Check out WAEC and NECO recommended mathematics textbooks for this year’s examination so you’ll know the best for yourself.

Are you looking for the best textbooks to use in studying mathematics for NECO or WAEC? The truth is that there are mathematics syllabus, textbooks and authors approved by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and the National Examination Council (NECO) for students all over Nigeria and other West African countries to use in studying.

As you use these textbooks which I’m about to mention, do not forget to use this study guide below as recommended by school Isle.

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These textbooks below are recommended for WAEC SSCE, WAEC GCE, NECO SSCE, NECO GCE and JAMB candidates.

Every student wants to score high in mathematics. For this reason, WAEC and  NECO examination board has made things easier for all the candidates by giving the list of maths textbooks which they should use in studying.

These textbooks (as specified) contain all the area of concentration for NECO and WAEC mathematics.

I will also show you where to get these textbooks even for free. Keep reading!

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NECO/WAEC mathematics recommended textbooks 2024/2025

The list of books below are best for studying mathematics as recommended by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and the National Examination Council (NECO).




1) New General Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools  M.F. Macrae et al. Pearson Publishers
2) MAN Mathematics for Junior Secondary School Prince O. HRN/Melrose
3) Four-figure table, Mathematical Set, Graph Exercise Book.
4) 30cm Long Transparent Ruler
5) Sureway Mathematic Uka N. K.
6) Hidden Facts in SSCE Mathematics written by M.A Otumudia


Which text book is the best maths textbook for me to use?

From the assessment made by school Isle, the best textbook is the Hidden Facts in SSCE Mathematics by M.A Otumudia.

We recommended this textbook to some of our students who came back to share testimonies with us concerning how far the book helped them in passing their examinations.

Apart from that, the book is the best for anyone wishes to go far in mathematics especially beginners..

How do I get the mathematics Textbooks

There are three ways you can get any of these books.

  1. Ask from friends or senior colleagues.
  2. Purchase it in the market or online. If you want to buy online, search
  3. You can access the book from school libraries. Some schools make these textbooks open and free for all their students.

I hope this helps. If you have a question or comments, use the comment button below.


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