT

3. High School Transcript 

Get an official high school transcript which must show your academic performance in high school. If you are transferring to Gettysburg College then you still need to add a transcript from your present College. 

4. A Recommendation Letter 

Applicants also need a recommendation letter from their councilor (must be the councilor). Another recommendation letter from their teacher. 

5. Secondary School Report 

A secondary school report to outline your academic performance and school ranking. 

Gettysburg College Acceptance Rate: Tips to increase admission chances 

These are some tips that may help you get selected by Gettysburg College:

1. Submit SAT or ACT test scores 

These test scores may increase your chances of admission at Gettysburg College. However, you need to submit high standardized test scores from 1280 to 1430 for SAT and 28 to 32 for ACT. 

2. Get involved in Extracurricular activities 

These are other activities you can engage in apart from normal classroom activities. Also, this may even qualify you for admission if you have a good recommendation letter from your coach in any of these activities. 

3. Strong letter of recommendation 

The required letter of recommendation by Gettysburg must come from your councilor and another one that is from your teacher. Let these letters give clearer information about your goals, motivation and personality. 

4. Seek guidance 

Most Colleges in Pennsylvania hold College fairs to educate potential candidates on how to apply for admission. This can be a very good avenue to learn more about Gettysburg College admission procedure and how to succeed in your application. 


Gettysburg College Acceptance Rate depends on the number of applications they receive in each admission circle. For instance, the Acceptance Rate in 2022 was 40% but has risen to 56% in 2024, making it one of the generous Colleges to apply for. 

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