How to Pass WASSCE in one sitting Without Stress – Any west African student who wishes to go further in academics (go into any university, college of education or polytechnic) must write an exam, hosted and sponsored by the west African Examination Council (WAEC).

Since it is a criterion for gaining admission in to the higher institution, students see it as a duty to write it. While most persons pass the examination, some other persons find it so difficult to pass.

Their failure is as a result of some factors which they were not able to figure out or control.

Passing of WAEC is not by magic. Though educational system has been bastardized in such a way that students now believe they can pass only through expo or malpractice.

Every student must not pass through expo. That is why you see so many students, who after engaging themselves in examination malpractice, still find themselves in the mud of failure.

Expo is a crime against oneself, the state and God. Anyone who is caught participating in examination malpractice is bound to be punished by law. Therefore, do not engage yourself in such.

Apart from examination malpractice, there are sure ways you can make good grades in your WAEC.

In this article, I will show you the things you must do if you really want to pass this year’s examination.

Before then, let me tell you few reasons why you should try your best to pass your WAEC.

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How to pass WAEC in one sitting

Below are few reasons, among others, why you must make your papers in WAEC.

1.To gain admission in to higher institution

I’m sure you want to be a university graduate. If you don’t want to be, then this paragraph is not for you.

The university system, especially in Nigeria, demands that any student who wishes to be enrolled in to any tertiary institution must have credit in his or her 5 main subjects including English language and mathematics.

If you are an art student, you are expected to clear the following papers:

  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Government
  4. Literature
  5. Christian Religious studies/Islamic Studies

For science students:

For commercial students:

Apart from English language and mathematics, the other three depend on your class.

These subjects also pave way for you into the university. You cannot use art subjects to gain admission into science department or faculty in the university. All subjects must tally with your dream course in the university.

So, for you to gain admission, you must clear your five main subjects.

2. Scholarship opportunities

Most scholarships, both within and outside west Africa, require SSCE results to enroll in to it. This simply means that if you don’t have a WAEC result, you are automatically disqualified.

The essence of the WAEC result is to ensure that you are academically qualified to travel outside your country.

Basically, preparing your papers (Visa) requires academic qualification. If you do not have any to present it will be almost impossible to leave the country.

3. Job opportunities

Job opportunities, both within and outside the country requires educational documents.

Good jobs in the country require good educational qualification except you want to do other menial jobs then you can be employed as uneducated (you can work as a cleaner in the office)

How to pass your WAEC successfully in One Sitting – Tips

Go through the tips below and see how to make your papers in one sitting.

1. Start to study on time

This is always the first tip because, once you read then other tips will flow together. If you do not study, the rest of the tips in this post may not work for you.

Timely reading has a lot to add to your chances of passing your examination. First, it gives you the opportunity to go though your books over and over again. You gain more knowledge about that topic more than someone who just went through it once.

Truly, it works differently for different persons. Some people read once whine the rest read twice or thrice just to understand the same topic. But the truth remains that, there is always different levels of understanding between those two folks.

It is bad to start reading 2 weeks before exam. If you do such, you will be choked by the numerous topics you have to cover.

You need to start 6 months before your examination because you will have enough space to cover good number of things.

2. Follow WAEC past questions and answers

So many students underrated how helpful past questions and answers are. You won’t understand the importance until you have gone through it.

What do you stand to gain by studying WAEC past questions and answers?

You have prior knowledge of what WAEC is all about.

You also understand the nature of the examination and how to tackle each of them.

Sometimes, similar or exact questions in the past questions appear in the current exam, such question will be tackled confidently by anyone who studied that question.

You also learn the examination ethics as all instructions will be written down.

You can get the the past questions from bookshops at a very cheap rate.

3. Read the WAEC syllabus

WAEC syllabus contains all the officially recommended topics and textbooks which WAEC candidates are to focus on. In other words, it gives you the area of concentration.

This simply means that you do not have to read the whole textbook just to pass your exam. There are selected topics for you. Simply download them online for free and read.

In case you are still asking whether the syllabus are real or not? Yes, it is real and they contain officially recommended topics and textbooks.

The syllabus are free. You do not have to pay a dime just to get it.

Simply search this blog and download it for all subjects.

4. Be in the examination centre on time

Any days you have exams to write, make sure you are the exam centre about 1 hour to exam. It will help you get familiar with the environment.

Environment has a way of affecting your reasoning and body reactions. Therefore, you need to get acquainted with the environment.

5. Follow examination instructions

Instructions guiding a particular exam are written on the exam booklet. Take about 3 – 5 minutes of your time to go through it carefully.

Make sure you adhere to all the instructions and don’t do the way you think it’s right.

Just do the things enlisted in the booklet because slight default may disqualify you from being in the examination hall and that is where your failure starts.

6. Pray to your God

Arguably, some people suffer WAEC failure due to their failure to commit themselves to the supernatural being (God).

Prayer is the only way to tell Him what you need in your examination.

That’s all on how to pass WAEC in one sitting without stress. If you have any questions you want us to address, do well to drop them below. Hope this article was helpful. Do well to drop a comment below and share to others.



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