145 Questions & Answers From The Life Changer JAMB Novel 2024

The life changer questions and answers

Questions and answers from the 2024/2025 JAMB novel (Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli) are now out and it is 100% free. Study these questions and see the list of questions which are likely to come out from the whole JAMB story book.

It shows you how your exams will look like from every chapter of the novel.

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145 JAMB possible questions and answers for The Life Changer – Novel

1.who is the author of the book “the life changer”
Answer: Khadija Abubakar Jalli

2. who is Omar in the book the “Life Changer ”
Answer: Omar is the first child and only son and Ummi.

3. Who is Ummi’s husband?

Answer: Mr. Esquire

4. What role does ummi play in de novel??

Answer: Ummi plays a role as the mother of four children, Bint, Omar, Teemah and jamilah and also the narrator in the novel.

5. what was omar interested in as a gift if he passed?

Answer: a smartphone to browse

6. Bint the daughter of Ummi was better off than her mate in which subject.

Answer: French

7. Good morning in French is said as?

Answer: Bonjour

8. What was the reaction of Bint’s classmate in class

Answer: hey are clapped and was happy for her because she got de question right

9. According to the novel, “Au_reviour” is a French word which means?

Answer: good bye

10. Which job does Ummi’s husband do as a profession??

Answer: She was a teacher

11. At which place was ummi and her children were while discussing?

Answer: There were sitting inside the room.

12. Who is Teemah?

Teemah is the second child of Ummi. She is also the first daughter.

13. According to the passage, how do you say “Good morning in French”?

Answer: Bonjour

14. How old was Bint?

Answer: Bint was 5 years old

15. Who is Bint in the Life Changer?

Answer: Bint is the last child of Ummi who was 5 years old.

16. How many children does Ummi have?

Answer: Ummi has 4 children

17. Who is Jamila?

Answer: Jamila is Ummi’s third child.

18. Who is Ummi?

Answer: Ummi is the mother of Omar, Teemah, Jamila and Bint and also the narrator in the Life Changer.

19. What prompted the story in the Life Changer?

Answer: Ummu wanted to enlighten Omar and all her children on the life changing factors in the university.

20. Where is the name of the JAMB new novel gotten from?

Answer: The name of the JAMB new novel is gotten from chapter of the book where Ummi told her children that university is The Life Changer.

21. At what time does Mr Esquire close from work?

Answer: Mr. Esquire closes from work by 5 o’clock in the evening.

22. Who is Jamila’s immediate elder sister?

Answer: Teemah

23. Which university did Omar gain admission?

Answer: Kongo Campus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

24. What was the reaction of the Bint’s classmates when Mallam Salihu failed to answer her question?

Answer: They sang, clapped and went around her

25. Why did Bint show so much disrespect for Mall am Salihu during her story?

Answer: Because Mallam always showcased himself as the all knowing.

26. Why did Mallam Salihu call the French teacher instead of answering the question thrown to him by Bint?

Answer: Because he doesn’t know the answer and he also doesn’t want to deceive the pupils by giving them a wrong answer.

27. Who is Ummi’s Head of Department (HOD)?

Answer: Ummi’s Head of Department (HOD) was Dr. Sam John.

28. What was Ummi’s matriculation number?

Answer: Ummi’s matriculation number was UG0001

29. How was Salma described in the novel, The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli?

Answer: according the new JAMB novel, Salma was described as a fair complexioned girl, tall, slim and rather busty.

30. What exactly made Ummi uncomfortable when she entered the HOD’s office?

Answer: The way Mr Sam John exchanged endearing pleasantries with her made Ummi feel like he (the HOD) was making passes at her. So, she became uncomfortable.

31. What was Ummi’s matriculation number?

Answer: Ummi’s matriculation number was UG0001

32. Who is Mr Sam John in the Life Changer?

Answer: Mr Sam John was Ummi’s Head of Department (HOD)

33. What was Salma’s belief about university lecturers?

Answer: Salma believes that University Lecturers take money from boys and ask girls on a date.

34. Who did Salma liken the university lecturers with?

Answer: Salma likens the University lecturers with the police who collect bribes.

35. According to Ummi, which departments in the University were allowed to wear uniforms?

Answer: Law, social works and few others.

36. When did Ummi get married?

Answer: Ummi got married after she got admission into the university and before her registration.

37. What did Salma boast of during her conversation with the young man in the queue?

Answer: She boasted of her ability to win favour by any lecturer by offering them as little as 2,000 naira – 3,000 naira.

38. Why did Mr Sam exchange endearing pleasantries with Ummi?

Answer: Because he has good relationship with Ummi’s husband and he was also worked Ummi’s admission for her even though Ummi does not know about it.

39. According to Ummi, when should you call somebody “dear”?

Answer: when he/she means something to you.

40. What is the HOD’s full name?

Answer: Dr. Samuel Johnson

41. What is another name for matriculation number?

Answer: Another name for matriculation number is registration number (reg no)

42. What was Ummi interested in when she went in to the HOD’s?

Answer: She was just interested in getting her matriculation number.

43. What did Ummi do when she arrived home?

Answer: She reported the way the HOD winsomely treated her.

44. What was the reaction of Ummi’s husband after Ummi report what happened in HOD’s office to him?

Answer: She reacted reluctantly to it and explained that he shares a good relationship with the HOD (Dr Sam).

45. Which tribe was the HOD from?

Answer: He is Yoruba tribe

46. According to this book, The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli, how was Talle best described?

Answer: Talle was best described as the quiet one

47. Who did Talle confined in when he needed money?

Answer: Talle confined in Zaki

48. What suggestion did Zaki give as a way of making money?

Answer: Zaki suggested that they abduct a rich man’s child and demand ransom.

49. How much did Talle and Zaki demand as ransom?

Answer: Talle and Zaki demanded one million naira (₦1,000,000) and later reduced it to one hundred and fifty thousand naira (₦150,000).

50. Where was the abducted guy kept?

Answer: He was kept in Talle’s house as they awaited the ransom.

51. Where is Talle from?

Answer: Talle is from a small community called Lafayette

52. Who is Hakimi in the book?

Answer: Hakimi is the Head of district in Lafayette community.

53. How did Talle lose his father and step mother?

Answer: Talle lost his father and step mother in a car accident.

54. How many year was Talle when he lost his father and step mother?

Answer: He was barely 20 years old when he lost his father and step mother.

55. What did the death of Talle’s mother, father and step mother cause him?

Answer: their deaths caused him to live a quiet lifestyle.

56. How was Talle considered in his village?

Answer: He was considered a quiet and good boy who cannot do anything to hurt another person.

57. Why did the market women report Talle’s case to the District Head?

Answer: They noticed a change in the purchasing habit of Talle who everybody knows to have nothing to boast of. He bought more goods even when the prices were higher the regular prices.

58. How many crimes were Talle and Zaki charged for?

Answer: They were charged for three (3) crimes.

59. What crimes were Talle and Zaki accused?

Answer: Abduction, robbery and extortion.

60. What was the punishment given to both of them for being guilty of the alleged crimes?

Answer: they were sentenced to imprisonment for years.

61. According to the book, what other word can you use to replace “abduction”?

Answer: Kidnapping

62. What is the dominant lesson from this chapter?

Answer: the predominant lesson from this chapter is that bad company corrupts good manners.

63. What is the real name of the quiet one?

Answer: Talle

64. In what condition did Talle grow up?

Answer: He grew a quiet and reserved guy.

65. Why did Talle confined in Zaki?

Answer: Talle confined in Zaki because he needed some money.

66. What kind of job was Talle doing before he joined Zaki’s bad company?

Answer: Talle worked as a drive in a local government office.

67. Who is Dr Dabo?

Answer: Dr. Dabo is a highly disciplined lecturer in Salma’s school

68. What was Dr Dabo’s rule?

Answer: Dr Dabo’s rule was that nobody comes in to the lecture hall before him.

69. What happened when Salma came into Dr Dabo’s office?

Answer: Dr Dabo made advances at Salma

70. What was Salma’s reaction when Dr Dabo made advances at her?

Answer: Salma scolded Dr Dabo and left the office angrily.

71. How many roommates does Salma have in the book?

Answer: Salma has three (3) roommates.

72. What are the names of Salma’s roommates?

Answer: Tomiwa, Ngozi and Ada were Salma’s roommates.

73. Where is Tomiwa from?

Answer: Tomiwa is from the West, Ibadan precisely.

74. Where is Ngozi from?

Answer: Ngozi is from Umunze in Imo State

75. Where is Ada from?

Answer: Ada is from Benue State or Middle Belt

76. Where is Salma from?

Answer: Salma is from the North

77. Which religion does Salma belong?

Answer: Salma is a Muslim

78. Which religion does Tomiwa belong?

Answer: Tomiwa is a Muslim

79. Which religion does Ada belong?

Answer: Ada is a Christian

80. Which religion does Ngozi belong?

Answer: Ada is a Christian

81. Why did Salma dislike the idea of living with her roommates?

Answer: Salma disliked the idea because the hostel was not beautiful and the ladies were not sophisticated ladies or happening babes like her.

82. What kind of car did was Salma offered a ride on?

Answer: Mercedes Benz

83. Who proposed to Salma

Answer: Habib proposed to Salma.

84. Who is name of Habib’s driver?

Answer: The name of Habib’s driver is Labaran

85. How does Salma think about turning down Habib’s proposal?

Answers: She sees it as a way of upgrading her standard as a high school girl.

86. Whose number did Salma give to Habib?

Answer: Salma gives Tomiwa’s number to Habib

87. By what time did Tomiwa receive Habib’s call?

Answer: Habib called Tomiwa by 8:00 PM

88. What kind of date did Tomiwa embark on with Habib

Answer: She embarked on a blind date because she did not know who was asking her out on a date

89. Why did Tomiwa agree to go on a date with Habib?

Answer: Because she was curious of meeting Habib, the mystery caller

90. How much did Habib give to Tomiwa?

Answer: Habib gave ₦50,000 (fifty thousand naira), ₦10,000 for each of Tomiwa’s roommates and ₦20,000 for Tomiwa herself

91. What gifts did Habib buy for Tomiwa and her roommates?

Answers: He bought soya, chicken and provisions.

92. What happened when Tomiwa got home after the date?

Answer: She shared her goodies happily with her roommates but all of a sudden Salma starts to quarrel Tomiwa.

93. What did Salma accuse Tomiwa of?

Answer: Salma accused Tomiwa of taking advantage of the moment by accepting to go on a date with Habib.

94. How did Salma describe Tomiwa for her act?

Answer: Salma described Tomiwa as a chameleon.

95. Who intervened while Salma and Tomiwa quarreled?

Answer: Ada and Nogzi intervened.

96. Why was there a sudden silence in the room during the quarrel?

Answer: Because there was a knock on the door and the roomies do not want to share their misunderstand with their neighbours.

97. Which course does Salma find difficult?

Answer: Salma found Moral Philosophy difficult.

98. What kind of course is Moral Philosophy in Salma’s school?

Answer: Moral Philosophy was a GST (General Studies)

99. What is Kola’s full name?

Answer: Kola’s full name is Kolawole Abdul

100. Who is Kola?

Answer: Kola is Salma’s seatmate who helped Salma during their final examination.

101. At what level in the university were Kolawole and Salma expelled

Answer: Kola and Salma were expelled in their 400 level

102. Why was Salma expelled from school

Answer: Salma was expelled because she engaged in Examination Malpractice (EAML)

103. What is the full meaning EMAL in the Life Changer?

Answer: EMAL means Examination Malpractice

104. Which body in the school processed Salma and Kola’s expulsion?

Answer: Examination Ethics Committee

105. Why was Kola expelled from school

Answer: Kolawole was expelled because he engaged in examination malpractice with Salma

106. What is the full meaning of EMEC in the Life Changer?

Answer: EMEC in the Life Changer means Examination Ethics Committee

107. Who did Salma first confide in for help?

Answer: Salma confided in her roommate, Tomiwa for help

108. What help does Salma want?

Answer: Salma wants an influential person to help her resolve her expulsion problem.

109. Who was in the best position to help Salma solve her problem

Answer: Dr. Dabo who Salma insulted in her 100L

110. What was Salma’s reaction when she learned that Dr. Dabo was the only one who could help her out?

Answer: She decline the idea of going to Dr. Dabo for help

111. What did Habib request from Salma before giving her some money for bribing?

Answer: He requested that Salma pay him in kind

112. How much did Habib give to Salma for the bribe?

Answer: Habib give Salma a hundred thousand naira for the bribe.

113. Where was Salma meant to meet the Chairman of EMEC?

Answer: Salma was meant to meet the EMEC chairman in a hotel.

114. According to the passage, what is the full meaning of EMEC?

Answer: EMEC means Examination and Ethics Committee

115. Who did Salma meet in the Hotel?

Answer: Salma met Dr. Kabir

116. What is the full name of Dr. Kabir

Answer: Dr. Mohammed Kabir

117. Why did Salma turn down the idea of meeting Dr. Dabo?

Answer: She remembered her experience with Dr. Dabo and how she insulted him in his office during her registration.

118. What position does Dr. Kabir hold in the university?

Answer: Dr. Kabir was the Laboratory Technologist

119. What is Kabir Mohammed’s nickname?

Answer: Doctor

120. Where did Kabir get his nickname?

Answer: Kabir got his nickname since secondary school

121 Why is Dr. Kabir close to other lecturers?

Answer: Because of his friendliness and jovial lifestyle

122. Who did Salma meet for help after she was robbed of a hundred thousand naira?

Answer: Salma met and shared his predicament with Labaran

123. Who did Labaran suggest as the perfect person who can attack and recover the money from Dr. Kabir

Answer: Zaki

124. Why was Habib so reluctant to involve Zaki in the matter?

Answer: Habib was reluctant to involve Zaki because he failed in his first mission when he was hired to abduct the son of Alhaji Musa.

125. Whose son was kidnapped in this book, The Life Changer?

Answer: The son of Alhaji Musa was kidnapped

126. Who planned the abduction of Alhaji Musa’s son?

Answer: Habib planned and championed the abduction of Alhaji’s son

127. Who was later called to attack and recover the money from Dr. Kabir?

Answer: Zaki

128. Where was Dr. Mohammed Kabir spotted that evening after he scammed Salma?

Answer: Dr. Mohammed Kabir was seen in a bet house

129. How much did Dr. Kabir win that evening with the money he scammed Salma?

Answer: ₦300,000 (three hundred thousand naira)

130. Why did Dr, Kabir choose to go home so early?

Answer: Kabir chose to go home early so that he would not lose the money he already won.

131. Where was Dr. Kabir attacked?

Answer: On his way back home from the bet house

132. Who first attacked Dr. Kabir on his way back home?

Answer: Some thugs who followed him from the bet house

133. Who finally robbed Dr. Kabir of the ₦300,000 he won?

Answer: Zaki took over the situation and robbed Dr. Kabir of the money

134. What was the condition of Dr. Kabir after he was robbed of the money?

Answer: Dr. Kabir was left in bruises.

135. Who is Salma’s finacee in the book?

Answer: Salim is Salma’s fiancé

Whose experience was shared in this chapter?

Answer: Salim’s experience was shared

136. Who was Salim sharing his experience with?

Answer: Salim shared his experience with his friend Lawal

137. What does Salim want from Lawal which caused him to start sharing his experience with him?

Answer: Salim wanted Lawal to escort him while he visited the second girl he met on social media.

138. Where did Salim first meet Natasha?

Answer: Social media

139. According to the passage, what was Natasha’s main motive towards Salim?

Answer: To set up Salim and get him rubbed by gunmen

140. By what time did Salim leave to visit Natasha?

Answer: 9:00PM

141. What kind of car was Salim driving?

Answer: SUV

142. What happened on Salim’s way back from Natasha’s place?

Answer: Salim was attacked by some gunmen but he escaped

143. Where did Salim meet the second mystery girl?

Answer: Social media

144. What was Salim expecting when he traveled to meet with the second girl?

Answer: He expected to meet a very beautiful girl.

145. Why was Salim disappointed when he arrived?

Answer: The girl he went to meet was ugly instead, which is different from what he saw on social media.

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