Eth Zurich Acceptance Rate 2024 & Requirements

Eth Zurich Acceptance Rate varies in every fall and autumn intake depending on the number of applications. However, data available after each admission session suggest that Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has become one the most competitive universities in Switzerland. 

Local and International students are now seeing the benefits of studying at Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Why this is good news, it has made the Eth Zurich Acceptance Rate very low and now involves a fierce battle before getting selected. 

Eth Zurich Acceptance Rate

Eth Zurich Acceptance Rate is 27% of all the candidates who apply to study in the institution. Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Acceptance Rate made it very generous when compared to other top universities in the world. 

In every 10,000 applicants that wish to study at Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, they will accept only 2,700. 

By the way, Eth Zurich in 2022 was ranked the 11th best university in the world by the popular QS university ranking. In 2023, Eth Zurich performed better and is now ranked 9th best University in the world. 

What this ranking shows is that Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is a top university, even better than Peking University in Beijing, China. So, brace up for fierce competition for admission into the school. 

Rejection Rate at Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Eth Zurich has a whopping 73% rejection Rate. Meaning that they reject 7,300 out of every 10,000 applications they receive. 

Do Swiss students also get rejected this much? Well, the school is favorable to Switzerland residents as they get accepted for just passing their secondary school exit examination. International students on the other hand have to do more than just complete their high school. 

Factors Influencing Eth Zurich Acceptance Rate

Here are some factors that may affect the number of students Eth Zurich accepts each fall or autumn:

1. Academic performance 

International students need to be exceptionally good in their high school and other qualifications if they wish to be accepted into Eth Zurich. Local students also need to show good results in the comprehensive entrance examination

2. Diversity and inclusion 

Switzerland made admission into ETH Zurich very easy for residents. So, who you are may play a role. Though they welcome students from around the world, if there are too many applicants from your country then that’s a competition to face. 

3. Letter of recommendation 

With a letter of recommendation from a professor, lecturer, or teacher, there will be more chances for admission and may influence the Acceptance Rate of Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. 

4. Language requirements 

There’s a huge language barrier for international students who wish to study at Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. This is so because the school teaches only in German

Many students from English-speaking countries may face language challenges unless they have been learning German before applying for Eth Zurich. 

Comparing Eth Zurich’s Acceptance Rate with other top Universities 

Let’s see how Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology can compare with popular universities in Acceptance Rate:

Universities  Acceptance Rate 
Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 27%
Harvard University  4.6%
Stanford University  4.3%
Yale University  6.1%
Princeton University  5.8%
Brown University  7.7%
Cornell University  10.9%
Duke University  8.9%
Northwestern university  9.1%
University of Chicago  7.3%

Tips to improve your chances of Admission at Eth Zurich 

Applying for admission is not enough to secure a spot in one of the best universities in the world. 

Here are some important tips that will help you stand out from other applicants:

1. Have good high school grades 

Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology looks at your high school grades when it’s time to review your admission applications. This is the first phase of sifting out students with average grades. So, try to get good grades while still in high school to increase your chances of getting selected from a pool of many applications. 

2. Take the Comprehensive Entrance Examination 

This particular tip is mainly for Switzerland residents who don’t want stories about their application. 

The Comprehensive Entrance Examination requires the students to get tested in the subject. However, you could still get admission directly after getting through high school without this exam. 

3. CV in chronological order 

Present your CV arranged in chronological order with no gap in education or work experience. 

What you need to do is to state all the formal education you have attended starting from high school. If there’s a gap between one program to another, clearly state the reasons for such a gap. Also, outline all provable work experience as they will help your documents stand out from the rest. 

4. Provide language proficiency scores 

Most programs in Eth Zurich are taught in German, some in English but German is the main language in the school. 

International students whose German is not their first language must provide documents to show their proficiency in the language. 

5. Include a reference person 

A teacher or professor can act as a reference for you. Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology will contact them to confirm they are a real person. 

Most times, they are to write a comprehensive recommendation letter for the applicant outlining their strength, personality, and academic performance. 


Eth Zurich Acceptance Rate is getting lower as the institution is getting more and more competitive. I can attribute this to the high number of applications they are receiving every year. 

In this article, I have mentioned some strategies you can follow to be among the 27% of prospects Eth Zurich accepts for admission.

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