WAEC Syllabus for Food & Nutrition 2024/2025 PDF

waec syllabus for food and nutrition

Download the real and latest food and nutrition syllabus for WAEC 2024/2025. This syllable shows you all the WAEC food and nut topics, recommended textbooks and authors for this year’s examination. The 2024 WASSCE food and nutrition scheme of work is now out and all WAEC candidates are encouraged to go through it.

These topics below are approved by the West African Examination Council to enable students prepare for the forthcoming exams. It is important to note that all your food and nut questions must come within these areas of concentration. Therefore, cover the topics below.

As seen in the WAEC brochure, there are 13 WAEC Food and Nutrition Topics excluding practical specimen. Ensure to cover at least 11 of these topics very well.

One can also use this syllabus to prepare for both JAMB and GCE. However, there are few differences.

Aims and Objectives

The general aims and objectives of the syllabus are for candidates to

  1. acquire basic knowledge about foods and nutrition;
  2. understand the relationship between nutrition and health;
  3. identify career opportunities in foods and nutrition and acquire skills for further studies;
  4. apply the general principles underlying meal planning, selection, preparation and serving of food to feed family and other consumers for different occasions;
  5. understand the need for planning an efficient and safe kitchen;
  6. choose, use, care and store kitchen equipment and tools effectively;
  7. appreciate the importance of sanitation in the kitchen food preparation and service;
  8. apply basic principles underlying food processing, storage and preservation;
    • acquire basic knowledge in consumer education;
  9. acquire research skills and use the information to experiment, develop and improve local dishes;
  10. set up a business in the food industry using all the basic skills acquired.

Scheme of Examination

There will be three papers, Papers 1, 2 and 3 all of which must be taken. Papers 1 and 2 will be composite paper and will be taken in one sitting.

PAPER 1: This will comprise sixty multiple-choice questions, all of which are to be answered within 1 hour for 60 marks.

PAPER 2: This will comprise six essay questions out of which candidates will be required to answer four. The paper will carry 40 marks and will last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

PAPER 3: This will be a practical test of 3 hours duration.  It will carry 100 marks and will be conducted by a visiting examiner.


WAEC Syllabus for Food and Nutrition 2024 (Area of Concentration)

1. Nutrition and Health

  1. Introduction to Foods and Nutrition
  2. Careers associated with Foods  and Nutrition
  3. Basic Food Nutrients
  4. Meal Management
    • Meal Planning
  5. Special Nutritional Needs

2. Food Laboratory and Equipment

  1. The kitchen
  2. Kitchen equipment and tools
  3. Safety in the kitchen
  4. Sanitation in the kitchen

3. Food Commodities

  1. Animal and animal products – milk and milk products e.g Cheese, yoghurt, eggs, meat, poultry, fish etc.
  2. Cereals/grains
  3. Fruits and vegetables
  4. Legumes and oily seeds
  5. Fats and oils
  6. Starchy roots and plantain

4. Food Storage and Preservation

  1. Food spoilage
  2. Food preservation
  3. Food storage

5. Food Preparation

  1. Principles underlying cooking
  2. Methods of cooking
  3. Transfer of heat
  4. Cooking terms
  5. Food additives
  6. Flour Cookery and Confectionery
    • Types of flour
    • Basic ingredients in Flour cookery
    • Raising agents
    • Batters and doughs
      • Batters
      • Doughs
    • Cakes
    • Pastries
    • Yeast Mixtures
    • Cake Decoration
    • Icing

6. Beverages

  1. Classification of beverages
  2. Importance of beverages
  3. Principles underlining the preparation of a beverage

7. Convenience Foods

  1. Types of convenience foods
  2. Selection and uses of convenience foods
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of using convenience foods
  4. Preparation of dishes using convenience foods

8. Rechauffe (Leftover) Foods

  1. Explanation
  2. Importance of using leftover goods
  3. Rules/guidelines for using leftover foods
  4. Rechauffé dishes

9. Festive Dishes/Special Occasion Dishes

  1. Explanation
  2. Occasions for festive dishes
  3. Types of festive dishes/special occasion dishes
  4. Preparation of festive dishes/special occasion dishes

10. Art of Entertaining

  1. Entertainment
  2. Table setting and etiquette
  3. Meal Service Style

11. Experimental Cookery

  1. Research into Local dishes and Drinks
  2. Experiments

12. Consumer Education

  1. Consumer Education
  2. Food Budgeting
  3. Food Purchasing

13. Self Employment

  1. Setting up and managing a catering enterprise
  2. Work ethics
  3. Packaging

Ensure you cover at least 80% of the topics listed above. If you don’t know how to cover the topics as listed in the scheme of work, follow my guideline on how to cover your syllabus withing few weeks. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about food and nut area of concentration and how to go about it.


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