Clark Honors College Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements

Clark Honors College Acceptance Rate is around 17% of the total applicants applications they receive in each admission circle. This has made them the toughest schools to enter in the entire Oregon. 

Candidates seeking admission into this institution must work harder to make it to the number of candidates they accept. Even though Robert D. Clark Honors College is a small College, they do not seek to offer admission to each person that has interest in study at the institution. This can be referred to their determination in bringing out professionals who will make a change in their chosen program. 

Clark Honors College Acceptance Rate

There were about 4,000 applicants who applied to study at Robert D. Clark Honors College. The school accepted only 680 candidates. So, the Acceptance Rate of Robert D. Clark Honors College is 17%.

The institution looks for candidates who can thrive in the program they are going to study, and not just ordinary students who can’t perform very well. Candidates that will be considered have to show Robert D. Clark Honors College admission officials are the best fit for the school. 

Robert D. Clark Honors College Admission Requirements 

Candidates must meet these requirements if they wish to be accepted by Robert D. Clark Honors College  for admission

1. Academic performance 

Candidates must show excellent academic standing. They are rated with their GPA, which must be around 3.9 or higher. Candidates must showcase their genuine drive to pursue academic success and bring a difference to the institution. 

2. AB credits (transfer credits, IB credits) 

Candidates transferring credits must meet the requirements placed by Robert D. Clark Honors College. 

3. Essay 

Students are to submit two essays. One with the honors college prompts and the other from the common app. Candidates must demonstrate storytelling skills while writing this essay. Also, Let the essay show the candidate’s personality, analytical skills, and perspective. 

4. Extracurricular Activities 

Candidates must prove they have been engaging in one or two activities to help their environment. They may provide evidence of their participation in activities like arts and crafts, sports, leadership and Community service. 

Comparison of Clark Honors College Acceptance Rate to other colleges 

There are many other colleges that can compete with Robert D. Clark Honors College in everything, but check how they compare on Acceptance Rate:

College  Acceptance Rate 
Connecticut College  41%
Trinity College  37%
Middleburg College  35%
Williams College  22%
Amherst College  21%
Swarthmore College  19%
Vassar College  38%
Colby College  34%
Grinnell College  28%

The above table shows that Clark Honors College Acceptance Rate is very low when compared to other colleges. 

Clark Honors College Acceptance Rate: how to improve your admission chances 

Robert D. Clark Honors College is very selective with the way they offer admission. Mostly, they go for the best student who can add value to the institution. So, these are some tips that will be helpful as you send your application for admission consideration. 

1. Take Rigorous courses 

The major strategy to scoring high GPA is through Rigorous courses and completing courseworks. Robert D. Clark Honors College is interested in students who can do many programs at the same time and still get good grades. 

2. Statement of purpose 

While writing the statement of purpose, do well to clearly show your writing skills, critical thinking skills, communication skills, your perspective and personality. Also, let it show some of the values you will add to Robert D. Clark Honors College through the program you are applying for. 

3. Strong Recommendation letter 

Loom for a professor that will write an outstanding recommendation letter for you. Let it further outline your strengths, achievements and the passion you have for the program you applied for. 

4. Engage in Extracurricular activities 

Robert D. Clark Honors College looks for students who can show what they have done for their community, or other things they can perform apart from the normal classroom activities. 


Clark Honors College Acceptance Rate is one of the lowest rates you can find in Oregon. They don’t seek to have many people at the College but the best quality of students who will add value to the institution. One more reason they have a low Acceptance Rate is because there are many students seeking admission into the College. They get about 4,000 applications each year, and they have to carefully select those who will fit best to Robert D. Clark Honors College values and Mission. 

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