UCSD Transfer Acceptance Rate 2024 & Transfer Scholarships

UCSD Transfer Acceptance Rate has been better than most schools in California since they are ready to accept transfer students from around the world. University of California San Diego, today prides itself as the number one destination for qualified transfer students. 

Transfer students at University of California San Diego easily align with other students at the institution. They have the freedom and excellent academic training. Additionally, the law in California mandating each institution to have transfer students has made them a famous transfer students destination. UCSD took this very seriously and built a very conducive environment for transferring students around the world. 

UCSD Transfer Acceptance Rate

The transfer Acceptance Rate of UCSD is 57.2%. This percentage represents that over fifty percent of all the candidates seeking to transfer from their respective universities to University of California San Diego are accepted. 

On the regular admission circle, University of California San Diego accepts about 31% of all the candidates who applied for admission. Although the set of applicants here are larger than the number of candidates seeking to transfer from their various schools to UCSD. 

Program-Specific transfer Acceptance Rate at University of California San Diego

The Acceptance Rate for transfer students mentioned above is the average for all programs. Some programs do have a higher Acceptance Rate for transfer students than the number above. Also, some may have a smaller Acceptance rate. 

Courses with a huge number of candidates seeking to transfer into are always very competitive. Example is computer science, which has a transfer Acceptance Rate of 16%. That is very low when compared to the general transfer Acceptance Rate. 

Environmental programs may have a higher Acceptance Rate from 80% to 60% because there are less students seeking to transfer into that program compared to computer science. 

University of California San Diego scholarships for transfer students 

There is financial aid from the institution to accept students. In fact, about 43% of the students get financial aid with an average value of $8,000. 

Students from California and international students are eligible for these scholarships. It reduces the financial burden on the students who are lucky to get them. There are many aids, loans, scholarships and grants available, to help the candidates without financial capacity to fund their program. This has added to the massive number of students seeking transfer into UCSD. 

Chancellor’s Associate scholarships is mainly for students who transferred from another University to University of California San Diego. They can get a higher portion of their tuition fees covered by this scholarship. This is another reason UCSD Transfer Acceptance Rate is very selective as many schools in the United States don’t have this type of advantage. 

UCSD Transfer Requirements 

Candidates seeking to transfer to University to University of California San Diego must meet these major requirements. It is no news that the admission Rate for transfer students is very competitive, so, meeting these requirements may improve your chances. 

1. Coursework 

Complete a minimum of 60 transferable coursework in your present colleges or university. These coursework must have at least one mathematics or  quantitative reasoning. Coursework in at least two of social and behavioral science, physical and biological science, arts and humanities. 

Candidates must pass these and other courses with at least a “C” or above. 

2. GPA requirements for UCSD Transfer students 

The minimum GPA is 3.0 but it is advisable to have a better point standing for improved Acceptance chances. 

3. Standardized Exam Credits 

Candidates will be offered credit if they have taken AP (advanced placement), IB (international Baccalaureate) or an A-level exam. 

UCSD Transfer Acceptance Rate: How to Apply 

Candidates preparing to transfer to University to University of California San Diego have to firstly, meet the coursework requirements of 60. Although this is just the minimum as they may have to complete more courseworks. 

The 90 semester hours worth of classes is another essential requirement every applicant must meet if they wish secure admission into UCSD. You as well reach out to the school’s admission officials to learn more about the coursework requirements. 

Applicants hoping to utilize the university link program for transfer must submit their application here at the first semester in their College. Complete the application requirements and wait for Acceptance letter which will arrive around March or April. 

How to improve your Acceptance chances at UCSD 

The competition for who gets the admission at University to University of California San Diego is fierce. However, intentional students can improve their chances following these tips. 

1. Get a better GPA 

The minimum GPA is 3.0, which has not set you apart from other candidates. You need to have a better GPA in addition to other requirements to increase your chances of admission.

2. Partner College advantage 

90% of transfer candidates accepted at University to University of California San Diego are coming from partner colleges. This means they pay much more attention to these students than candidates from other Universities or Colleges. 

3. Complete more coursework 

Having a higher number of challenging courseworks you have completed will show how you can handle tough programs. So, take more courses, but it may not affect the total number of credits UCSD will accept. 

4. Submit more documents 

If you are an international student, submit your English language proficiency test scores. Other documents may be a recommendation letter, Extracurricular activities credits and statements. 


UCSD Transfer Acceptance Rate has been low in recent years compared to some years ago. I attribute it to how the institution is changing and making their system more welcoming to transfer students

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