Loma Linda University Acceptance Rate

Loma Linda University Acceptance Rate is low owing that it is an institution affiliated to the Seventh-day Adventist church. They are selective when offering admission to prospective students. 

International students and students from the United States have to face a tough competition on who will be accepted by the university for their chosen program. So, in this article, I will show you the Admission Rate of Loma Linda University, requirements for admission and some helpful Tips to make your application to study in Loma Linda University very successful. 

Loma Linda University Acceptance Rate

Loma Linda University Acceptance Rate is 38% of the total applications they receive. Though this is the general Acceptance Rate, each course has its own Acceptance Rate. For instance, a department with a huge number of applicants will have Acceptance Rate Lower than this thirty eight percent. 

The institution keeps most of the data regarding Acceptance Rate private. However, available information shows they are very selective on who they offer admission. 

Overview of Loma Linda University 

Loma Linda University was founded in 1905 by the Seventh-day Adventist church. It is a health sciences University with the motto “To make man whole”. They have about eight schools with a school of health that was accredited in 1967.

Loma Linda University is ranked #810 in the global University ranking and ranked #230 best Universities in the United States. Since students look for a school with good ranking, Loma Linda is one of the best institutions in the U.S.

Loma Linda University Admission Requirements 

Candidates must know all the requirements they are supposed to meet before being offered admission at the school. Also, some of these requirements may vary for candidates who are coming from another country. 

1. Academic requirements 

Candidates must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA with grades from “C” and above. This GPA requirement is the minimum for all programs. Some competitive programs will need candidates to submit a higher GPA. 

Students need to submit a transcript from their high school or college while filing for admission. 

2. Standardized test scores 

Loma Linda University expects aspirants to have any SAT or ACT test score. The minimum score in any of these standardized tests is around 1100 for SAT, 22 for ACT and 500 on GMAT. These are just minimum score requirements, students seeking admission in a competitive program must thrive to score higher than the average. 

3. English proficiency test 

This requirement is only for international students whose first language is not English. They need to provide IELTS scores from 6.5 and above, TOEFL from 80 and above for internet based tests. 

4. Letter of recommendation 

Candidates need a letter of recommendation from their professor or any other strong person that can write a good recommendation letter for them. 

Loma Linda University Acceptance Rate Comparison to other Universities 

Many students complain that Loma Linda is too strict on the way they have made the admission very competitive. There are many other institutions in the U.S with also a very low Acceptance Rate. 

Here is a table of popular universities and their respective Acceptance Rate:

University  Acceptance Rate 
Oberlin College  36.2%
Connecticut College  41%
Wesleyan University  28%
Quinnipiac University  87.4%
College of Holy Cross  43%
Harvard University  4.6%
Stanford University  4.3%
Yale University  6.1%
Brown University  7.7%

Strategies to improve your chances of admission at Loma Linda University 

Candidates who have seen the Acceptance Rate of Loma Linda University must have known they won’t accept anyone for admission. So, you need to follow some of these strategies if you truly wish to be considered for admission by the institution. 

1. Take more challenging courses 

Your overall rating during admission depends on the academic records you submitted. Those with better GPA and high school grades will be favorable for admission. However, you can improve your chances by taking more challenging courses. 

2. Take standardized tests

Most universities claim they won’t consider SAT or ACT as essential requirements for admission, but they choose candidates with higher standardized tests scores. So, take any of these tests and score very high. 

3. Strong personal statement 

Loma Linda University wishes to learn more about the student applying for admission with this statement. Outline some of your academic achievements, goals, passion and show your writing skills as well. Candidates with their own unique perspective on general issues will be positive to how their applications will be rated. 

4. Engage in Extracurricular Activities 

Most Students just focus on classroom activities but Loma Linda is looking for students who are all-rounded. Knowledge on other things like sports, arts, leadership and Community service. Also, job experience will be very helpful in improving your chances of admission. 

5. Get a strong letter of recommendation 

Find a professor to write you a letter of recommendation. This letter will further clarify most of your academic performance and personality in general. 

6. Emphasis on your fit with Loma Linda University 

Selective universities will always favor students who prove they are best fit for the program they are applying for. Showcase your fit for Loma Linda University using your personal statement. 


Candidates applying to Loma Linda University should take note that the institution is selective with a low Acceptance Rate. They must prepare their application following the best guidelines, or reach out to Loma Linda University Admission officials for updated applications guidelines. 

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